Powerful, Easy-to-Use Change Management

Midrange Dynamics’ flagship offering, MDCMS change management software is a mature and feature-rich application lifecycle management solution.

MDCMS is a great fit for those who want to gain the benefits of clean, automated, and fully audited software deployments, as well as those who are ready to move to a new change management solution or handle additional workload by bringing other platforms under change management. The product fully supports regulatory compliance efforts.
Powerful, affordable, and flexible, MDCMS incorporates all the capabilities you need to modify, install, and distribute application changes across multiple IBM i systems, including:

  • Project management
  • Analysis management
  • Source and object management
  • Installation management
  • Distribution management
  • Audit management

Midrange Dynamics’ MDSEC security tool, included free with MDCMS, prevents unauthorized access and protects your applications.

Designed with Integration in Mind

Advanced functionality gives you the ability to easily cross-reference, check-out, and deploy Soft Components (control tables) used by 4GLs, case tools, middleware processes, and menus. For example, developers using Oracle JD Edwards World can seamlessly take advantage of Midrange Dynamics’ comprehensive change management and workflow features without the need for macros or awkward interfaces. MDCMS is compatible with every release of Oracle JD Edwards World, including A9.3.

Comprehensive Coverage for Modern SQL Applications

If you’re doing SQL development or database modernization projects, MDCMS gives you all the  change management tools you need to address new issues and new technologies. Learn more about the superior SQL handling in MDCMS.

MDRapid, a separately licensed module, processes DB2 data file changes, maintaining the information in SQL tables until it’s time to move to production.  This allows migration of data file changes to production in minutes instead of hours.

In addition MDCMS includes automated, table-based tools to ease migration from legacy change management systems.

A Totally Open Solution

Just add the MDOpen plug-in, and every MDCMS feature available for native IBM i deployment is available for multiplatform environments including UNIX, LINUX, and .net. This includes full rollback from the satellite servers, workflow management, audit capability, and reports suitable for regulatory compliance.

With MDCMS you can have as many test levels as you need, and you can rollback all or some of your objects for any environment.

MDCMS handles deployment in mixed server environments with ease. Businesses with complex deployment requirements will appreciate the rich API functionality and flexible deployment capabilities within MDCMS.

With its single database, all source and objects are in one place regardless of how many types of servers are involved.  Upgrading to a new release of MDCMS is accomplished with a single click. Take advantage of every new function in MDCMS without the need to reconfigure your environment.

MDCMS and MDOpen can be used with any Eclipse-based platform, and they are compatible with IBM Rational Developer for i. Developers in team environments who are using Open Source tools such as Subversion, CVS, and Git, as well as .net, will appreciate MDOpen’s intuitive interface, great functionality at the developer workspace level, and advanced deployment and rollback capabilities for Unix, LINUX, and Windows servers.

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