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MDCMS 8.2.5 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 5.

Date Category Component Description
March 3, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS, MDOpen, MDWorkflow  The maximum size of a description for MDCMS projects, tasks and subtasks has now been increased from 9,999 characters to 180 million characters.

Also, if the description is edited in MDWorkflow so that it is in html format, then it will be shown as read-only in green screen or MDOpen to avoid losing the rich formatting.

NOTE: If upgrading the core to 8.2.5, MDOpen and MDWorkflow also have to be upgraded to 8.2.5.

March 6, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDMIGLMI MDMIGLMI tool to migrate LMI history, object-specific compile commands and archived source into MDCMS for those customers making the switch from Aldon (Rocket) LMI to MDCMS.
FIX MDCMS When Git server invokes MDCMS Webhook with commit information, map the Git server address based on html or SSH format
FIX MDCMS Allow update of existing MDCMS object request for IBMi source committed in Git or SVN
FIX MDCMS Disable Project prompting in the Project report configurator,  Task report configurator and Time report configurator to avoid recursive program call
March 16, 2020 FIX MDCMS separate version of java xlsx export tool to function correctly with JVM 1.8 and higher
FIX MDRapid fix retention of job log and include CL commands in job log for MDRapid copy/sync jobs when an error occurs
FIX MDRapid handle syncing record inserts in tables containing 1.6 billion+ records
FIX MDTransform automatically handle copy of data from old version of table to new version of table when old version had null-capable fields that are no longer null-capable in new version.
March 22, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDRapid MDSTRRAP and MDENDRAP commands to systematically start and stop some or all MDRapid Jobs for an RFP
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid new filter fields and F13=Repeat Opt key in the green screen console for MDRapid
FIX MDRapid various bug fixes and improvements in robustness for the MDRapid sync process
March 27, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDMIGARC MDMIGARC tool to migrate ARCAD history and archived source into MDCMS for those customers making the switch from ARCAD to MDCMS.
April 2, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When using a separate a library for source development than for object development, MDCMS now remembers the preference for each for each checkout level and developer.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When compiling an object into a developer library, the developer’s object library and source library are added to the top of library list, when flag to include developer library is set to true.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen The MDRapid console view in MDOpen has now been enhanced with:
Filter by active or inactive jobs
Multi-Select jobs to end, hold or restart
View the job log for an ended MDRapid job that encountered an error
Additional columns of information
FIX MDOpen If a task number value is added/changed/deleted in the TaskView filter, this value is saved for the next time the view is opened.
April 13, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New template type to automatically create Field Procs in a new version of a changed file to match the Field Procs in the prior version, based on a number of naming patterns for the program, file and field. Particularly useful for reapplying encryption procs prior to copying the existing data to the new version of the file. When used in conjunction with MDRapid, no additional application downtime is necessary to apply the Field Procs.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Object stamping and Object Authority setting moved from the installation phase of an RFP to the build phase in order to reduce the application downtime window and to ensure the objects are properly secured while in the temporary installation libraries. If replicating objects to multiple libraries without using MDRapid, Object Authority still necessary during the installation phase.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New flag on Object Replication and Source Replication Templates to ignore deletion from specific replication locations when a a Delete Template is executed for the attribute at a higher level.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Description field for Object Replication and Source Replication Templates for easier understanding of use of the templates.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen When clicking the excel icon in the MDXREFObjectsView, all rows, including inline cross-reference rows, are included in the excel document.
FIX MDCMS store CCSID of job used to archive source in order to use the same CCSID when retrieving the archived source
FIX MDCMS when allocating an object in order to move or delete it, use parameter CONFLICT(*RQSRLS) to potentially get locks held by system threads
FIX MDCMS set object authority for temporary source files used during the RFP compile and install process based on the template applied to temp libraries for the target level to avoid security issues.
FIX MDCMS Fix migration of application codes and promotion levels using the MD/90/APP and MD/90/APPLVL attributes
FIX MDOpen Fix creation of multiple objects in a developer library when a table and logical files over the table are part of the objects selected to be created.
FIX MDOpen Fix listing of attributes for an object type in the Application Hierarchy View
April 15, 2020 FIX MDCMS Retain commands for a specific location when sending to any location, in case that location will then eventually send the RFP to the intended location.
FIX MDCMS During the installation phase of an RFP – when an ILE program needs to be re-created to pick up the final library locations for modules, first delete the program in case it is owned by a different user than the JOBD user of the RFP.
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC Handle the export of spooled files when they contain DBCS data
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF When searching for the use of a file’s field within source members, scan the members for all modules bound into a program registered as using the file.
April 24, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New Job Control settings to easily create and maintain Subsystems, Job Descriptions and Job Queues for use in MDCMS or elsewhere.

This is accessible from the MDCMS Setup Menu option 12.

Previously, option 12 was for Email settings – those settings continue to be accessible from Services (option 13)->MDMAIL→F10 to be consistent with the administration of all other Services. Email settings also continue to be available from MDSEC option 12.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS automatically reset the next value for an Identity Column on a table when using CPYF to migrate records into the table using the *DATA or *DTAGRP attribute
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS only get a *SHRRD lock instead of an exclusive lock on a source member to be copied from to limit possibility of delaying the bundling or sending of an RFP.
FIX MDCMS when merging a received object request with an existing object request on a target level, merge the commands and scripts for the request
FIX MDCMS correct the lookup of source in the prior level when creating an object request for a higher level when the source name doesn’t match the object name.
April 30, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDSEC MDSEC Authority code 37 to determine at the application level which users are authorized to edit their own Object Requests
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC MDSEC Authority code 38 to determine at the application level which users are authorized to delete their own Object Requests
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC MDSEC Authortiy code 16 to determine which users are authorized to export report, spooled or file output via email
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC MDSEC Authortiy code 17 to determine which users are authorized to export report, spooled or file output to IFS
FIX MDCMS Allow mapping of multiple source files for the same library groups for the migration of object history from Aldon LMi
FIX MDRapid Fix handling of MDRapid journal transaction syncing when journal caching is enabled
FIX MDXREF Fix End Time filter for Journal reporting
May 5, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Quick access to the MDCMS Job Description listing/maintenance tools using F10 from the Job Settings or with command MDWRKJOBD.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS Rest API resource gitlab/webhook to use as a webhook in GitLab to automate updates of cross-references and CI/CD when a commit occurs to GitLab
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDUPDTASK parameter NSTS (new Task/Subtask) enhanced with new value *REF to base the task or subtask to create or update on the Internal Reference code for the Project’s task/subtask. Useful when the calling process isn’t aware of the MD task/subtask number.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen When the detail for a Project, Task, Subtask, RFP or Object Request is updated, only the specific row in the view is updated rather than the whole view so that control is returned to the developer substantially faster and so that the list view stays in the same position.

Both the core and the plugin must be updated to take advantage of this enhancement.

May 12, 2020 FIX MDCMS Omit attempt to apply authorities if the external object doesn’t exist in the temporary install library/folder
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to select a job description for a promotion level
FIX MDCMS When sending the collection of *MNUDDS objects, check chain of levels if objects aren’t in level to be sent from
FIX MDRapid Fix validation and error reporting when MDTransform disabled for a table so that MDRapid can’t be used for copying the data.