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MDCMS 8.2.0 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 0.

Date Category Component Description
April 16, 2019 ENHANCEMENT ALL General Release of version 8.2
April 21, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS new command wildcards ##OBJATR## for Object Attribute, ##OBJDSC## for Object Description, ##SRCATR## for Source Attribute and ##SRCDSC## for Source Description
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS More granular messaging in MDADDREQ command/rest service when object already requested
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC command MDUPDUSR to be able to systematically add, update and remove users in MDSEC
FIX MDCMS fix duplicate sequence checking when adding object-specific or RFP-specific commands
FIX MDCMS allow source merge within MDCMS when target source in temporary receive library for a level that allows checkout
April 23, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDOPEN Generate REST API Service and Client programs for a checkout request directly from MDOpen
FIX MDOPEN Fix Create Objects option for an RFP or when multi-selecting objects to be compiled.
April 24, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix Patch rollback of new MDCMS objects
FIX MDOpen Fix editing of object-specific or RFP-specific commands
May 1, 2019 FIX ALL Fix Task Listings when filtering by reference code
FIX MDCMS/MDOpen fix object request creation from the Library Import dialog, Linked Objects dialog, RFP Copy dialog and the IFS Import 5250 listing
May 5, 2019 Enhancement MDOpen Automatic source comparison with production at checkout now extended to include source stored in the IFS. If the contents of the IFS file selected to copy to the developer library is different than the IFS file in production, a warning will be displayed and the developer can compare the files to each other.
FIX MDCMS fix data archival when *DATA or *DTAGRP file or library has special characters in the name
FIX MDCMS fix data archival for *DTAGRP file when keyed on a substring of a field
FIX MDOpen fix check of authority to check out source that is in the process of migration towards production by a different developer
FIX MDOpen fix check of authority to copy source from a non-recommended location at checkout
FIX MDOpen fix cross-referencing refresh of an IFS folder or file if only *IFSMD is used
FIX MDOpen fix setting of current library when creating object into developer library
FIX MDOpen allow the Create Object option for objects received for deployment to a check-out level
FIX MDWorkflow fix indexing of newly created MDWorkflow comments