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MDCMS 8.2.4 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 4.

Date Category Component Description
January 2, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Authority of temporary libraries created by MDCMS for the receipt, install, backup and rollback of objects now based on Object Authority templates. Each Promotion Level can be applied to a different template.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Pressing F15 in the Send History screen now creates an MD Report rather than spooled file for better viewing and export to other formats.
FIX MDCMS Upgrade of MDCMS will automatically set the JVM to the highest installed version, if currently not set in MDCMS.
January 10, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When using MDFTP to send RFPs to a target system, the target folder can be modified in case the target system is on a different ASP than the local system, or if needing to send to a DMZ server to forward to the target.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When using SFTP to send artifacts to a server, the Remote Server Location definition in MDOpen now provides for authentication using SSH keys.
FIX MDCMS When upgrading to new version of MDCMS and the installer should end any jobs locking the MD libraries, a delay is now built in before 2nd pass to avoid conflicts.
February 4, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDOBJRPT command to be able to automatically generate a report of active or historical object requests based on Application, Level, RFP Number, Project, Task, Subtask, and Programmer filters and to automatically email the report or copy the report to IFS.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When sending RFPs using the MDF (MDFTP) format, provide the ability to specify the target folder and to authenticate using SSH keys.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS *CD as date parameter value for the Installation History Report to report on activity only for the current day
ENHANCEMENT  MDCMS Auto-set the margins parameter when using the RUNSQLSTM command to execute SQL scripts within MDCMS so that the margins match the actual width of the source file containing the script. The Wildcards in SQL flag must be true for the command for this to be enabled.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen When requesting to edit the script for SQL entities within RDi, the associated editor for the file type in the preferences will be used instead of forcing LPEX.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid  When an SQL error occurs during the MDRapid data copy or sync process, it is logged and the table is flagged with a warning state, but the MDRapid process continues. Depending on the error, further syncing will often auto-clean the error. If not, the authorized user can specify to allow the installation in spite of the error and can copy all records in error to a separate file for manual review/cleanup.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF The MDXREF build can now be refreshed for all application levels with a single job. Either by pressing F10 in the Application/Level screen or by specifying *ALL on the XREFBLDLIB command.
FIX MDCMS Fix viewing of source in location warning screen at checkout time
FIX MDOpen Fix ability to change library for a requested message description
FIX MDSEC Avoid throwing domain math error message during credential encryption/decryption
February 17, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDRCVRMT service to be able to pull RFPs or settings from another system. This is useful when a firewall only permits outbound communication and blocks inbound communication. For example – the test system isn’t allowed send RFPs to Production, so on test, method SFF can be used to place the RFP in the IFS and then the MDRCVRMT service on production can use FTP or MDF (MDFTP client for FTP, FTPS or SFTP) to listen for RFPs/settings on the SFF folder on the test system.
FIX MDCMS Fix the update of the send status for an RFP when all targets are complete
February 26, 2020 FIX MDCMS Avoid removal of check, primary key, or unique constraints when copying a table to a different library.
FIX MDCMS Allow for 1 unique and 1 primary key constraint when reapplying constraints from prior version of a changed table.