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Change Library Name in a Test Level

To change the library name in a test level please complete the following steps:

Prerequisite: Rename your test library(s).

1. Update the Promotion level to reflect the new name(s)

    • MDCMS
    • Option 1 Setup Menu
    • Option 2 Promotion Levels
    • L next to test level and updated the library names to the new names
    • Be sure and change object and source library names
    • When you hit enter all of the library names associated with the level will be updated. This will now be reflected in your attributes.
  1. Update the job description for the promotion level
    • Option J next to the promotion level
    • Edit the library list to reflect the new library names
    • Repeat this for job descriptions in lower level if applicable

           Note: If you have test users using these libraries you will want to make sure those job descriptions are updated as well.

3. Update and rebuild MDXREF

    • From Option 2 promotion level
    • Option X next to the application level
    • Option L next to the level where you are making the change
    • Update the library name to the new library name(s) or use F8 to retrieve the libraries from the JOBD
    • X next to the library names (or the level)
    • Repeat this for lower level if applicable

4. If you have any hardcoding in your object-level commands, you will want to make sure this is removed.

5. Please repeat these steps for each target system if applicable. If you have multiple systems and need a  more automated                approach please reach out to MD Tech support for assistance.

           Note: Object Requests and RFPs will not be affected by changes to the library names.

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