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MDCMS 8.2.6 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 6.

Date Category Component Description
June 2, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS / MDTransform Data Copy Template Enhancements:

  • Ability to have up to 9 parallel jobs to copy data between environments to massively speed up the Data Copy process
  • Status Console that shows the progress of each parallel job
  • Multiple conditions can be defined for the same table and either used separately based on the use case (condition number) or combined into the WHERE clause
  • query the current contents of data areas and tables from within the Data Copy Template object views
  • improvements to the log report
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Pre-Object Request validation exit point. Command type B can be defined for attributes or specific objects and will run when a developer tries to request (checkout) an Object for custom validation to verify that the checkout can proceed and/or provide further information to the developer.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS RFP Archive/Cleanup exit point. Command type Q can be defined for attributes, specific objects or RFPs and will run during the final archive/cleanup phase of an RFP installation. If for an RFP, it is intended to run commands such as notifications, etc. that can occur when the application is no longer considered locked for deployment, whereas the existing command type 3=Post Installation, runs within the downtime window, causing to take longer, and can trigger a rollback.

If command type Q is defined for an attribute or specific object, it is run when the source or object is about to be archived so that additional archiving processing or comparisons can be run.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMPPFM command – this command compares 2 source members and generates a report in PDF or TXT which can then be placed automatically in an IFS folder. This command can be used for any source comparisons but is particularly intended for use with command type Q to automatically create a report of source code changes deployed by an RFP.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ignore Errors flag added to Replication Templates – if a replication library/folder has ignore errors set to Y and an RFP fails to replicate the source/object to that location, then a warning will be thrown, but the RFP will continue.
June 5, 2020 FIX MDCMS CCSID handling during the send of RFPs when system value is *HEX
FIX MDTransform handle copying tables with the data copy template when:

  • the table is a temporal table
  • the table contains columns using the generated always clause
FIX MDTransform automatically omit the copy of temporal history tables
FIX MDTransform cleanly end copy job threads for the execution of copying for a data copy template when the control job itself has already ended
June 7, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Object Attribute and Object Description added as optional columns to the MDCMS Installation History Audit Report and the Objects modified outside of MDCMS Audit Report
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform A report of the list of objects for a library in a Data Copy Template can now be created by pressing F15 from the Object List display.
June 10, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The *REQONLY special value for the source file name on an attribute definition can now be used for any attribute that can contain source. This is to provide a way for any such request to travel to production when the source and object shouldn’t be deployed on production so that when the RFP returns to update the copy of production on a development partition, the indirect source can be retrieved and compiled to place the source and object in the production repository and clean up any delta environments. A good use case for this is *MODULE objects. These typically aren’t needed on production but are important on development.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When checking out an existing object without specifying the attribute, MDCMS will now not only check which object types exist for that name, but also if any *SOURCE installations have previously occurred for that name. If so, then *SOURCE will be added to the bottom of the object type list that the user is prompted for to select which type to use for attribute selection.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The RFP command generator (F9 from the Commands settings) now suggests post-installation notification commands as type Q commands instead of type 3 commands and it’s recommended that any already defined notification commands of type 3 be changed to Q. This is because type 3 commands run within the application downtime window, but type Q commands run after the application is flagged as being available for use again.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Since Midrange Dynamics always recommends compiling logical files, including SQL indexes and views, in order to ensure correct schema usage, the distribution rules default to B=Both for such entities when the distribution level rule is that source shouldn’t be sent. And, when configuration settings are pushed or send/received and Include Source is set to No, the source file will still be retained for logicals, but with the library set to *TEMP and the compile command will be retained. This should significantly reduce exception handling during the configuration of an application on production systems.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid The job queue to apply to a MDRapid template can now be browsed/created/managed by pressing F4 on the job queue name.
FIX MDTransform Fixed selection of job queue for parallel copy jobs when queue entered on MDCPYDATA command differs from default job queue for the Data Copy template.
June 19, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to rename an existing project with option 7 from the green screen Project Manager. All locations of the project element, including user preferences, are renamed with the exception of API log files for historical purposes.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to rename an existing application code with option 7 from the green screen Application settings. All locations of the application element, including user preferences, are renamed with the exception of API log files for historical purposes.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Navigate directly to the prior RFP’s Acceptance Test dialog in MDOpen by right-clicking on an RFP in the RFP listing or RFP Send listing that is currently in RFP Pending Workflow status and selecting option Acceptance Test Status.
This eliminates the need to find the prior RFP in the Installation History to carry out this step.
FIX MDOpen Fix the MDOpen Send RFP list when trying to filter by a Task or Subtask number
FIX MDOpen Fix the ability to view CPYF/OVRDBF information for DDL files
FIX MDWorkflow Fix the MDWorkflow Calender view/list when trying to filter by a Task or Subtask number
FIX MDWorkflow Fix the MDWorkflow Object Location list when trying to list for objects with SQL long names
FIX MDXREF In the MDXREF Table Definition settings, fix the ability to define a *CONSTANT dependent object
FIX MDXREF Provide ability to use MDXREF Table Definitions for libraries or files that contain the period symbol
June 23, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to rename an exiting MDCMS attribute with option 7 from the green screen Attribute settings. All locations of the attribute element, including user preferences, are renamed with the exception of API log files for historical purposes.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Always sync rename of projects to other synced locations and optionally sync rename of application codes to other synced locations.
June 26, 2020 FIX MDOpen Various minor cosmetic corrections in MDOpen / fix interface between MDOpen and MDRest4i
July 12, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS now includes a complete interface for locking, requesting and deploying Synon/2E objects
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The attribute generation wizard (F9 from the attribute settings) now has the following enhancements:

  • check and auto-select attributes based on objects in the system catalog, in case the target library isn’t yet in MDXREF
  • option to update existing attributes
  • option to filter the attribute listing
  • attributes added to manage Synon/2E objects
  • ability to specify IFS subfolders within the IFS source parent folder, depending on the attribute.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDPUSH and MDPULL jobs to asynchronously share data with other MDCMS locations are now substantially faster
FIX MDTransform Handle data copy across partitions when the local OS >= V7R3, but the remote OS < V7R3
FIX MDXREF fix the refresh of MDXREF data when selecting to update *TABLE metadata for all levels at once