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Download MDCMS 8.6

Warning 1 – If upgrading to 8.6.x from 8.5.x or lower, new license keys will be necessary. You can upgrade the keys yourself from here.

Warning 2 – Client Compatibility:

  • The MDOpen update site for Eclipse is 8.6.
  • The MDOpen extension package for VS Code is 8.6
  • The MDWorkflow web app version is 8.6

Warning 3 – All partitions that communicate with each other must be on at least version 8.6 during the same installation window.

Warning 4 – MDXREF should be rebuilt after upgrading to 8.6

Warning 5 – OAuth1.0 is no longer supported for authenticating with Jira using the MDJIRA interface. API Tokens for cloud or Access Tokens for Data Center/Server must be used instead. Atlassian has deprecated the use of OAuth1.0 and a transition to tokens should be made soon even if not upgrading to MDCMS 8.6.

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