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Apply Patch to Core Product

MD Software Patch Installation

General Installation Information

As opposed to a full installation, the installation of a patch does not require special system authority. Any user with command line access can perform the update.
These instructions apply to patches for MD Versions 8.1 or higher. The provided patch is a single iSeries savefile.

The Installation Steps

  1. place the savefile in an IFS folder on your IBM i partition
  2. go into the MD instance to update by using command MDSEC, MDXREF or MDCMS
  3. press F21 to access a command line
  4. enter command MDUPDATE PATH(‘/p/mdupdate_vv.rr_yyyymmddx.savf’)

p = the full path to the IFS location for the patch file
v = the version number for the patch
r = the release number for the patch. The version/release of the patch must match the version/release of the target MD product.
yyyymmdd = the date of the patch. The patch date must be >= the build date of the target MD product.
x = the unique patch ID for the given date

Repeat for each additional product instance, partition or physical system.

Logging / Rollback
Each time a patch is applied since the last full install, it is logged in MDCMS / MDSEC.
To view the log, go into system settings and press F8=Patch History (requires MDSEC authority to manage system settings).
Status Codes
ERROR – an error occurred while trying to apply the patch. Use option 5 to view the error message
OK – the patch has been applied successfully
ROLLBK – the patch has been rolled back
If issues arise after applying a patch – go into the log screen and use option R=Rollback In order to roll back the patch.