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MDCMS 8.2.2 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 2.

Date Category Component Description
July 7, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDTransform For the copy of data from on library to another across partitions, a number of enhancements have been added to ease the administration of limiting records to be copied or column values to transform:

  1. Template-Level Conditions can be defined and easily applied across the entire collection of tables based on a variety of search criteria.
  2. Template-Level Transformations can be defined and easily applied across the entire collection of table columns based on a variety of search criteria.
  3. Wildcards can be defined so that a value can be centrally managed
  4. Ability to run the Data Copy only for any table belonging to a specific Template-Level condition. For example, if a condition is defined to copy all tables related to purchase orders for a specific order number, then only those tables will be executed for a simple way to generate a specific use case for testing.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDJIRA interface has been enhanced to:

  1. Map specific Projects between MDCMS and Jira for better granularity rather than any projects for a Project Category
  2. Option to omit the import of an issue, if the issue isn’t assigned to a user that is mapped to a MDCMS user
FIX MDCMS Fix creation of Task Type in green screen, when MDWorkflow isn’t licensed
July 9, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Further enhancements to the Data Copy templates
July 31, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New IC (Installation Complete) object request and RFP status to provide a clear indication of when the target application is free to be used again during the deployment process. RFP cleanup continues while in IC until status 05 (RFP Complete) is reached.
If the RFP job abnormally ends while still in IC status, the Close option can be used for the RFP in MDCMS or MDOpen to continue the cleanup phase where it left off.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Auto-Rollback an RFP if the copy of data fails, unless a Data Copy command is defined that explicitly ignores exceptions.
FIX MDCMS Create warning entries in the RFP Deployment Log if an exception occurs during the automatic reapply of constraints and non-SQL triggers
FIX MDCMS Recompile logicals/views during the deployment phase if they are still based on files in the install library so that they correctly point to files in the application library.
FIX MDCMS Reapply prior journal attributes when replacing a file and the new version of the file is started for a different journal for the library
FIX MDCMS avoid conflict when archiving multiple requests for same data group attribute in same RFP when the target table has an SQL long name.
FIX MDCMS keep reason code of Recompile for a request if sending an object without source (typically an ILE program/Service Program) to a LCL branch.
FIX MDOpen Include Based-on levels for the source compare when comparing an RFP to a Branch
FIX MDRapid handle mapping of inserted records in tables that reuse deleted records
August 2, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Special value *MD can be used for the Project ID in Continuous Integration to extract the Project, Task and Subtask from the Commit message
FIX MDCMS Fix setting of the status for objects to 05 in the Installation History table upon completion of the RFP
FIX MDWorkflow Fix the Installed RFPs view in MDWorkflow
August 10, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Allow the send of settings from any level to any defined location, rather than only to locations targeted by the level.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to view the committed IFS source for a system/SQL object using option S
FIX MDCMS Fix RFP Send Listing Object Name filter in green screen
FIX MDCMS Fix conversion of UTF-8 stream files to source members for compile
FIX MDWorkflow fix display of install date/time in the MDWorkflow Object Location listing
August 17, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to distribute RFPs and Attribute Settings via ObjectConnect (SAVRSTOBJ). If ObjectConnect is installed and configured for communication between the source and target system, MDCMS can distribute RFPs and settings using the new method OBJ. This method provides the ability to transfer the information without requiring some form of FTP or SNA to be configured and enabled.
FIX MDCMS Perform an SQL commit after renaming an SQL entitiy to avoid Save while Active issues.
August 20, 2019 FIX MDCMS Fix Pre-submit check of objects that have been installed into target level since they were checked out on behalf of the RFP to submit.
FIX MDOpen Fix storing of Filter values in the RFP listing
September 7, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Db2 Mirror handling – MDCMS automatically handles the inclusion or exclusion of temporary libraries for optimal performance in a Db2 Mirror environment.
FIX MDCMS Fix *JIRA Project/Task mapping for Continuous Integration from Git/SVN
FIX MDOpen Fix reset of RFP in Status MDRapid in Progress from the MDOpen dialog
FIX MDCMS Fix deletion of MDRapid temporary libraries upon completion of an RFP
FIX MDCMS Recursively check if based-on files are in the RFP temporary installation library for logical file creation, in case a based-on file is itself a logical or materialized query table that is based on other files.
FIX MDOpen Fix setting of Conflict status in RFP Compare with Branch dialog, when the branch source is found in a based-on level rather than a level in the target branch
September 25, 2019 FIX MDCMS Allow Delete option from the Pre-Submit warning dialog for related objects when the source isn’t found
FIX MDRapid Correctly display total and copied records for tables containing over a billion records
FIX MDRapid Improved Time estimation for completion of MDRapid data copy
FIX MDTransform Fix conditional deletion of records for a Data Copy template file
FIX MDTransform Fix copy of packaged Data Copy template wildcard to a custom wildcard