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Loading Additional Frames in MDOpen


You are trying to submit a particular RFP and it appears on the green screen but not on the MDRFPVIEW popup. For instance, the window shows no RFPs higher than 141, but the green screen includes the RFP you are looking for.


The reason you are not seeing the RFPs you need is most likely due to not having a filter in place. MDOpen only loads the first 100 RFPs and stops.  However, if you change the filter to see all active RFPs you should find the RFP you’re looking for.  Always try to use the filters on views where there is likely to be a large amount of information.  When you are locally attached you can usually increase the number of records.

Note:  green screen is limited by the max subfile size, which is significantly higher.  Best bet is to filter by your name, a level, and project/task to better focus in on the RFPs that are important to you.

You can use the page with the arrow icon to load additional frames

You can adjust the number of records loaded from the follow location.