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MDCMS 8.2.1 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 1.

Date Category Component Description
May 14, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The JIRA interface now allows for the import and export of data from any JIRA field to custom fields within a Task in MDCMS. Also, Tasks can now be created in MDCMS and exported into JIRA as new issues.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New flag on distribution levels to ignore the distribution to a target level when the RFP originated in a different branch than the migration branch that the level to send from is located in. This provides a way to avoid looping between branches and a trunk.
FIX MDCMS Corrections to Project Time Report
FIX MDCMS handle change of the attribute for an object in a Send RFP from an attribute without source to an attribute with source
FIX MDCMS Fix replication of logical files when the physical files they are over are handled by MDRapid
FIX MDWorkflow Fix listing of multi-select DDL fields in the email body for a project or task
May 16, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix Project Time Entry report
FIX MDCMS Fix syncing of RFP send status to local partition when MDWorkflow isn’t licensed
FIX MDOpen Fix RFP Pre-Submit validation dialog when SQL routines invoke a program, but aren’t part of the RFP
FIX MDXREF Fix reference build information for SQL routines
June 2, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix RFP duplicate object check during RFP deployment
FIX MDCMS Fix compile of objects into developer library when object requested for recompile or update, so that the object in an environment library doesn’t get deleted by mistake.
FIX MDCMS Fix MDUPDTASK command so that task and subtask parameters are correctly interpreted
FIX MDCMS Fix severity message in MDUPDATT command when the replacement of an attachment was successful
FIX MDCMS Handle import of JIRA issues with very large (> 6000 bytes) descriptions
June 4, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix creation of sub-tasks imported from JIRA
June 6, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDWFARFP command to automate the update of the MDWorkflow Test Acceptance status for Project(s) in installed RFPs.

Alternatively, the REST API resource /rfp/acceptance can be invoked to perform the update via REST.

FIX MDCMS Fix CCSID issue when generating resource aliases for the MDCMS REST server
FIX MDWorkflow fix editing of the Task Type field for new tasks or subtasks
June 14, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS REST APIs added for:

  • RFP Submit
  • RFP Approval
  • RFP Install
  • RFP Test Acceptance
  • RFP Send
  • MDSEC User Management
FIX MDCMS Fix 5250 RFP Send listing when filtering by task or subtask
FIX MDCMS Don’t filter by prior application filter value when prompting project list to select a project in 5250
FIX MDCMS Fix setting of authority for objects to be sent and eliminate program compression to reduce bundle processing time
June 28, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Selected Filter Conditions for the MDCMS Installation History Report and Objects modified outside of MDCMS Report are now included in the footer of the report for auditing purposes.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Standard Wildcards added:
##SYSLIB## – the system name of an SQL schema (library)
##SYSNAM## – the system name of an SQL object
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS if receiving an object from another branch, and the object is currently checked out at the bottom level of the target branch, the received object will still be requested, but in unlocked status, so that the entire contents of the branch RFP are available, but requiring developer decisions to proceed with the merge into the target branch.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Object History View in MDOpen – a new primary view has been added to list installed objects which can be filtered in a myriad of ways. This view is similar to the Object History listing in MDCMS.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Improved layout of RFP and Object rows in views when active requests can coexist with installed requests
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Excess vertical space removed in the filter section of views to provide more real estate for rows when the filters are expanded
FIX MDCMS Fix Jira OAuth authentication process for connecting MDCMS to Jira
FIX MDCMS fix the display of warning/error messages in the Receive Log