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You can easily move on from legacy Change Management solutions with our automated migration framework, allowing for a gradual and seamless transition to avoid disruption to your development teams.

Exportable and reusable configuration makes even your most complex distributed systems manageable with MDChange.

No other change management solution offers you the same depth of functionality related to SQL and its artifacts.

Rich Web, 5250, RDI, and Eclipse UI’s enable easy implementation with any user.

Take advantage of our constant functional evolution with simple, fully-automated upgrades.

Keep your stakeholders & auditors informed with real-time event triggers, layered reporting, and logs in digital and print formats.

Combine traditional and modern development methodologies within your team to avoid code freezes.

Configure quality gates at any stage of your development, testing, installation, or deployment with multi-channel approval tools.

Save, manage, and cross-check source code from your preferred source including Git, IFS, and PF-SRC during checkout, installation, and rollback.

Reduce downtime for your database changes from hours to seconds. Reorganize billions of records with minimum negative impact.

REST APi integration with Jira, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub, Bamboo, ServiceNow, AWS...

Specify your own archive depth and rollback installations to any archived level automatically, cross-platform.

| We Listen To Your Needs

Evolving our products so you can…

        • Reduce the cost of change
        • Minimize risk associated with change
        • Decrease total change time
        • Eliminate outages & downtime
        • Repair failures with instant rollback
        • Grow your reputation & quality
        • Increase the frequency of changes
        • Achieve audit compliance
        • Continuously improve
“It was clear that MDChange would get our change management processes back on track. Plus, it would give us the needed capabilities to start moving toward DevOps and concurrent development practices.”
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“On all fronts, working with Midrange Dynamics has been a refreshing change from our previous CMS vendor. We couldn’t be happier about our decision.”
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“Before MDRapid, we often delayed development projects because the accompanying downtime was too disruptive...But as soon as we implemented MDRapid, it immediately solved that problem.”
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MDChange brings indispensable stability to our software management processes, which gives all parties involved a lot of confidence. We know that ‘the bank will be ‘up and running’ on Monday morning!
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“The support we receive from Midrange Dynamics is outstanding. It’s clear that they sincerely want to help us and their other customers be successful. The best thing about finding Midrange Dynamics and MDChange is I got a big part of my weekends back!”
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"With the vendor of our previous change management application, it wasn’t unusual for support responses to be open-ended & unresolved. That’s not the case with Midrange Dynamics. Not only is MDChange a more reliable and functional change management application, but should we need assistance, they give us fast, clear, and actionable answers.”
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