The Way We Help You Put It Together Sets Us Apart

Founded in 2010,  Midrange Dynamics N.A. offers  sales and technical support for Midrange Dynamics Change Management, MDCMS,  throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Our MDNAteam members have 20+ years of individual experience providing friendly, expert support for IBM Power Servers and the IBM i operating environment. Representing  a change management solution we are proud to offer our customers is what makes us excited to come to work each day.

The Midrange Dynamics customer base spans the full spectrum of IBM i users. From small shops with a couple of developers to world banks, MDCMS’s inherent flexibility allows for amazing scalability. The largest US food service company with over 30 applications, 85+ test LPARs, and 90+ production LPARs migrated from TurnOver change management to MDCMS with the assistance of Midrange Dynamics North America.

At Your ServiceMidrange Dynamics Implementation Services

Midrange Dynamics N.A. provides implementation support, not just training. We will guide your change management implementation from initial discussions through post implementation Q&A. We base our best practice approach on many years of experience and hundreds of change management installations. Every client has unique requirements, so we choreograph your implementation to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Before we come on site, you will receive a pre-implementation checklist and questionnaire, and we will work together to customize your implementation plan. After implementation, we’ll schedule follow-up web meetings as needed for Q&A, to complete implementation steps, or review additional features you wish to utilize.

TurnOver Migration Expertise

No other change management vendor can touch the level of support we can provide during a TurnOver migration. Our staff has over 17 years of direct experience with the TurnOver product, so we are uniquely qualified to assist as you learn the similarities and differences between MDCMS and TurnOver. Together we will plan and execute a migration plan that takes your business needs and current TurnOver configurations into account. We can participate directly in the migration or assist at any level you request.

Other Solutions Available from MDNA

  • Cilasoft specializes in compliance and security audit software for the IBM i platform. Midrange Dynamics N.A. is an authorized distributor of Cilasoft products in the United States.
  • Linoma‘s RPG Toolbox helps developers modernize RPG programs, write applications faster and maintain source code more effectively.