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MDCMS 8.2.7 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDCMS version 8.2 for sub-release 7.

Date Category Component Description
August 2, 2020 WARNING MDCMS Due to changes to a distributed table, when upgrading to 8.2.7, the upgrade must occur on any partitions that are distributed to prior to sending an RFP from a partition that is already on 8.2.7.  Also, if an RFP has been sent from a release that is earlier than 8.2.7, it should be received on the target partition before the target partition is upgraded to 8.2.7.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Significant Object Replication Template Enhancements:

  • Separate Add and Update rules per library
  • Include/Omit Pre-Install/Post-Install commands or scripts per library
  • Use of generic naming patterns for dynamic selection of libraries for add or update
  • Use of *ALL to dynamically check all user libraries for object to update
  • Ability to override the Replication Template add and update rules for a specific Object Request using option O in the Object Manager
  • The SQL Replication type has been replaced with the OS400 Replication type, so that both SQL and non-SQL library definitions can be managed in a single template.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to package multiple objects or source members of the same name in the same RFP, when for different target libraries. This is typically used when an object has several versions based on the language. This is now available for the following typical language-dependent types:

  • Display Files
  • Printer Files
  • UIM Menus
  • *MNUDDS Menus
  • Message Files
  • Message Descriptions
  • Panel Groups

Data Groups already allowed for this

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDADDSRQ command to systematically add object requests to a Send RFP now has special value *OBJLANG for the object name (OBJN parameter).

When used, MDCMS will loop through all existing requests in the RFP of the given object type and object attribute and see if that object has versions for other languages. When true, the objects of the other languages will also be added to the RFP.

This can be done automatically prior to sending an RFP by using the command type 5 (pre-send).

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Backup Library Retention in days. A new property in the System Settings can be set to retain temporary backup libraries a certain number of days after the installation of an RFP is complete. This can be helpful in case database changes occurred to avoid immediately losing the old format of the data records.

If the retention is set to 0, the backup libraries will be deleted immediately. Otherwise, the MDCLEAN service will delete them once they’ve reached the required minimum age.

This replaces the User-Specific parameter Delay Delete Prior Objects that was available at submission time to ensure a consistent handling for all RFPs on the partition.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS If using the Get Prior Source or Get Prior Object option in Installation History, automatically go into PDM for the source or object after the archived version is retrieved.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Prior to the Send of an RFP to a local level, verify that the attributes are correctly defined for the target local level.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to set a Debug Service Point Entry for a program or service program directly from MDOpen within the MDXREF Objects view, when MDOpen is used from within Rational Developer for i.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to share the same source member for multiple objects of different names when the primary object is in the RFP as a modify and the other objects are in the RFP as a recompile. The fix applies to compiling the source during the RFP and when creating into own developer library.
FIX MDCMS Fix saving of the Retain Data Set flag in green screen attribute settings
FIX MDOpen Fix retrieval of archived source from within MDOpen
August 4, 2020 FIX MDXREF Fix possibility of a decimal data error when searching for field usage in ILE modules.
August 9, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS From within the Object Listing for an RFP in the 5250 RFP Manager/History, option X=XREF has been added to be able to navigate directly to MDXREF for the selected object to obtain further information about it.
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC Flag added to MDSEC user profiles to allow checking of authority for the job’s current user, when the original job user isn’t authorized to an MDSEC function. This provides a mechanism to allow MDSEC to permit authorization to a function after a role-swap.
FIX MDCMS Check/Create full path of an IFS folder to contain source prior to trying to deploy an IFS source file to that folder. When needing to create the folder, the authority of the source authority template will be applied.
FIX MDCMS When version of IFS source in production is different than the IFS source being requested to copy from for a modification checkout, switch to copy from the production version of the source when the user presses F10 in the warning screen.
FIX MDCMS When a user requests to checkout source for modification and that source doesn’t yet exist in production, validate if the prior user is the same and block the checkout if the user is different and the user attempting the checkout doesn’t have the authority to Change programmer for Object Request (code 32)
FIX MDCMS Change 5250 process for the checkout of *MNUDDS source to be the same as for standard source so that all validations are performed for *MNUDDS source
FIX MDCMS Properly handle migration of *DATA records when more than one level in a row have the target library set to *NONE
FIX MDCMS Fix validation that there aren’t any active object requests for a given attribute before the attribute will be deleted.
August 17, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Object and Source Replication Template libraries can now be filtered by one or more Projects, Tasks or Subtasks so that a library is only populated with an object or source if it is assigned to one of the filtered project elements.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Improve MDCMS attribute suggestion for an object request by checking the source attribute for a member in any library when the member isn’t in the target library
FIX MDCMS Set source file names to upper case in the MDCMS Attribute Generator
FIX MDCMS Fix refresh of MDXREF information for source members and replicated objects at installation time for an RFP
FIX MDOpen Fix validity checking for an edited object request in MDOpen
FIX MDOpen Fix listing of objects for an installed RFP in MDOpen
August 21, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When an Object Request is created, any Object Specific commands are applied to the request. Until now, the Object Command had to be defined for a checkout level for it to picked up and applied. Now, the command will also get applied if it’s defined for a higher level in the chain of levels on the development partition.
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Join Files can now be used in the Data Copy templates to limit records to be copied based on records in the join file
FIX MDCMS Fix copy of source member from a remote location during checkout
FIX MDCMS ignore the .git folder when requesting complete contents from a Git repository
FIX MDCMS Fix applying of the *MNUDDS object authority during the installation of an RFP
September 16, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Show the compile subsequence for an object request in the option 5=view screen from the object manager, when the subsequence > 0
ENHANCEMENT MDTransform Automatically disable MDTransform when a file has too many columns to be handled by an SQL insert/select statement
FIX MDCMS Fix pulling of compile sub-sequence from installation history and dynamic, recursive sorting of SQL views
FIX MDCMS when renaming an SQL file to match the system name of the existing file in the target library, also rename the member in the file
FIX MDCMS Recompile a join file/view during the installation to a replication library when based on multiple files to help ensure that the based-on files are in the correct library.
FIX MDCMS during automatic rollback of a failed RFP, delete the object from the target library instead of moving the object when the object already exists in the temporary install library.
FIX MDCMS Avoid dropping new MDCMS applications when rolling back a migration to MDCMS from a legacy product, such as Turnover or Arcad
FIX MDRapid handle locks on journals by increasing lock timeout from immediate to a maximum of 10 minutes
FIX MDRapid fix syncing of the clearing and removal of members for multi-member files
FIX MDRapid fix counter for sync record errors during MDRapid sync processing / run MDRapid monitor job under non-hex ccsid for proper translation of MDRapid exit point emails
FIX MDTransform Fix out of range exception when trying to display the SQL statement for the copy of a file when too many columns are defined
FIX MDXREF Fix collection of information about a file when it’s a view containing a very large amount of columns and based-on files
FIX MDXREF when saving information about routines, treat routine dependency schema of CURRENT PATH the same as *LIBL
September 21, 2020 FIX MDCMS fix receipt of RFP on target partition when using the OBJ method (SAVRSTOBJ) to send the save file to that partition
FIX MDCMS fix the entry validation in the send listing when trying to edit an existing object request for a Send RFP
FIX MDMIGLMI fix the migration of object history from Aldon LMI for SQL elements using a long name for the object, so that the source name = the system name of the object.
FIX MDXREF fix the cross-referencing of SQL functions and procedures to list by specific name rather than routine name for better granularity and consistency with MDCMS to allow for correct checkouts of the source for those routines.
September 25, 2020 FIX MDCMS General Performance enhancements when using SQL to query information in the system catalog
FIX MDRapid set the library list for MDRapid copy/sync jobs based on the job description of the target level in case custom functions are used to transform the data.
FIX MDTransform Fix the copy of data from a remote partition when running MDTransform in a MDCMS instance that is 4 characters long, such as TEST
FIX MDXREF fix the cross-referencing and labeling of SQL alias files
October 15, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDLOG service to perform all RFP installation and send logging in a separate job rather than inline within the RFP process. This makes the RFP run about twice as fast for a mid-sized RFP (50-60 objects) and can be over 6 times faster for RFPs containing more than a thousand objects.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Within the RFP deployment log screen within MDCMS, F5 can be pressed to refresh the log list, F17 to go to the top of the list and F18 to go to the bottom of the list
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Create a send package from any amount of installation history for a level.

Pressing F6 from the MDCMS RFP Send List now provides a dialog to create a send RFP based on installation history filtered by:

  • Install Date Range
  • RFP Number Range
  • Project (*generic*)
  • Task
  • Subtask
  • Object Requester (*generic*)
  • Object Library (*generic*)
  • MDCMS Attribute (*generic*)

Additionally, MDCMS can automatically create one RFP for DB objects and 1-n RFPs for non-DB objects.

This new feature makes it very simple and secure to collect all necessary changes for a branch release or a release to be distributed to other systems.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Performance optimizations for compiling SQL entities and for handling logical files, including indexes and views
ENHANCEMENT MDRAPID MDRapid now starts a separate job to build logical files per target replication library to speed up the MDRapid prep process when many logicals and/or libraries are involved. Additionally, a new flag has been added to the MDRapid template to allow standalone logical changes to be handled by MDRapid to limit deployment downtime when physical files they are based on aren’t included in the RFP.
FIX MDCMS fix error when trying to import or copy the settings for a promotion level
FIX MDCMS auto-delete logical files from a prior temporary MDCMS backup library if they are based on a file to be promoted.
FIX MDCMS cleanup the problem flag on a send RFP for a target location when the target sends back a RCVD or RWRN status
FIX MDCMS library list handling corrections for the MDMAIL and MDSIGN services
FIX MDCMS Fix copy of RFP requests from an installed RFP when the object request is for an IFS file containing a relative path
FIX MDOpen fix filtering of the RFP Log by the object name for lower-case named objects
October 18, 2020 ENHANCEMENTS MDCMS Allow 0 archive versions for *DATA objects to reduce disk space usage
FIX MDCMS avoid potential MCH3601 message in CMC302 – SQL wildcards for scripts
FIX MDCMS Ensure the same source is used for MDRapid or install-phase compiles that were used during the bundle phase
FIX MDCMS Fix retrieval of *TEMP source when the source is an IFS file
October 30, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS If an RFP fails and rolls back during the INSTALL phase and a user re-submits the RFP, the RFP Log including job log entries will be automatically exported to the Report list for the user defined for the job description for the target level in order to avoid losing log information about the prior, failed attempt to install.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid The maximum number of concurrent MDRapid copy jobs can now be defined for MDRapid templates to limit the impact to system resources during the replication of data to the new version of tables. Additionally, the sync and monitor jobs require a lot less resources than they did before to impact the system less.
FIX MDCMS fix source location selection for the re-compile of SQL entities during the automatic rollback of failed RFPs
FIX MDCMS Remove any current library for the MDPUSH job to avoid locking that library
FIX MDRapid if the compile or copy of a logical file during the MDRapid phase fails for a replication library, and the replication library allows that the error is ignored, MDRapid will still allow the install to occur, but that file, and any file depending on that file will be omitted from deployment.
November 9, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The target library and source file for a source member is now stamped into the object description during the compile phase of an RFP for better traceability of the source when looking at the object properties. This eliminates the possibility of a temporary library in the source location properties for the object and speeds up the RFP compile process by removing the steps of copying the source into the target library and then reverting it again.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS improve performance for the deployment of tables through more efficient checking of temporal table/history table attributes
November 19, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to provide a description for the Object Authority templates
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Create Send Packages within MDOpen with all functionality from green screen by selecting the Add option within the RFP Send Listing.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Right-click on any editable field in any add dialog in MDOpen to save the current value for that field as the default value. Then, when the same dialog is opened in the future, the field will be populated with the default value. The list of default values can be managed, exported and imported from the MDOpen preferences.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Once an RFP is installed and if it has been placed in the send listing, a Send button is then enabled directly in the RFP editor for quick navigation to send it to target systems.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Compile Sub-sequence now available in the MDOpen Object History detail
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Compile Sub-sequence and MDTransform flag now visible from the MDOpen Object Request listing
FIX MDCMS Avoid migrating active service job information when upgrading the MDCMS product with data from a different instance.
FIX MDCMS Send a keep-alive signal to remote systems every 15 minutes within the MDPUSH job to avoid the risk of broken TCP pipes.
FIX MDCMS fix json encoding for non-English languages in the Git interface
FIX MDOpen fix reopening of an RFP in the send listing in MDOpen when not for a specific location/level
FIX MDOpen fix the manual start of the MDGIT service from the MDOpen Services view
FIX MDTransform Set CCSID for MDTransform copy jobs to non-hex values to ensure correct DDM authentication
FIX MDXREF Suppress the creation of spooled files during the inspection of retrieved CL source during MDXREF builds.
November 27, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When performing an Include Related Objects or when the pre-submit validator checks for missing dependencies, MDCMS will now only include a dependent file over a reference file if the dependent file uses a field that has changed in the dependent file to limit the amount needed to recompile to the truly impacted files.

Additionally, physical files using reference fields will be included in the missing dependencies list in addition to display files and printer files.

The rebuild of the MDXREF references is necessary to take advantage of this enhancement.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The Turnover migration tool now migrates all object specific pre, post and compile commands, even for objects that were last changed prior to the minimum date for the migration, as long as the attributes are mapped.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen When comparing the active object request for an IFS file in MDOpen, pre-populate the compare-to fields with the first found location of the IFS file in the migration path for the request’s attribute.
ENHANCEMENT MDXREF MDXREF now includes references between physical files when a physical file references field definitions in another file.

The rebuild of the MDXREF references is necessary to take advantage of this enhancement.

FIX MDOpen Fix the compare of an IFS object request in a higher level when the file is within a relative path under the parent folder.
December 13, 2020 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS In the Send RFP listing, a location filter has been added.
When a value is entered in the location filter, only open RFPs in the Send list that have the location as a target will be listed and the status, receive and install values are shown specifically for that location in order to easily filter and view the state of all open RFPs for a location.
ENHANCMENT MDCMS Show the RFP user in the Send RFP history listing instead of the send/ignore user, but include an RFP when filtering by user and the user is either the RFP user or the send/ignore user.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS F9 button added to Services listing to filter list of services to only those with active jobs
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS While performing the MDINSSAVF command to install or update to a newer build of MDCMS, the green screen, MDOpen, RFP and services jobs will be locked from using MDCMS to avoid possibly corrupting an ongoing update to the product.
FIX MDCMS In the Jira interface, fix mapping of the single-select DDL entry in Jira to a custom DDL field in MDCMS
FIX MDCMS In the ServiceNow interface, fix handling of Task import when mapping to multiple projects
FIX MDCMS MDPUSH job – handle sudden connection drops to target system
FIX MDCMS Fix job log entry writing into the RFP log when the OS version is V7R1 or older
FIX MDCMS Avoid a MSGW for the RFP Send job when a reopened RFP in the send list no longer contains object or project information due to age.
FIX MDOpen no longer populate application and level values from MDCMS user defaults in the Add Object Request dialog when invoked from a project or task. Instead, populate from MDOpen user defaults, if used.
FIX MDRapid Handle situation when a parallel job creates a journal or journal receiver in the exact moment between a 2nd job checking for its existence and trying to create it