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MDXREF - Application Cross-Referencing for IBM i

Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Cross Referencing for IBM i and Beyond

Cross-Reference Entire Applications

The powerful, time-saving IBM i application cross referencing capabilities of MDXREF, included in MDChange, tracks and reports on inter-relationships of all files and objects in application libraries down to the field level. Our superior cross-reference system also includes SQL object usage in ANY language – including but not limited to Java, PHP, C# (.net), Python, etc. Source for the languages can be in the IFS or can be inspected directly from GIT and SVN servers.

Users can quickly navigate through application objects and relationships, as well as search the entire cross reference database for specific fields or field attributes.  Cross references can be dynamically updated via environment changes by MDChange or our continuous integration solutions with Git and SVN. Hooks applied to those servers can invoke an MDChange REST API to update the cross-reference for the specific committed changes.

  • See inter-relationships of all files and objects, even to the field level
  • Easily explore impact analysis and process flow details
  • Identify files and programs initiated from non-resident applications through REST APIs with Git and SVN.
  • Superior cross-referencing for SQL entities fully supports SQL development and modernization
Explore the time-saving features in MDXREF

Quick and Complete

MDXREF tracks and reports on inter-relationships of all files and objects in application libraries on IBM i down to the field level. Utilizing MDXREF, you will have immediate access to all SQL entities currently supported on the IBM i. Cross referencing includes SQL object types, e.g., functions, procedures, views, constraints, UDTs, temporal tables, and more.  When you need to quickly zero in on application issues or perform test validation, easy-to-read journal receiver reports in MDXREF make the job a snap.

MDXREF takes less than one hour to install and comes with an easy-to-use set of interactive programs to quickly provide any type of application cross referencing you seek on IBM i. File and objects relationships may be printed to a report or viewed electronically. Also, if purchasing MDCMS with MDXREF, application changes are automatically captured for the MDXREF database, letting you easily request all related objects for a modification at once.

Utilizing the power of the MDXREF’s relationship database, MDChange facilitates  dependency re-builds, warns of potential pitfalls,   and automatically links objects together for small and large development efforts.

MDXREF is included free with MDChange, or it can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

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Productivity Extras

  • With our Journal Analysis tool view, all updates to data in a customizable, easy-to-read format
  • Compare the actual data stored in a database file for test result validation or troubleshooting
  • Compare libraries to check for missing or duplicate objects within or across applications
  • Compare library contents or specific objects across libraries and partitions
  • Inspect IFS contents in an easy-to-read format
  • View logical subsets of cross-reference information by application
  • Build virtual relationships between objects
  • Easily print cross referencing to a spool file, database, excel spreadsheet, PDF, or CVS file

Supports ALL IBM i programming languages