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MDCMS 8.1 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.1 since the initial release of the version.

Date Category Component Description
January 4, 2018 ENHANCEMENT ALL General Release of version 8.1
January 10, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS F22 in Object Manager to attempt to compile every applicable request in the filtered list
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS new *SQLSCR MDCMS type for SQL Scripts, which allows for specifying the target database libraries for the scripts to run against. Also, the script syntax is validated during the compile phase of an RFP to help avoid problems during the deployment phase.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS new *SQLVAR MDCMS type for SQL Variables. Manage and deploy SQL variables as easily as any other type of object. MDCMS also manages the authority, stamping and cross-referencing of the auto-generated service program for the variable.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF SQL Variables are visible within MDXREF with special object type *SQLVAR
January 13, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Export List of Requested Objects for a Project, Task, Subtask, RFP or Send RFP to XLSX
FIX MDCMS fix retrieval of indirect IFS source during receive into upper level
January 25, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS RFP description added to Installation History Report configurator
FIX MDCMS avoid out-of-bounds exception for special characters when inserting text into email body
January 30, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Data Transformation feature for mapping field values to new format for a file
FIX MDCMS Default *DATA migrations to CPYF *REPLACE instead of *UPDADD if the target file doesn’t have unique keys
FIX MDCMS avoid cleanup of temp libraries/files by MDCLEAN that were created the same day to eliminate conflicts with RFPs
February 5, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS License Key management for MDTransform, XA-Interface and Legacy Data Migrations
FIX MDCMS Allow Project/Task Status update to an ended status during post-installation of an RFP
February 7, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix status validation in MDUPDTASK
FIX MDOpen fix field values when copying a request
FIX MDWorkflow Fix handling of very large quoted strings
February 20, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDADDSOG API command added to add entire Object Group to a Send RFP
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Granulated troubleshooting messages when target attribute not defined correctly
ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow Ability to dynamically list all objects for an Object Group or individual Object Group rule
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF MDXUPDOBJ parameter ENV added – library list no longer needs to be set prior to call
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF MDXUPDSRC API command added to add/update/remove xref info for a source member
FIX MDCMS Fix update of assigned group/user from MDOpen UI
FIX MDCMS Submit MDOpen and MDWorkflow jobs with HOLD(*NO) to avoid being held
FIX MDCMS Fix boundary check when more than 2000 objects selected to compile into dev library
FIX MDWorkflow Correct Alignment for Custom Box labels
March 1, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS display name of member for data origin in request details, when specified
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Objects can now be checked out directly from a Git Tag, regardless of location of the Git server
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid Complete overhaul of MDRapid so that it no longer requires MIMIX Promoter and includes many additional performance and operational capabilities
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform automatic handling of field length reductions and casting from string to numeric
ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow mark each missing required field in the Project and Task detail views, when skipping status codes
ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow provide for external link into the change status view (RW0027)
ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow when in Project or Task detail, click on the magnifying glass next to the status code to select a new status and see the reason for each currently unavailable code for a given project or task type.
FIX MDXREF fix boundary check in CL source referencing
March 2, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Query MD logs directly from the Log Maintenance screen
March 3, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to connect to remote FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers via a Proxy server
March 12, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDRapid Add job info option to MDRapid console
FIX MDCMS Fix Reason condition in Installation History report
FIX MDCMS Fix retrieval of source from archive to handle reverse text direction
FIX MDRapid Fix handling of join files and SQL Table Identity columns
FIX MDWorkflow set blank list of status transition values to *NONE to provide ability to click on row
FIX MDWorkflow Fix call parameters when approving RFP from MDWorkflow
March 26, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen RFP Compare to Branch dialog – Select option Compare with Branch on an active or installed RFP to compare the source contents of the RFP with a target branch. Additionally be able to check for conflicts in a different branch. If active RFP at check-out level, edit the RFP source directly from the dialog list in LPEX or in 2/3-Way compare editor.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to use Spool File Export Definitions to dynamically manage file names and email recipients for exported spool files based on job name, spool file name and user data.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Export MDCMS configuration to excel using new option 21 in the MDCMS Setup Menu
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS allow rename of IFS source locations to *TEMP in the Level Library screen
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS allow edit of source in temporary receive or rollback library, if target level allows checkout. This has been done to easily handle the merge process from another branch.
FIX MDCMS Fix system type allocation during RFP compile phase when object not found in SQL catalog
FIX MDCMS force OUTQ for automatic RFP receive job to *JOBD when job is submitted
March 31, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDXREF automatically refresh IFS xref info after any creation, deletion or rename of an IFS file by a MDCMS/MDOpen process. Previously, this only happened during RFP deployment
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Right-click on a folder or file in the the MDXREF->IFS view to refresh the contents and attributes of that element in MDXREF.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Audit Journal reporting for changes made outside of MDCMS has been tuned to run 50x faster than before. Relative paths under managed folders also checked for manual changes.
ENHANCEMENT ALL When exporting a spooled file to PDF, special value *SPLF can be used to set the PDF dimensions to the dimensions of the spooled file rather than a specific page size.
FIX MDCMS CRITICAL – if an RFP contains multiple physical files on it that are replicated to multiple libraries, the subsequent data wasn’t getting copied back to the new version of the file.
April 2, 2018 FIX MDCMS if SQL functions or procedures depend on a service program that is modified or recompiled in an RFP, save/restore the service program to the backup library rather than move it in order to avoid having the SQL routines dropped by the system.
April 5, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow Include all/Exclude all buttons for status transition values
ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow Ability to export the Delivery Conflict listing to xlsx
FIX MDCMS Fix library location of log file when using the query option in the log listing for a non-default MDCMS instance
FIX MDWorkflow fix sorting of list columns when the column heading is clicked
FIX MDWorkflow fix export of MDWorkflow reports to xlsx
April 19, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix MDSNDRFP command
FIX MDCMS Fix automated export of spool files to PDF
April 27, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix cleanup of temporary receive libraries when the sending host ID is alphanumeric
FIX MDCMS Fix display of Task descriptions when browsing tasks for a time sheet entry
FIX MDWorkflow Fix load of involved groups/users when a project is added or copied
May 9, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix close of projects/tasks from MDUPDPROJ and MDUPDTASK commands
FIX MDCMS Fix call to custom submit validation program from MDOpen
FIX MDXREF Allow RPGLE/Free directives to begin anywhere in a source code row
May 17, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDWorkflow Default values for custom fields by Project Type or Task Type
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Link SQL routines (Functions or Procedures) to the auto-generated CLE program/service program for routines with an SQL body. This permits seeing the SQL routine name and type directly in MDXREF for the program. Also, when requesting related objects and the CLE program is one of then, MDCMS will default to checking out the SQL routine instead of the program object.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS version and build date is included in the header of the RFP Deployment log
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Allow special value *NONE for the Object Library of *DATA and *DTAGRP attributes. If used for a level, the data won’t be migrated into that level but will be retained in the RFP for transport to further levels in the path. Can be useful, for example, for delta levels.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS special value *DTASET displayed for a *DATA or *DTAGRP request instead of the from library when a retained data set will be migrated instead of the current records in the from library.
FIX MDCMS handle subfile boundary condition for library migration prompt screens
FIX MDCMS fix retrieval/rollback of archived data
FIX MDCMS fix to cleanly close RFP if cancelled during the rollback request process
FIX MDCMS include restored objects in the Objects modified outside of MDCMS Audit Report
May 30, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDMail option to connect to SMTP server using TLS / improved authority exception handling
FIX MDCMS fix audit journal reporting for IFS files with very long path names
FIX MDCMS fix auto-merge of copybooks
FIX MDCMS fix identity column next value when migrating data using MDTransform or MDRapid
FIX MDCMS fix renaming of new IFS source for an object request
FIX MDOpen fix refresh of IFS folder in MDXREF when folder directly under the root
FIX MDXREF ignore copybooks includes in RPGLE when commented out using //
June 6, 2018 FIX MDCMS reduce risk of MDCMS cleanup process crashing after resuming after a long object lock
FIX MDCMS fix error message text when unable to save an IFS file during the send of an RFP
FIX MDCMS if a program is used as the external program for an SQL routine, delay for 1 second between the backup of the old object and the deletion of the old object to allow the SQL catalog to catch up so that the routine doesn’t get dropped by the system.
FIX MDMail change to JavaMail 1.5.6 to allow use of MDMAIL with a minimum of JDK6
June 17, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Graphical Diagram of Status Transitions for Project Types and Task Types now available to be able to visualize the status workflow for a given type.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen IFS source can now be edited within LPEX editors from the MDCMS perspective
FIX MDCMS FTP location settings now read-only in green screen / fix creation of new FTP location when replacing previously disabled location.
FIX MDCMS set STRJRN to *NO in the RSTOBJ command for copying objects, when on V7R2 or higher
FIX MDCMS remove QTEMP from the initial library list for service jobs, in case it is already in the system library list
FIX MDCMS fix ability to send IFS source from a *TEMP library
FIX MDCMS use CHGENVVAR to set JVM path, when environment variable already defined
July 1, 2018(8.1.1) ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Data Copy templates can now be used in conjunction with MDTransform for the following benefits:1) copy data directly from a different partition or system – no need to restore locally first2) SQL used for the copy instead of CPYF for faster speed and better automatic handling of field differences3) ability to use record conditions to limit the number of records copied – helpful when space not available in the test environment for a complete set of data from production4) ability to transform column values – for example to produce synthetic results to mask personal data5) ability to validate individual objects, libraries or entire templates without copying6) ability to copy individual objects, libraries or entire templates7) libraries no longer need to be referenced in MDXREF to use the copy functions
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDXANI service to asyncronously update the X-Analysis database when an object is installed in MDCMS.If using MDCMS in conjunction with X-Analysis from Fresche Solutions, the new/changed/deleted objects are separately refreshed in X-Analysis via the new service to allow the RFP to complete quickly and to avoid having the RFP job go into MSGW if the X-Analysis crashes.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Flags added to MDXREF Level Listing to indicate when Table Definitions or X-Analysis libraries are defined for the level
FIX MDCMS Fix selection of last used MDCMS attribute for an object name when for an SQL component
July 10, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New Jira Interface logging files:MDDJIRP for attempts to update MDCMS Projects with Project information from JiraMDDJIRT for attempts to update MDCMS Tasks with Issue information from JiraExisting log MDDJIRR for pushing updates to Jira now added to Log Maintenance list
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Task Ref Code field added to the MDCMS Installation History Report
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Left-Click on imported IFS or Remote object request to edit the relative path of the deployment for a folder or file. If for a folder, all child requests are automatically updated as well.
FIX MDCMS Fix RFP record lock handling when finishing installation of RFP
FIX MDCMS plain text encoding for Workflow URL in email bodies to avoid corrupt links
July 14, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Preparation of X-Analysis interface for XA version 13.0.9 and higher
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Relative path for deployment of objects from Git based always on relative path within Git Tag or Working Tree for simple consistency
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to edit the relative path of any imported objects after the request is performed by left-clicking on the object request within the MDCMS perspective.
August 1, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDJIRA New MDJIRA parameters for connecting to the JIRA server via a Proxy server
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Automatically trim trailing spaces in existing data when converting a fixed-length character field to a variable-length character field during deployment
FIX MDCMS Fix send of diagnostic and exception messages from MDCMS APIs
FIX MDCMS Fix timing of Auto-Merge flag value validation during RFP Pre-Submit Validation
FIX MDOpen Fix attribute search when requesting Source Members from X-Analysis
August 11, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix install of MDWorkflow on an IBMi partition using MDINSWF
FIX MDOpen Fix expand/collapse of Object Requests in Projects longer than 8 characters
August 25, 2018(8.1.2) ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New Distribution Method of LCL for use when sending to a level on the same partition (typically from top of a branch to bottom of the trunk). This method performs a direct save/restore of the package without requiring any network usage.MDCMS will automatically convert any settings for the *LOCAL location to LCL when the upgrade to 8.1.2 or newer occurs.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDLCKAMGS command to lock the auto-merge option for RFPs in the Send Listing to always auto-merge or never auto-merge, if a company-wide policy mandates it.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Send History – now able to press F9 to toggle the list to see the RFP description for each row
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New special filter values in the Send Listing and Send History:*SND – any send status *RCV – any receive status *SBM – any submit status *APR – any approve status *INS – any install status
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Description filter added to the Log Maintenance screen in the setup Menu
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Dedicated table MDCMS/MDDDRFP added to log every use of the MDDELRFP command
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Dedicated table MDCMS/MDDIRFP added to log every use of the MDINSRFP command
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Dedicated table MDCMS/MDDSRFP added to log every use of the MDSBMRFP command
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New Pre-Submit warning when an object has been requested for modify or delete and has references in the IFS
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS By default, show the Promotion Level description for *LOCAL distribution levels
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen IFS references of System Objects – List and manually add references from IFS files to System Objects. This can be done from the MDXREF IFS view by clicking new button IFS Object Refs or by right clicking on an IFS file in the MDXREF IFS view or any object from within the MDXREF Objects view and selecting option IFS Object Refs
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Jump to MDXREF information for a requested system object directly from the object request listing (including from Projects, Tasks, RFP Listing, RFP Send Listing, RFP Installation History and RFP Send History). Right-Click on the object request and select option MDXREF to open the MDXREF Objects listing for objects with that name, application and level.
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC Control User authority for MD Commands – Execution of specific MD Commands that cause direct updates to MDCMS data, such as Object Requests, RFPs, Projects, etc. can now be restricted within new MDSEC menu option … By default, all existing commands allow any user to invoke the command, but each command can now be set to *NONE or to specific sets of users, including technical users, in order to avoid abuse of commands to get around functional authority restrictions.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Cross-Reference Advanced Job Scheduler Entries. The references from Advanced Job Scheduler Jobs to objects can be captured by adding *AJSE as a library name in the MDXREF build list
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF The MDXREF table that indexes the IFS (MDDXIFS) has now been optimized so that it requires only a 3rd of the disk space that it previously required.
FIX MDCMS Fix execution of a Data Copy template if first object in the template is omitted
FIX MDCMS Fix listing/copying of SQL tables from a Data Copy template
FIX MDCMS Fix set of next value for Identity Column during execution of the Data Copy template
FIX MDCMS Temporarily disable constraints and triggers for a file prior to copying the data during execution of a Data Copy template
FIX MDCMS Remove constraints from temporary files generated for deploying data via *DATA or *DTAGRP attributes
FIX MDCMS fix to avoid placing a 1 in the list of Target Locations when using option T to view the locations for an open RFP in the Send List
FIX MDCMS fix send of commands/scripts to *LOCAL when intended to run only on *LOCAL
FIX MDOpen Fix creation of Message File in the developer library when checking out a message description
FIX MDOpen Fix the start of MDCLEAN, MDJIRA and MDXANI services from the MDOpen Services view
September 3, 2018 ENHANCEMENT ALL Automated, custom PDF sizing of MD report output so that wide reports aren’t cropped when exported to PDF (unless wider than 400 characters)
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The result log when executing an in-line IFS script during deployment is now included in the joblog entries for the Deployment Log step for that execution, for better troubleshooting.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The Run as User parameter is now available for IFS scripts, when they should be run under a different profile than the user assigned to the job description for the target level.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen When attempting to check out source and the source is already locked by another Object Request, button View Lock can now be pressed to see all the details about the existing request.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen If the user expands the Filters in the heading of any list view in MDOpen, the filters will now remain expanded until the user chooses to collapse them again, even when re-opening the view.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF The usage of database objects, including procedures, functions, tables, indexes and views are now automatically cross-referenced for java and php files in the IFS.The build will scan a file for references if:1) the folder, or a folder in the path above the file is registered as an *IFS attribute target in MDCMS2) the file has extension .java, .php, or .phtml MDXREF then scans the IFS file for any SQL or system names of database objects that belong to the same application and level as the IFS folder. If a name is found within the executable, uncommented portion of the code, it will be added to the reference list. False hits are possible, but the user can select to permanently ignore the reference from the MDOpen IFS reference view or from the warning screen during RFP submission.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Cross-Reference REST and SOAP Web Services that are deployed to the IBM Integrated Web Services Server. This is done by adding library value *IWS to a level in MDXREF. MDXREF will then provide the list of all IWS services across all IWS servers as well as the program or service program that each service invokes.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Performance enhancements when browsing local libraries registered in MDXREF and display the MDXREF special values, where applicable
FIX MDXREF Fix ignore of free-format RPG statements when // is used to indicate a row is commented
September 6, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS During the RFP install, archive or send process, if a Save-while-Active command for an object fails, typically due to a concurrent save-while-active running, MDCMS will delay up to 10 seconds while trying again each second in order to reduce failures due to mirroring or other jobs running concurrently.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Within the MDXREF Object listing views in MDOpen, the following columns have been added to the views/excel reports:Create Date and TimeChange Date and TimeSource Change Date and TimeLast Used Date and Days Used
FIX MDCMS Fix check of duplicate object requests for an RFP for objects that could be requested by System name or SQL name
FIX MDCMS If retrieval of archived source fails, throw message that it is likely due to a CCSID mismatch to expedite troubleshooting
FIX MDCMS Allow for retrieval of archived source/objects when the original application level no longer exists
September 10, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDAPRRFP command to automate the approval of RFPs. By default, no user is allowed to invoke this command. Users can be authorized from the MDSEC Command Security function
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDTGTSUM command to provide a summary of the status of all target locations for an RFP on the Send List or in Send History. The summary is provided in JSON format and written to table MDDTSUM. It can also be passed automatically to a command, program, java class or JAR file.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New *RFP command type X – Termination point reached for all default Send Locations.This exit point is triggered when all default locations for a sent RFP have terminated either due to an exception or the completion of the installation on the target location.
FIX MDCMS Fix display/editing of bidirectional text in MDWorkflow and MDOpen
FIX MDCMS Fix retrieval of bound modules and service programs for a CRTPGM or CRTSRVPGM command
September 14, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Use system name as source member name by default for first-time checkout of long-named SQL table, view or index
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Journal Sequence number added to Modifications outside of MDCMS Report
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Only refresh source information in X-Analysis when for copybooks/prototypes
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Include list of Projects and Tasks in Sent RFP in response for command MDTGTSUM
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Performance optimization for the MDXREF Journal Analysis report for table record transactions
FIX MDCMS Fix MDTransform RFP Compile-Phase validation of non-compiled tables
September 19, 2018 FIX MDCMS Fix load of modules and service programs into wildcards for compile of ILE programs
FIX MDOpen Automatically swap to the historical view for a command or script when object request has since been installed.
October 3, 2018(8.1.3) ENHANCEMENT MDOpen The MDXREF Journal Analysis tool is now available from MDOpen from within the MDXREF/Objects view with option Journal Analysis
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen External References expanded to any language.The External Reference File Extensions can be used to dynamically configure the languages to parse for System/SQL object references as well as to state the type and attribute of system objects to consider. The following languages are pre-packaged: C#, java, php and python
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen External Reference checking directly from SVN repositories.Each repository, or relative paths within a repository, can be defined to be checked for external references for any number of applications and levels.The initial reference checks all contents matching the defined file extensions and then is automatically updated for references when a commit occurs via a post-commit webhook invoking a REST API in MDCMS.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Auto-Connect to a repository location simply by expanding the location. No longer necessary to right-click and select the connect option to establish a connection.
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Automatically handle non-numeric data in a column that is changed from alpha-numeric to numeric using the SQL CASE function.Example: CASE WHEN LICSTS = ‘ ‘ THEN 0 WHEN LENGTH(RTRIM(TRANSLATE(LICSTS, ‘ ‘, ‘.0123456789’))) > 0 THEN 0 ELSE CAST(LICSTS AS DEC (3, 0)) END
FIX MDXREF fix looping issue when pressing F15 to create a report from the Source Member Listing
October 7, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Manage the deployment of new or changed Temporal Tables and History Tables
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Allow special value *GEN to force a new value for columns containing the GENERATING clause
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Cross-Reference the relationship between a Temporal Table and a History Table
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Improvements to External Reference listings
FIX MDCMS fix cleanup of panel groups at end of RFP deployment
October 20, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Preference to Connect to X-Analysis now set for each Repository Connection definition to handle situation when only certain partitions contain a licensed copy of X-Analysis.
FIX MDOpen Fix display of options from within the X-Analysis perspective
October 23, 2018 FIX MDOpen Fix display of Projects/Tasks attached to Object Request
FIX MDTransform Fix copy of data from library of same name from remote partition
FIX MDXREF Ensure source member can be read before updating cross-reference for it
October 24, 2018 FIX MDCMS Strip off control characters from Jira descriptions before saving to the MDCMS database
FIX MDTransform Handle File column names that match global or system variable names
FIX MDXREF Defer update of X-Analysis until after update of MDXREF for an Object
FIX MDXREF Fix display of MDXREF Update confirmation for an object in green-screen
November 6, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDADDIWS / MDRMVIWS commands to be able to easily add or remove an Integrated Web Services (IWS) web service from a server.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Server name can now be defined for a *IFS attribute or on the replication template for a *IFS attribute.This name is then passed in the new ##SERVER## wildcard to commands or scripts to manage servers based on the deployed IFS file.When the ##SERVER## wildcard is used for *REMOTE attributes, the server address value will be passed to the command or script.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen External Reference checking directly from Git repositories.Each repository branch, or relative paths within a repository branch, can be defined to be checked for external references for any number of applications and levels.The initial reference and any scheduled MDXREF rebuilds checks all contents matching the defined file extensions. Automatic updates for references when a commit occurs via a post-push webhook will be implemented soon for various types of Git servers.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Automated Continuous Integration for Git and SVNContinuous Integration settings have been added to MDOpen to specify Git and SVN repository paths that, when changes are committed, will automatically generate object requests in order to deploy those changes (or all contents of path, if so configured) to target IFS or Remote systems.When the SVN post-commit API is invoked, it will process the necessary object requests.Git is prepared and will also happen automatically once the post-push APIs are complete.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen If more values are available for content-assist than are displayed in the initial frame, the next frame of rows will automatically load when the vertical scroll bar hits the bottom of the current frame.
FIX MDCMS Fix check of completed object request before attempting SEU in the Object Manager
FIX MDCMS Fix deployment handling for object when a lock on the object is released during the processing of the Object Lock exit point
FIX MDCMS fix close of send RFP to wait until installed everywhere once the RFP has been received everywhere
FIX MDOpen Allow edit of certain RFP detail fields when RFP is waiting for approval or installation
FIX MDXREF Fix file count/size summaries for IFS parent folders
November 11, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS During RFP installation, no longer apply object authorities to an object requested for Update
FIX MDXREF Fix listing of Library candidates to perform an action for an unqualified object
November 19, 2018 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to export JSON payload output from the MDTGTSUM command to an IFS file and then pass the file path to the customer’s command, program or java class for processing.
FIX MDCMS Fix UTC offset calculation for the processing of JIRA issue changes
FIX MDOpen Fix job queue validation in the RFP Submit dialog within MDOpen
FIX MDOpen Fix Pre-Submission validation to allow continuation of the RFP when only a warning.
FIX MDXREF Fix library list handling for XREFBLDLIB/XREFRMVLIB commands when executed for non-default instances.
December 10, 2018 (8.1.4) ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to view/manage all Reusable Commands and Scripts for specific Objects. The list is accessed by pressing F7 from the commands or scripts screen from the MDCMS Setup Menu. Existing object commands can be edited or removed, or new commands for Objects can be easily copied/added ahead of time.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The M (Object Checkout) exit point can now be used for specific objects
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The UTC value on the location definitions can be set to special value *LCL to indicate that the target system has the same UTC time zone value as the local system, allowing for automated handling when seasonal changes occur.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The RFP Pre-Submit warning when objects are already requested for the next level will now also be shown for indirect migrations to the next level.
ENHANCEMENT MDJIRA The task and subtask number in MDCMS will now match the issue/subtask ID in JIRA for newly added JIRA issues, when they get imported into MDCMS, as long as they are 5 digits or fewer. MDCMS task/subtask numbers will be expanded to 7 digits in 8.2
ENHANCEMENT MDJIRA JIRA status mapping in both directions can be set to allow certain internal MDCMS transitions that won’t impact the JIRA transition workflow. This is helpful when the software teams want granulated development status transitions that don’t need to be noted in JIRA itself.
ENHANCEMENT MDJIRA JIRA version number added to settings screen. It is recommended to set this value after upgrading as JIRA APIs differ based on the version. This currently has an effect when trying to list JIRA users for mapping to MDCMS users.
ENHANCEMENT MDJIRA IMPORTANT: The UTC value in the JIRA settings screen has now been replaced by an Admin Time Offset value. This value is the difference in hours and minutes between the admin user’s time zone in JIRA and the server time zone in JIRA. This will typically, but not necessarily, be +0000 and should be reviewed/modified after upgrading to 8.1.4.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Level Migration Diagram – this is a new feature, available from MDOpen settings, that dynamically creates a diagram of the migration flow for a given application across systems.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Data Comparison report showing record differences between 2 files has been enhanced to list the differences in a way that exports better to tables or excel workbooks.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to rollback an Object Request when it had been installed as an object update based on modified source
FIX MDXREF Fix Object Type filter in MDXREF All Relational Dependencies report
December 13, 2018 FIX MDJIRA Fix encoding of special characters in data pulled from Jira
FIX MDSEC Fix import of Workflow license key from MDLICENSE save file when key doesn’t include the MDWorkflow web app
December 18, 2018 FIX MDCMS MDFTP – Handle timestamp retrieval for FTP servers not supporting RFC-959, such as IBM i partitions.
FIX MDOpen Fix assignment of multiple object requests to an RFP, when the number of simultaneous requests exceeds 200.
FIX MDOpen Fix width of dialog windows for various MDOpen functions
December 20, 2018 FIX MDCMS When submitting an RFP for receipt or deployment, specify CURLIB(*CRTDFT) to avoid having the current library of the current job included in the submitted job.
FIX MDRapid Cleanup prior attempt to copy data when an object request is switched to a different RFP
December 31, 2018 FIX MDCMS fix ability to rollback a request when for recompile of program without source
FIX MDOpen fix management of Git Repositories for XREF/CI
FIX MDOpen fix dialog sizing for list dialogs, such as request related objects
FIX MDXREF fix primary module referencing, when multi-module program created directly from source
January 4, 2019 FIX MDCMS IMPORTANT: fix the inclusion of reusable object commands when an object is checked out. This fix only applies if already on version 8.1.4 (released December 10th, 2018). If currently on an older release, this can be ignored. If already on 8.1.4 when upgrading to this build, run the following command after the upgrade is complete:
January 10, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix attachment of object commands to object requests, when applying indirect source to the request when only the object is sent back to the copy of production, but compilation of the objects are to occur.
FIX MDCMS If a an indirect deletion request is created, and a source name is required but missing on the request record, then retrieve the source name from installation history.
January 30, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Use parameter FROMRCD(1) when using CPYF to copy existing data to new format of a changed table
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Allow application code to be blank when filtering Project, Task or Subtask listing by RFP number
FIX MDCMS fix copy of IFS source to a source member for compilation into developer library. Skip attempt to compile and return error if copy fails.
FIX MDCMS fix usage of F2 key in attribute settings to view full folder path names
FIX MDCMS MDJIRA – query issues for a Jira project using the Jira Key instead of the Jira index number, since the index number can change when migrating to a different server.
FIX MDCMS avoid running a custom pre-submit validation program prior to approving or installing an RFP. The program will now only run prior to submission of the RFP.
FIX MDCMS fix copy of archived source to a spooled file
FIX MDCMS Use an IBM API to get the oldest chained receiver date for a journal instead of using RTVJRNE in order to allow for large amounts of receivers.
FIX MDCMS fix paging in the MDTransform field listing for a checked out table
FIX MDOpen fix export of date fields to excel
February 5, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Spooled File listing now with date filters and the ability to handle very large quantities of spooled files
FIX MDCMS Stamping of deployed job descriptions no longer attempted to avoid throwing warnings in the RFP Log
February 13, 2019 FIX MDCMS During install of MDCMS (MDINSSAVF), check if MD save file containing java components is locked by a mirroring job, notify user and continue waiting until file is free to avoid not being able to restore the IFS components.
FIX MDCMS Fix MDTGTSUM API to handle various CCSIDs for the creation of the JSON response payload
FIX MDTransform MDTransform modified to handle listing of SQL tables and table columns when the job’s CCSID is 65535
February 22, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS For SQL Tables, Functions, Procedures, Sequences and Variables – if the Wildcards in SQL flag is set to true and the OR REPLACE clause is used in the create script, MDCMS will now automatically qualify that entity so that it gets created in the appropriate target library.

This enhancement has been performed because as of V7R3M0 / TR5, IBM will check the entire library list for an existing element when OR REPLACE is used, rather than always using the current library. It is highly recommended that you now set the Wildcards in SQL flag to true for all SQL elements if you include the OR REPLACE clause in your create scripts.

All other SQL types already auto-qualified.

ENHANCEMENT MDTransform MDTransform will auto-disable if the table contains Temporal or Generated Expression columns
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform If the MDTransform view option is selected, and the table hasn’t yet been generated in the developer library, MDCMS will now automatically create the table so that the transformation list can be viewed immediately.
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Tables containing Temporal or Generated Expression columns can now be handled using MDTransform (and MDRapid) by selecting to Enable Transformation. The special value of *GEN will be used for the SQL Result of those columns, which will cause new values to be written to those columns during the mapping of the data from the prior version of the table. Enablement is not set by default because the prior values for those columns will be lost.
FIX MDCMS MDTGTSUM – provide proper JSON encoding when the system CCSID is 65535
FIX MDCMS Fix the default value for *PUBLIC authority of save files containing RFPs to be sent to other locations. It was incorrectly set to *NONE, but is now *USE.
March 6, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Allow use of the RFP Compare with Branch function when the RFP is waiting for approval or installation
FIX MDCMS Remove temporary install libraries for linked applications from the library list after the compile phase of a submitted RFP is complete
FIX MDSEC Fix addition of commands to the MD Command Security list during the installation of a new MDCMS product build
FIX MDOpen Fix refresh of the MDTransform view after enabling/disabling MDTransform for a table
March 7, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When selecting the default attribute for an ILE program that binds persistent modules, and that program hasn’t been installed before, assume ILEPGM is intended for such programs if defined for the target library.
FIX MDOpen Allow the recompile option for objects in the MDXREF view that don’t have source
March 13, 2019 FIX MDCMS During RFP installation, if save/restoring a program or service program instead of moving it, in order to avoid dropping existing SQL routines, apply authority to the copied program in case the authorities were revoked during the restore.
FIX MDCMS During RFP installation, create SQL routines (functions and procedures) after the programs and service programs are deployed, to avoid any risk of having the routines get dropped if they use qualified calls to the programs. During the RFP build phase, functions and procedures continue to get created into the temporary install library based on the compile and sort sequence to ensure dependencies are handled correctly.
FIX MDCMS Filter out various DB-Internal references when warning about dependencies in linked applications.
April 2, 2019 FIX MDCMS fix check of duplicate use of sequence number when adding a command for a specific object or RFP
FIX MDCMS During the RFP installation process, delete functions or procedures in the temp install library before moving programs in order to avoid moving the routines with the program to the target library of the program, in case the routine should be stored in a different library.
FIX MDCMS fix default value of the page size when requesting to export a spooled file for the first time
FIX MDOpen fix the editing of the from library for an object request that is checked out as a new object.
April 4, 2019 FIX MDCMS fix delay between object lock checks during installation of display files or printer files to avoid overuse of processor
FIX MDCMS Handle situation during MDRapid creation of a join file when a portion of the tables the join file is over are processed using MDRapid and a portion of the tables were changed, but not handled by MDRapid.
April 14, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDRAPID Allow minimum record count of 0 in the MDRapid template to use MDRapid for all tables by default.
FIX MDCMS handle Installation History report definition that contains fewer columns than possible
FIX MDCMS Fix lock wait handling for logical files during deployment
FIX MDCMS Allow default journaling to be applied to a new file that is deployed to a library with journal attributes
FIX MDRAPID Fix selection of MDRapid candidates for files that are replicated to additional libraries
April 16, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix handling of indirect source for *MNUDDS source members
FIX MDCMS Fix length of source file in temporary receive library to match target source file when creating the source file to hold indirect source.
May 16, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix error message text for invalid message id
FIX MDCMS Fix rollback of a MDCMS patch for new objects
FIX MDCMS Handle archiving/rollback of data in files when file name or library name contains special values
FIX MDCMS Fix archiving of *DTAGRP records when keyed on substring of a column
FIX MDCMS Fix Project Time report
July 31, 2019 FIX MDCMS avoid conflict when archiving multiple requests for same data group attribute in same RFP when the target table has an SQL long name.