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MDCMS 8.3.0 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the product family of MDCMS version 8.3 for sub-release 0.

Date Category Component Description
February 17, 2021 ENHANCEMENT ALL Release of version 8.3
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Execute Jenkins Pipeline jobs during the RFP batch process to build, test, deploy, perform workflow acceptance or rollback artifacts on target systems. The *PIPE attribute type has been added to MDCMS and for such attributes, any number of Jenkins Pipeline jobs can be invoked during the appropriate RFP phase, with the ability to pass any number of MDCMS or customer parameters and to cache parameter values between jobs for a very flexible and powerful DevOps master process from within MDCMS.

All console logs generated by Jenkins can be automatically injected into the RFP Deployment log for a single point of auditing and troubleshooting across platforms.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS A new parameter is available per Application and partition to allow the RFP compile phase to resume where it left off if an error occurs. When activated, when the compile/validation for an object occurs, and the object isn’t the first one in the list, the RFP will go into new status SE=Submission Error. The developer can then make corrections to that source or object and any subsequent entries and then resubmit the RFP. The RFP will then continue at that request. If changes need to occur to an already processed object request, the RFP can be reset back to status 01 to free those requests for editing.

This can be a significant time saver for large RFPs.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS A new parameter is available per Application and partition named Auto-Merge RFP in Send List.

O=Optional – the developer can decide if a merge in the Send List should automatically happen or not when one or more of the same objects are on the RFP to submit.

Y=Yes – any open RFPs in the Send List with matching objects will automatically merge in the Send List into the RFP to be installed.

N = No – no automatic merging in the Send List will occur. The installed RFP will contain only its own objects in the Send List and any common objects will still be in the separate RFPs.

This parameter replaces the prior command MDLCKAMGS to set the behavior.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Conflict-Management of Received Objects has now been significantly enhanced for better visibility and more intuitive control when a received RFP contains objects already locked for the target level using the following decision process:

  1.  If object checked out for modification locally for the target level, the received object will be requested in unlocked mode.
  2. Orphaned object requests (requests not on an RFP) will be automatically deleted and replaced with the received request.
  3. If object requested for a different application, the received object will be requested in unlocked mode.
  4. If object is from a prior send of the same RFP, the entire RFP will be replaced by the newly received RFP.
  5. If object requested for an RFP that is beyond status 01 (requests assigned), the received object will be requested in unlocked mode.
  6. Otherwise:
    a new parameter is available per Application and partition named Auto-Merge Received RFP
    Y=Yes – the existing RFP will be merged with the newly received RFP with the newly received objects having priority over the existing objects in the case of duplicates. The description of the received RFP will be appended to the existing description, if different.
    N = No – no automatic merging – all newly received objects will stick together in a new RFP and any duplicate objects will be requested in unlocked mode.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Rename option added for level numbers to be able to rename a level to a new number and MDCMS will then automatically rename all active occurrences in all tables to the new number.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Required Workflow Acceptance Group Types can now be defined for specific attributes. This means that if objects of a specific attribute are installed into a level, MDCMS can require acceptance by the assigned group of the group type before that RFP can continue to the next step in the migration path.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS For each User Group type, a user group can be set as the default group for the group type to reduce setup when new projects are created.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDCMS version, build date and install date of remote locations can be viewed for each location in the OS/400 Location settings if a DDM connection exists for the location. It tries to auto-refresh at install time and can be manually refreshed by pressing the F10=Test Connection key.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When replacing wildcards with runtime strings for command execution, MDCMS now applies the same naming rules that QCMDEXC applies and if there are exceptions, MDCMS will automatically wrap the string in quotes, when not already present and any embedded quotes in the string will be escaped.

If more than just the wildcard is in a set of parenthesis, then quotes won’t automatically be added to allow for qualified names, etc. In this case, the administrator would still need to define the quotes on the command definition around the combination of values, when necessary.

ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New Pre-Submit validation error if a recompile request exists for an object without source, such as an ILE program or service program, and the object doesn’t exist in the search locations.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Check Conflict Resolution requirements for automated object requests or when receiving object requests from another level
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS New History tables to capture configuration updates for:

  • Applications (MDDCMSAHST)
  • Levels (MDDCMSLHST)
  • Attributes (MDDCMSEHST)
  • Attribute Commands (MDDCMSTHST)
  • Attribute Pipelines (MDDPIPEHST)
  • Attribute Pipeline Parameters (MDDPIPPHST)
  • MDSEC Roles assigned to User (SCUGMPHST)
  • MDSEC User Authority (SCUSMPHST)
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Assign an Object Authority template to *SQLTRG attributes and apply Object Authority template to *SQLTRG CLE programs that are generated when the SQL trigger is created
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Improvements to the handling of SQL variables and User Defined Types to avoid/delay dropping them when dependencies exist over them.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS During the RFP compile phase, if a program is to be compiled from a modified source member, the source will temporarily get copied into the target source file so that a debug view of *SOURCE will function.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS If pulling source or objects from a Git or Subversion repository, the repository type, server ID (defined in MDOpen) and revision code/number can be stored with the object request. If the requests were created automatically using Continuous Integration, the information will automatically be there. For manual object request creation, this can be added to the object request detail in MDOpen.

This information can then be used on commands or pipeline parameters with the following new wildcards:

  • ##GITBRN## – Git Branch
  • ##GITREV## – Git Revision
  • ##GITSVR## – Git Server ID
  • ##GITURL## – Git Server URL
  • ##SVNREV## – SVN Revision
  • ##SVNSVR## – SVN Server ID
  • ##SVNURL## – SVN Server URL
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS For *DATA and *DTAGRP attributes, a Allow *NONE parameter has been added. When set to false, then the developer can’t specify *NONE for the library where the data can be migrated from. Instead, the default developer object library will be suggested.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to define Pipeline Servers and Attribute Pipelines for use by the Jenkins Interface. Complete framework in place, so that other types of Pipelines, such as Azure, Bamboo, Bitbucket and GitLab will soon be supported as well.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Message View – this new MDOpen view displays all non-inline messages across repository connections for logging purposes. The preferences can be set to automatically show the view and how long in days that the messages should be retained.

Additionally, the developer now has the option for many of the message pop-up windows to suppress the pop-up in the future. In this case, the message will only be in the message view and the developer won’t be disrupted by the message.

ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Location filter in the Send RFP view to see only RFPs and status for that location
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen 10-character Server ID added to FTP server definitions to uniquely identify them. The ID can be defined or renamed directly by the administrator and that ID is now what is selected on attributes or MDF send method definitions.
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC A new type of user can be defined in MDSEC called a System Process User. This user doesn’t have a user profile and is intended to provide the ID, description and optional email address of process users when automated testing is performed.

When a pipeline or external process performs automated testing, the result can then be stored in the Workflow Acceptance record and applied to that process user.

FIX Installer Set CCSID of MDINSSAVF job based on CCSID settings of current version of MDCMS when updating to a new version to avoid having corrupt data in UTF-8 fields.
FIX MDCMS avoid duplicate requests for a copybook or message description in the same RFP when one of the requests is unlocked.
FIX MDCMS fix deployment of data for the MD SECROLE attribute
FIX MDCMS fix issue in OS/400 Locations that when copying a location, the password credentials wouldn’t be distinct, so that changing the credentials for one location would then automatically change them for other locations too.
FIX MDCMS fix ability to recursively create the full folder path on the remote server when using MDFTP
FIX MDCMS Force *CURRENT for the TGTRLS parameter on the SAVOBJ command when used by MDCMS for internal copies of objects on a partition
FIX MDCMS Avoid duplicating constraints and triggers for MDCMS tables used for the export of configuration data or the send of RFPs
FIX MDCMS Avoid lock conflicts between MDPUSH jobs
FIX MDCMS don’t throw Signature Error during the RFP bundle phase when recompiling from source that is outside of the branch’s chain of directly migrated levels.
FIX MDCMS improve MDCMS rollback handling by determining if compiles can be performed based on current definition of the attribute
FIX MDCMS Allow direct workflow confirmation of RFPs that no longer require workflow acceptance due to configuration changes so that the RFPs can continue with the next step in the migration path.
FIX MDCMS The Objects modified outside of MDCMS report has been fixed to correctly apply application and level filters
FIX MDCMS MDMIGTO – fix migration of active checkouts for copybooks
FIX MDCMS MDMIGTO – additional mapping of allowed attribute types in Turnover migration
FIX MDOpen If the custom pre-submit validation command MDCHKRFP returns a message to be displayed, The confirmation dialog will now correctly show it, even when only informational or a warning.
FIX MDXREF handle reading of stream files with CCSID 1208 when inspecting for external references
FIX MDXREF Avoid Fresche API crash in the MDXANI X-Analysis update service
FIX MDXREF Fix automatic update of objects modified by an RFP when the objects reside in a library with a long schema name
February 20, 2021 FIX MDCMS When a service program object request is assigned to an RFP, MDCMS will now dynamically sort it amongst already assigned service programs in case of dependencies between the service programs.
FIX MDCMS LMI Migration – checkout information is now applied to migrated Object and RFP History, if the checkout and production installation are both for the same Task.
February 24, 2021 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Reduction in number of mandatory Pipeline parameters to simplify administration and allow use of Object Description for request-based wildcard value for *DUMMY and *PIPE attributes.
FIX MDCMS Allocate origin files before retrieving constraint, trigger and member information for them during the RFP pre-install phase
FIX MDCMS Improved conflict handling when multiple MDRapid jobs are trying to create a journal and journal receiver at the same time
March 6, 2021 FIX MDCMS Fix ability to edit Object Replication Template entries
FIX MDCMS Fix logging of manual changes to objects when performed from within MDCMS shell programs
FIX MDOpen When importing of Remote objects, allow the target server for the checkout level to be *NONE
FIX MDOpen Fix retrieval of directory tree when importing from a remote server
March 10, 2021 FIX MDCMS Fix listing of RFPs in the Send RFP screen when F8 is pressed to sort the RFPs by date
FIX MDCMS Fix retrieval of *TEMP IFS source for sending to target systems
FIX MDCMS Fix of unlocking of files at installation time
March 19, 2021 ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to automatically omit the send of specific objects to specific target locations with the usage of value *NONE for the Override Library in the Distribution Override settings for target levels.
FIX MDCMS Fix cleanup of MDOpen and MDWorkflow data queues in the MDCLEAN process
FIX MDCMS Fix initialization of the source name for objects without source when checking out objects via Request Related Objects in MDOpen
March 28, 2021 FIX MDCMS Fix ability to use the F9=Generate Default Attributes tool from the Attributes settings
FIX MDCMS Fix test of sending to a remote target level from the Distribution Levels settings
FIX MDCMS Set CCSID for automated RFP receive/submit jobs to avoid corrupted email addresses
April 8, 2021 FIX MDCMS If data origin for a non-compiled file is set to *NONE, don’t migrate the data with the file object
FIX MDCMS Allow assigning requests to an RFP that is in SE (submit error) status
FIX MDCMS Fix source validation when merging source from within the object manager
FIX MDCMS when trying to delete a temporary installation library in the MDCLEAN service, check/delete MDRapid journal objects, IFS folders and DB2 Mirror for i state.
FIX MDCMS Don’t publish warning in RFP deployment log about requesting in unlocked status when the RFP flag to create next-level requests is set to no
FIX MDCMS Properly clean up IFS files in the temporary MDCMS receive folder when the requests are deleted
FIX MDOpen Fix export of spooled files when size is set to *SPLF
FIX MDOpen Fix ability to rename *DUMMY and *PIPE object requests
April 22, 2021 FIX MDCMS When checking for related objects in a linked application, perform for references to file and all indexes/views over file
FIX MDCMS Fix Object Authority template filtering by application, level or library
FIX MDCMS Fix possibility of infinite loop when performing wildcard value replacement when a value isn’t available for certain types of wildcards
FIX MDCMS cleanly handle a dropped DDM connection in the MDPUSH or MDPULL jobs and reset the TCP connections in the job when it occurs.
May 4, 2021 FIX MDCMS Fix validation when editing the from level value for an object request that the value of 0 isn’t allowed
FIX MDCMS Fix validity checking for a new linked object request
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC MDUPDUSR command can now have the user set to *ALL to update all users for:

  • Usage of Group Authority
  • Usage of Current User Authority
  • Adding or Removing Roles
May 14, 2021 FIX MDCMS Ignore invalid characters in SQL scripts when parsing for wildcards
FIX MDCMS When creating the MDCMS http server – set the aliases and directory entries in the conf file to include the ASP device, when MDCMS is installed in an ASP.
May 18, 2021 FIX MDCMS Fix creation of MD http server to handle libraries being located in the iASP
FIX MDCMS Fix library list handling for the following services when started via the command:

FIX MDCMS Fix receipt of RFPs via SNA
FIX MDCMS Fix the setting of the RFP status to MDRapid pending when restarting and RFP in error and auto-approve = N
FIX MDCMS Fix closure of an RFP when resetting it from a status above 01
FIX MDCMS Skip MDRapid for a logical file if the based-on file was previously slated to be copied using MDRapid but isn’t anymore after restart of the RFP.