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Creating a New Instance of MDCMS

There are several situations in which you may wish to load another instance of MDCMS, such as:

  • Performing user-acceptance testing of a new version of MDCMS
  • Testing significant changes to your configuration
  • Testing product features you have not previously used

To Install a New Instance

  1. Download the latest version of MDCMS from the Midrange Dynamics website.  Be sure that you don’t replace the Save Files for your current version of MDCMS.
  2. If you are testing a new major version of MDCMS, then you will need to generate license keys for the new version. See information at the end of this document.
  3. Decide on an instance abbreviation that is from one to four characters in length. During the installation, four libraries will be created (for this example, “BETA” is used as the instance abbreviation):


  1. Follow the instructions in the MDCMS installation guide.
  • For your new instance you will want to override several parameters on the install (MDINSSAVF) command:

MD Install (MDINSSAVF)     F4

  • The screen example below uses the existing default instance application definitions and MD information, and places them    into the new instance.

Type choices, press Enter.

Access the New Instance

  1. If you are installing a new major version of MDCMS, you will be prompted to enter your new license codes. See the Generate License Keys section at the end of this document for information on retrieving new license codes.
  2. When you are ready to access the new version, specify MDCMS BETA
  3. If you don’t want the data for the new instance (object requests, etc.), you can use the MDCLEAR command from within the new BETA instance to remove it.
  4. Immediately go to the System Settings (MDCMS 1, Option 11)
    • Per the screen example below, change the values highlighted in red.  You can choose what values you like as long as they are different from the live instance of MDCMS.

5. Unless you want to test the send process, be sure that all distribution is deactivated either by removing the active status of            the distribution queues or by removing the queues completely. If you do want to test the send process, you must have a                corresponding instance name on the target system.

Generate License Keys for the New Version

In the Customer Portal, you may generate your own upgrade license keys if your maintenance is current. To do so, follow these instructions:

  • Request license keys by accessing this URL: https://mdlicense.midrangedynamics.com
  • Enter any of the serial numbers currently associated with your systems and press the Go button. You will see your customer information and current license codes.
  • Select the version associated with the upgrade. The new keys will be generated.
  • You can choose to have the license keys exported to an Excel spreadsheet.


  • You can generate a save file.  Including this file in the save library along with the upgrade allows the installation command to pick up the license file from the save file. This eliminates the need to sign on to each system to update the codes.

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