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Bring Test Source Back Down to Development

There are many times during development efforts where it is necessary to bring the source back down to development.

You will typically already have a task that includes the objects you are working on.  With this you can determine a number of pieces of information, one of which is the RFP used to promote the objects.

One way to start this process is to go to the Task view in MDCMS:

Select Installed Objects in your filters to see the prior RFPs that have run.  With this information go to the RFP Installation History view.   You want to locate a level 10 or your lowest level RFP.

Note: The assumption in the screen shots in this document is that you are working with the same project task number.

Another option is to go directly to the RFP History view and filter to show your completed test level RFPs.  You can use your filters to locate the correct lowest level RFPs.

Copy the installed RFP:

You will see the Copy window:

If you are not copying the lowest level be sure to specify the correct level and choose the other options as needed.  This step will build a new RFP for the lowest level and will allow you to select which objects you want to bring down for additional changes.

When you press OK you will then see all of the objects (including recompiles) that were on the RFP:

You can choose to modify or recompile these objects.  The defaults here are usually correct.  If there are any objects in the list that you don’t want to return to development, then just unselect them.

When you click the Process Selection button, you will then be prompted to bring down the source to your development library.