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We are happy to provide you with a variety of useful resources that will help you in your quest to expand your education surrounding IBM i application lifecycle management, API management and several other change-management-related topics.

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NEW! The IBM i Developer’s Guide to DevOps & CI/CD Pipelines

View Donna Westmoreland’s session to learn how by utilizing CI/CD pipelines and DevOps you can empower your development teams to deal with constant change. Watch now.

Are You a Rest API Ace?

In this session, Stuart Milligan, Solutions Architect for Midrange Dynamics, will map what’s needed to develop and support REST APIs at scale. You will learn about REST API Flow, the anatomy of REST APIs, scalable development, and things to avoid & embrace. Join Stuart and learn the art of REST API development.

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Panel Discussion – i Stands for Innovation

Watch a lively, interactive panel discussion featuring Gordon Leary from AMPORTS, Mike Loyd from REI, Ted Macksam from Hatco Corporation, David Jones from Liberty Mutual Insurance, and other special guests as they chat about the opportunities and challenges they encounter. Learn how they continue to advance their IT initiatives and overcome obstacles.

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Connecting Amazon Marketplace to IBM i

Amazon is the biggest global marketplace. With REST APIs it has never been easier to connect your IBM i business applications to this game-changing digital channel. Join us to see the elegance of integrating RPG applications with Amazon’s latest Selling Partner API (SP-API). Presented by Stuart Milligan, Midrange Dynamics solutions architect and the product manager for MDRest4i

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Continuous Testing in DevOps
Increase Software Quality and Reduce Downtime on IBM i

Learn from technology partners Original Software and Midrange Dynamics how integrated change management and automated testing tools can help your company effectively and safely manage software development. When used in concert, these tools amplify software development efficiency and velocity while protecting your core production systems from errors and costly downtime.

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DevOps and CI/CD Pipelines in the IBM i World

Learn how you can tap the power of a DevOps framework and achieve continuous deployment and continuous improvement of your applications. We’ll show you how DevOps maps to IBM i, while demystifying concepts and cutting back the hype so you can leverage your development team’s business knowledge and deliver successful modernization projects.

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Solving the IBM i Continuous Delivery Paradox

Downtime caused by database and application changes affects revenue, customer experience, and costs, e.g., extra overtime for updates outside of work hours. Midrange Dynamics’ MDRapid uniquely combines parallel updates, multithreaded deployment, and automated data transformation to reduce production application downtime from days and hours to minutes and seconds. In this session, we present two real-world problems and demonstrate how they were solved with MDRapid.

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Be An API Superhero

Learn about innovative tools that use your RPG skills to generate REST APIs, enabling data and logic to flow between environments. This technical demo shows how how you can respond to business requirements and modernize your applications faster than you ever thought possible.

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The Incredible i Show


Join Peg Tuttle as she sits down with IBM i users and professionals to chat about your favorite IT system. Hear from innovators, thought leaders, and everyday users about how they run the i in their shops and what this powerful platform has allowed them to accomplish in their business.
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