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MDCMS 8.2.3 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 3.

Date Category Component Description
October 13, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Password handling for OS/400 Locations, Remote Server Locations, Email Settings, SVN User/Password authentication and Git User/Password authentication now have the following changes:

  1. passwords can now be up to 40 characters in length and are centrally encrypted and stored in table MDSEC/MDDCRED.
  2. UTF-8 storage of the passwords to ensure identical symbols regardless of job code page
  3. password only needs to be entered once instead of twice and has the option (F14 in green screen, eye icon in MDOpen) to view the entered text for better certainty. For security purposes, only newly entered passwords can be made visible – any registered passwords can only be reset, but not viewed.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Email names and addresses are stored in UTF-8 to ensure correct symbol usage regardless of job code page
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Allow compile commands defined for an attribute to be used only for modifications or only for recompiles to allow for differences in compile parameters based on if modification or recompile.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS when requesting to compare/merge currently checked out source, the target source to compare to is automatically defaulted to the source in the application based on the standard source search configuration.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDCMS Configuration Report now includes the OS/400 Locations
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to connect to Git repositories using SSH
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Projects, Tasks and Subtasks can now be filtered to those elements that contain a specific object
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to request archived source directly from the Object History or RFP Installation History views. Right-click on a row containing archived source and select option Request Archived Source. This will retrieve the prior version of the source from the archive and place it in the library/folder designated by the developer and create the Object Request record to deploy the source.
FIX MDCMS Fix setting of width for temporary source files to base the width on the from file, when the target file doesn’t exist.
FIX MDCMS Fix deployment/rollback of SQL Triggers for replicated libraries
FIX MDCMS Validate the send method for the *LOCAL OS/400 location to ensure that it is only LCL, OPT, SFF, SFO or TAP
FIX MDXREF fix F15 report when filtered by a specific level, but for all applications
October 23, 2019 FIX MDCMS fix usage of UTF-8 fields when the job CCSID is 65535 (*HEX). MDCMS now temporarily changes the job CCSID to the CCSID defined for the user in MDSEC or for the system default in the System settings if the user doesn’t have a specific ID defined.
November 22, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS REST APIs can now be used by any customer with a valid MDWorkflow license key. A separate key for MDCMS REST APIs is no longer necessary.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Data area MDREPCCSID has been eliminated for storing the CCSID to use in MDOpen jobs. Instead, the CCSID for the specific user as defined in MDSEC is used. If that CCSID is blank, the default CCSID for the system in the System Settings is used.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen New Optimize for Dark Theme flag added to the MDOpen preferences. Set to true if using the Dark Theme in Eclipse/RDi and leave as false when not using the Dark Theme.
FIX MDCMS Modify REST call needed to get list of users when using the CLOUD version of Jira
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to modify the compile sequence for a new attribute
FIX MDCMS Fix migration of MDMAIL settings and email addresses when upgrading to MDCMS 8.2.3 on a system running OS V7R1M0 or older
FIX MDCMS Ignore non-numeric values for date and sequence number when inserting wildcards into corrupt SQL source
FIX MDCMS Fix syncing of reference codes for Jira and ServiceNow to other partitions
FIX MDCMS Include Task reference codes when migrating MDCMS using the MDMIGMD command
FIX MDCMS handle reapply of constraint keys when column names are exactly 10 characters in length
FIX MDCMS switch the recompile action to modify for LCL transfers if target level attribute doesn’t contain compile commands
FIX MDOpen Fix validation of Library Import dialog in MDOpen
FIX MDRapid Fix resumption of index building when build process interrupted unexpectedly, such as during a power loss
December 4, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS / MDRest4i The MDINSSAVF installer, MDUPDATE patch mechanism and MDLICENSE framework now provide the mechanism to manage the MDRest4i product in the same way as MDCMS or MDXREF is managed. MDRest4i is a new product from Midrange Dynamics that allows for the generation of REST APIs and REST consumers using standard RPG Free code, that run directly on the IBM I, allowing for very simple creation and management of REST services directly on the IBM i by RPG developers.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDCMS REST APIs can now be used at no additional cost by any organization that has a valid MDWorkflow license
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The version of Java to use in MDCMS can now easily be managed directly from the system settings
FIX MDCMS automatically qualify SQL aliases (*SQLALS) when creating them using MDCMS to ensure they are created in the correct target library. The “Use Wildcards in SQL” parameter must by set to Y on the RUNSQLSTM command definition for the attribute.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to email information about an RFP when the RFP number is smaller than 10
FIX MDCMS Fix usage of MDSNDRFP command to send RFPs systematically when the LOCGRP parameter is used
FIX MDCMS *SUBMITTER as option for install user when using MDINSRFP command and move on to next RFP as soon as current RFP reaches IC (Installation Complete) status
FIX MDCMS fix subfile loading in Object Manager after pressing F22 to create objects
FIX MDXREF Ignore Symbolic Links when building MDXREF information about the IFS
December 18, 2019 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS ServiceNow Interface – MDCMS now interfaces with the incident management tool ServiceNow to allow sharing of tasks between the 2 products, or as a bridge between Jira and ServiceNow. More information available in the tutorial.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Command MDADDSRQ added to be able to systematically create and populate RFPs in the Send Listing with objects to be sent to other locations.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen If the internal reference field is used for tasks, a URL pattern can be set for it in the System Settings in MDOpen. When a Task or Subtask has an internal reference value, the developer can click on the value in MDOpen to navigate directly to the referenced task in the customer’s incident management tool.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Open and Submit an RFP by right-clicking on the RFP in the listing and selecting option Open RFP and Submit
FIX MDCMS Fix FTP password validation in the location settings
FIX MDCMS Fix data syncing of the *LOCAL location
FIX MDCMS Fix filtering of Send History by object name
FIX MDXREF Fix the Object and Source Comparison reports when comparing across partitions
FIX MDXREF Fix the removal of IFS files that no longer exist when the *IFS library is rebuilt in MDXREF