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Manage and Apply MD License Keys

View Current List of Keys

The keys for a specific partition are visible in green screen from MDSEC→9=License Keys or MDCMS→1=MDCMS Setup Menu→9=License Keys

Use this as well to easily see your serial number, partition number and number of registered developers.

To see all of your license keys for a systems in your organization, use https://mdlicense.midrangedynamics.com

Request New Keys

If keys are required for a new serial number, partition number or product, request them by opening a License Key ticket in the Service Desk.

Input for the keys:

  • Serial number (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR)
  • Partition Number (when not a system license)
  • MD Product
  • Number of Developers, when for a development partition

If the keys already exist, and you merely wish to upgrade them to a new version, this can be done from here: https://mdlicense.midrangedynamics.com

Please note that new keys are required when upgrading the Version or Release. For example, new keys are necessary when going from 8.0 to 8.1, but aren’t required when going from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2.

Installing MD License Keys using MDLICKEY

The License Keys to authorize use of the MDCMS product suite can be applied using command MDLICKEY.

The advantage of using this command rather than pasting the keys into the screen, is that all keys for the organization are saved on each system where the command is run so that the appropriate keys will be used if a failover occurs to a different system.
Before running this command, place the received save file named MDLICENSE.savf in an IFS folder or in a library. If copied to a save file in a library, it must be named MDLICENSE.

To invoke, type MDSEC/MDLICKEY and then press F4

MDLICKEY Parameters

Save File Location Type (LTYP) Specifies if the save file is in an IFS folder or in a library
*IFS – The save file MDLICENSE.savf is located in IFS. Specify the full
path of the folder in parameter PATH
*LIB – The save file MDLICENSE is located in a library. Specify the
name of the library in parameter LIB
IFS-Path for MDLICENSE.savf (PATH) Specifies the IFS path containing the save file MDLICENSE.savf
Library for MDLICENSE (LIB) Specifies the Library containing the save file MDLICENSE
Product Library Instance (ENV) Specifies the instance ID of the product. The ID is appended to the names of the product libraries in order to allow multiple instances of the products on the same partition.
*SAME – The product instance based on the current library list
*DFT – A suffix is not appended to the library names. They are
named MDSEC, MDCMS, etc.

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