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Download MDCMS 8.4

Warning 1 – if upgrading to 8.4 from 8.3 or lower, new license keys will be necessary. You can upgrade the keys yourself from here.

Warning 2 – if MDOpen or the MDWorkflow web app are installed for 8.3 or lower, those components will need to be upgraded too.

Warning 3 – due to significant database changes, all partitions that communicate with each other must go to 8.4 during the same installation window, since the push or send of data between 8.4 and older versions of MDCMS isn’t possible.

Warning 4 – the length of application codes, level numbers and object names have increased in 8.4. If one of the following MDCMS APIs is used in your environment, you’ll need to modify the parameter structure in your called program before it will function in 8.4:

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Europe Mirror
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