About Midrange Dynamics

Delivering Affordable Application Lifecycle Management Solutions Since 1998

Meet Our Team of Experts

Michael Morgan
Founder and Managing Partner
Lead Architect for the MD Product Line
Michael was born and raised in Battle Creek, MI, and studied Computer Science at Michigan Technological University. In 1993, he moved to Seattle, WA, where he began to develop MDCMS. He has lived in Switzerland since 1998 and has two children. When not working hard on the next release of MDCMS, he’s playing hard: alpine skiing, bicycling, or diving, depending on the season.


Stephan de Diego
Co-Owner and Managing Partner
Marketing & Relationship Manager
Stephan, a native of Zürich, Switzerland, has a degree in computer science and has worked in IT since 1988. He is an expert business analyst with a focus on global payments, liquidity management, and real-time gross settlement (RTGS) systems. In 1998 he joined Midrange Dynamics and is responsible for strategic planning. Stephan’s passions are photography and travel. He runs our office in Bangkok, Thailand, where he focuses on building a distribution network for Midrange Dynamics in Asia.

René Unternährer
Lead Programmer
Rene grew up just outside of the city of Zürich. Following business school, he worked as a consultant for corporate lending and mortgage. In 1996, he began to train as a programmer, combining his expertise in IT and banking. René met his wife while working as an IT consultant for the Swiss Science Consulate in Boston, MA. Their family now includes two children. A competitive triathlete, Rene enjoys swimming, running, and biking, plus skiing, snowboarding, travel, and hiking.

Stuart Milligan
Solutions Architect
Originally born and schooled in the UK, Stuart studied and worked in South Africa, India, and Canada, before settling back in the UK in 2011. After selling X-Analysis to Fresche Solutions in 2013, he founded a new IBM i technology Rest4i, before merging it with Midrange Dynamics in 2019. Co-author of two IBM Redbooks on IBM Midrange systems modernization and application engineering, Stuart speaks at conferences in Africa, Europe, Asia, and North America, He has written numerous technical and management articles.When not building, writing about, or implementing software, Stuart’s love of fly fishing, guitar, mountain biking, and spending time with his wife and daughter soak up his enthusiasm for life.

Scott Klement
Development and Solutions Architect
Scott Klement is an IT professional with a passion for both programming and mentoring. He joined Midrange Dynamics at the beginning of October 2022. He formerly was the Director of Product Development and Support at Profound Logic and the IT Manager and Senior Programmer at Klement’s Sausage Co., Inc. Scott also serves on the Board of Directors of COMMON, where he represents the Education, Innovation, and Certification teams. He is an IBM Champion for Power Systems.


Midrange Dynamics Milestones

Celebrating 20+ Years

March 1996
Midrange Dynamics is founded in Seattle, WA, and work begins on new change management product for the AS/400

March 1998
Midrange Dynamics releases MDCMS Version 1.0 with MD2000 add-on for automated Y2K conversions

April 1998
PACCAR in Renton, WA, is first official MDCMS customer

May 1998
Midrange Dynamics moves to Zug, Switzerland to focus on European markets

June 1998
Credit Suisse becomes first Midrange Dynamics customer in Europe

December 1999
AIG Private Bank is first customer to use MDCMS to manage changes to their Olympic banking applications

November 2002
Midrange Dynamics launches MDXREF as a standalone application cross-referencing product

September 2005
Mercedes Benz becomes our 100th customer!

May 2007
We partner with Bartech to serve Spanish-speaking markets worldwide

June 2007 
A large bank in Singapore becomes first customer in Asia, uses MDCMS to manage changes to Midas banking applications

May 2010
Midrange Dynamics releases MDOpen for managing changes to non-IBM i platforms

June 2010
Partners with Midrange Dynamics North America to serve customers in US and Canada

May 2011
Partners with ESBD to serve French-speaking markets

Supporting IBM i & Our Clients

July 2013
MDCMS 7.1 supports application modernization and automates migration from legacy change management systems

May 2014
MDCMS 7.1.2 highlights tight RDi integration

September 2014
MDCMS 7.2 delivers advanced SQL management

March 2015
MDRapid deploys IBM i database changes in minutes

February 2016
Easily manage deployment to 100s of systems with MDCMS 7.4

April 2016
Strategic partnership with BCD Software

April 2017
Midrange Dynamics joins Fresche Power Partner Program; integrates with FrescheView and X-Analysis

May 2017
MDCMS 8.0 centrally manages native IBM i and non-native development and deployment no matter where source resides, interfaces with Git, and features a bidirectional interface with Jira

February 2018
New MDTransform quickly maps and manages database file changes

April 2019
MDCMS 8.2 introduces a suite of REST APIs for connectivity to MDCMS

August 2019
Midrange Dynamics is the first software provider to become “Db2 Mirror ready”

September 2019
Midrange Dynamics acquires Rest4i Ltd., adding the Rest4i tools to our product line

June 2021
Users can orchestrate all pipeline jobs – for Jenkins, Bamboo, Azure, and Git Lab – from MDCMS for a rich DevOps experience

Who We Are

Midrange Dynamics has provided application development software and consulting services for IBM i systems since 1998, with PACCAR in Renton, WA, as the first Midrange Dynamics user. Today Midrange Dynamics has hundreds of customers — ranging from large global banks with more than 5000 developers down to small IBM i shops—in all business segments worldwide. Recognized for ease of use and reliability, Midrange Dynamics’ application lifecycle management (MDCMS) dramatically reduces the time and risk involved in understanding, changing, and distributing application objects.

From its headquarters in Switzerland, Midrange Dynamics partners with companies around the globe to sell and support the Midrange Dynamics Change Management product suite. These experts have years of experience with IBM midrange systems and solutions in their respective markets.

Our Commitment to You

Midrange Dynamics is deeply committed to supporting its clients worldwide. As an IBM business partner and member of the IBM ISV council, we continually adapt to address the evolving IBM i technology roadmap and marketplace. This positions us to better assist our customers and solve their business challenges with technology solutions. Our strategy is to proactively identify future technology directions and requirements, design innovative IT solutions for our customers, and continuously improve our internal processes to realize greater efficiencies throughout our operations.

Midrange Dynamics’s responsiveness to evolving industry trends and customer needs has strengthened our position as a leading international software tools provider and reinforced our reputation as a trusted IT advisor. Moving forward, we remain committed to expanding our solutions capabilities and enhancing our in-house and partners’ expertise to deliver leading technology solutions and exceptional customer service.