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Unite Development Teams

MDCMS brings IBM i developers and teams using Open Source tools together under one solution for sophisticated concurrent development, deployment, & rollback.

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Cross Reference Applications

MDXREF tracks & reports on interrelationships of all files & objects in application libraries on IBM i & beyond. MDXREF is indispensable when modifying software.

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Manage Your Project Workflow

MDWorkflow offers central approval, scheduling, & object migration tracking across all systems. Features bidirectional integration with Jira & much more.

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Application Lifecycle and API Management

Powerful software change management, analysis, and deployment capabilities are essential for successful application development. That’s what you get with change management solutions for IBM i from Midrange Dynamics. Open and flexible, MDCMS gives you many options to accelerate your modernization strategies and business applications. Our intuitive solutions support IBM i and Open Source teams and initiatives such as DevOps. At the same time we dramatically reduce time and risk involved in enhancing code, automate the application development lifecycle, and remove development and deployment boundaries with rich API functionality.

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Since 1998, Midrange Dynamics has been providing affordable, feature-packed changemanagement solutions for IBM i development shops worldwide.

News and Upcoming Events

inPOWER Conference

September 19-21, 2022
Milwaukee, WI

Infor and ISE\Trimin are bringing back the inPOWER conference. Attend any of the 100+ sessions and say hi in the expo! Our team member Anna Marrah is presenting so be sure to catch her session. Register

Curious About DevOps?

Catch Donna Westmoreland’s free COMMON POWERcast on September 22 to learn more about techniques and tools that we and our customers use to innovate in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. Register

NAViGATE Conference

October 3-5, 2022
St. Louis, MO  |  Virtual

Join us and the COMMON community for NAViGATE – featuring 100+ sessions and an Expo of leading solution providers (like us!). Attend the N2i panel to hear from our team member Anna Marrah and say hi in the expo! Register

RPG Summit Lunch-n-Learn

Join Donna Westmoreland to learn how DevOps empowers modern development teams to deal with constant change. She will give you a practical look at what DevOps is and how you can put this strategy to work in your organization. Learn more

“The product is solid, and the support we’ve received has been great. We believe Midrange Dynamics has a solid commitment to their product, which gives us a lot of confidence in relying on it for our change management.”

– Dave Easton, VP of IT – MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc.

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