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MDCMS 8.4.1 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the product family of MDCMS version 8.4 for sub-release 1.

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Date Category Component Description
October 27, 2021
ENHANCEMENT ALL Release of version 8.4.1
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Option to require Conflict Resolution when merging branch changes into the trunk. To enable the conflict resolution requirement, go to MDCMS Settings->Distribution Levels and set the parameter Local Dist Reason to M=Merge with Trunk on the LCL distribution levels from the branch to the trunk. Then, for any future receipts into the trunk from the branch, each conflict has to be resolved in the Compare with Branch dialog before the RFP will be allowed to be submitted.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Project/Task Exit Point Commands. In MDCMS→Projects, you can now press F13 to get to the Project/Task Exit Point screen. From here, you can create exit points. For each exit point, the list of applicable Project Types and/or Task Types can be set as well as the list of from and to status codes being transitioned. Once those filter rules are set, you can then create 1-n commands to be run when a matching transition occurs for a project of match project type or task/subtask of matching task type. Those commands are submitted to batch using the Job Description defined for the exit point so that the interactive process isn’t slowed down.
A good use case for such exit points would be automated email notifications when a task is created or transitioned to a certain status.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS can now manage the deployment of partitioned tables. And, when a partitioned table is modified, any partitions and partition rules in the prior version of the table are automatically applied to the new version prior to copying any data.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid Logical Files (indexes/views) can now be built in parallel to each other. The number of parallel jobs to allow can be set on the MDRapid template. By default, the number will be the lower of 20 or the number of allowed concurrent copy jobs.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid The job run priority for MDRapid jobs can now be set in the MDRapid template. By default, the jobs run with priority 20 (similar to interactive jobs) but can be set to a higher number to reduce noticeable effects of system resource consumption.
FIX MDCMS Ensure that all Referential Constraints in all replication libraries are set correctly after deploying and copying data, including when changes are made to a table that has parent tables and child tables.
FIX MDCMS Fix cleanup of *DATA and *DTAGRP temp files in MDCLEAN routine and ensure they aren’t deleted if request still active in the Send listing
FIX MDCMS Fix wildcard use of OBJLIB to point to the temp install lib during recreate of ILE programs during the install phase of an RFP
FIX MDCMS Fix import of IFS subfolders into the Object Manager in Green Screen
FIX MDCMS Fix the use of the *MIGRATE option for *SQLTAB object requests when the SQL name for the object is less than 11 characters in length.
FIX MDCMS Fix migration of data for a replicated file when post-install commands are not allowed for the replicated library
FIX MDRapid Fix processing of logical files if the files are moved to a different RFP
FIX MDRapid Fix MDRapid syncing process on high transaction volume tables
FIX MDRapid Fix ability to restart the creation of logical files in MDRapid
FIX MDRapid Wait on applying/enabling referential constraints on Tables being deployed via MDRapid to avoid locks in the target environment as well as record conflicts between tables within MDRapid and unchanged tables in the target environment. Enablement occurs concurrently for every applicable file just before moving the files to the target environment, in order to keep the downtime window as short as possible.
FIX MDRapid When filtering the list of files in MDRapid by those with errors, include the files with record errors in that list
FIX MDRapid Once a file has been allowed to have Record Errors, retain that allowance even if the errors temporarily disappear
October 28, 2021
FIX MDCMS Critical fix to RFP installation process so that data is copied back into a changed file when MDRapid is not used
November 7, 2021
Custom field values can now be entered at the same time as when adding a new Project, Task and Subtask.
The Requester can now be edited after the Project, Task or Subtask has been created.
FIX MDCMS Set current library to *CRTDFT (no current library) when submitting service jobs to avoid authority or object reference issues with the current job’s current library
FIX MDCMS Fix the use of the *GEN option for generating a new IFS file in the developer folder when requesting a new IFS object
FIX MDCMS Fix check of file dependencies over logical files for changed physical files in the pre-submit validation process
FIX MDOpen Fix the modification of the default project type in MDOpen
November 19, 2021
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS now has an interface to trigger Azure DevOps Build and Release Pipelines
FIX MDCMS Fix creation of ILE programs when binding a very long list of modules
FIX MDCMS Use the SQL catalog instead of MDXREF to find referential constraint children, so that libraries don’t have to be cross-referenced in order to enable/fix child constraints when a parent is changed or when using Data Copy templates.
November 27, 2021
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Active Object Requests in the Object Manager and Send List can now be transferred to another developer. This can be for all requests or filtered by Application, Level, RFP, Project, Task and Subtask. For each distinct developer library or folder, the source and objects can also be automatically copied or moved to the new developer’s library or folder.
This is performed from MDSEC using option T=Transfer Requests for a user.
FIX MDCMS Automatically ignore a target at send time rather than placing in error status if all objects in the send RFP for the target are excluded.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to run any update commands for a *UPDATE object request in the developer library
FIX MDOpen Fix checkout of *SQL objects without source in MDOpen
December 28, 2021
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When using the object-request REST API to add an object request to the object manager, a file can be attached as part of the POST request in order to stage that file as the IFS/Remote object or IFS source for deployment.
Pipeline tracing information can also be passed as parameters in the object-request API for reporting the deployment of the object back to pipeline servers.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDCMS interface to Jenkins has been expanded to fully support MDCMS being a slave process as part of a Jenkins pipeline.
FIX MDCMS Fix the filters in the Project/Task exit point command listing
FIX MDCMS Add base libraries for an object replication target when for an update
FIX MDCMS Delay the receipt of a save file via XCOM based on the size of the save file in order to allow XCOM sufficient time to complete the transfer.
January 9, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Command MDUPDLWC added in order to systematically update the value of Level Wildcard variables.
This can also now be done with REST API level/wildcard
FIX MDCMS Fix installation of logical files when they are replacing existing logical files that have multiple members so that maximum member value matches the old value and the members are automatically added to the new version of the LF.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to connect to Pipeline servers when the URL is an IP address instead of a host name
January 16, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to automatically sync database changes among all branch development and test levels on a partition and to recompile dependencies over those database objects.If development or test branches are defined that contain their own persistent Database libraries, it is recommended to create a Distribution Level from the copy of the production level on the local partition to the lowest level for each of those branches. It is also recommended to set Auto-Send to Y for the production copy level and Default to Send should be set to Y for the distribution level along with setting the Local Distribution Reason to the new value of D=DB Sync.
When the send occurs, MDCMS will only include object requests for *DTAARA, *FILE (PF-DTA or LF) or any of the *SQL types (except *SQLSCR and *SQLPKG). Additionally, a DB object request will be omitted from the send if the same object is currently checked out for modify or delete in the target level.
When the receipt occurs, MDCMS will automatically add recompile requests for any dependencies that exist in any level of the branch of the target level and will then auto-submit the RFP at each level for the branch. This keeps the entire process automated unless an error occurs or manual approval or installation is required.
FIX MDCMS Fix check of MDSEC authority to restrict ability to manage linked application settings
FIX MDCMS Fix missing dependencies checking when long-named SQL object checked out with short name
FIX MDCMS Admin user can now only set owner for an object authority template if the user has at least use authority for the owner profile
FIX MDRapid Replicate member text for members when replicating during the MDRapid process
January 30, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS *REVOKE can now be used as a value for a specific user on an Authority Template to remove any specific authorities for that user.
The most common use case is for revoking authorities for the object owner. By default, the owner of an object, when the authority template is applied, has *ALL rights to the object. If the owner shouldn’t have any specific authorities to the object, use *REVOKE to remove them.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS History files for all template files in MDCMS. All attribute template files now have a corresponding history file. The names and contents can be found in the Logging list in the MDCMS Setup Menu
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Ability to rename a project. Right-click on a project in the listing and select option Rename to do so. Requires an update of MDCMS and MDOpen to function.
FIX MDCMS Fix possibility of a decimal data error when executing a project/task exit point command
March 13, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Report on any unrequested source or objects left stranded in Delta Level libraries. Data is collected about the last install of the unrequested items as well as where they are requested or physically located higher in the level chain. For Source, the code is additionally compared to the source located higher in the level chain.
The generated report can then be worked with interactively in order to selectively delete unnecessary items.
The report can be generated and acted upon using new option C=Clean from the Promotion Levels settings screen in MDCMS.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Request to automatically create or reset project branches. Once a delta level has been defined in MDCMS, Option C=Clean can be used in order to select to create/reset the folders and libraries making up the delta environment. The reset can include the option to freshly generate all data areas, tables, indexes and views into the delta level with or without data.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDSNDRFP can now be used to batch a set of transfers to specific target levels, so that a single process will send to several different targets at the same time rather than each one individually. This provides a way to avoid conflicts when trying to send to multiple targets for the same RFP using multiple calls to this command. Parameter BATCH (Batch Element) has been added to the MDSNDRFP command for this purpose.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS 2 new status codes have been added for better understanding of the state of a target RFP from the send listing:
CLOS – the target RFP has been manually closed by a user
MERG – the object requests on the target RFP have been merged with a different RFP. If this occurs, MDCMS will automatically close the RFP in the send list if all other targets have been installed, merged or ignored. This is because any future tracking will be with the more recently sent RFP that the target RFP had been merged into.
FIX MDCMS Fix *REMOTE script handling in MDCMS to avoid leaving script on server and in case multiple object scripts are intended to be executed for the same RFP
FIX MDCMS Fix generation of csv/xlsx files from Report Output when there are more than 100,000 rows of data
FIX MDCMS Fix object request lock checking when *TEMP source of the same name is already requested in another application.
FIX MDOpen Fix ability to modify the *LOCAL OS/400 location record in MDOpen
FIX MDXREF Fix potential boundary condition when cross-referencing RPGLE source for DDS includes
March 20, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCRTSCO command added to MDCMS to Create a Send RFP containing any objects in a library that have been created or changed since a specified date. Or, all objects in the library if the minimum date isn’t specified. For an object to be considered, the defined MDCMS attribute for it must point to the library value passed in the command.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When pressing F13 in the list of locations for a Send RFP, and an I=Ignore is on the first row of the list, the ignore option will be repeated for all additional rows.
FIX MDCMS Fix of MDUPDATT command so that attachments can be correctly applied to projects, tasks or subtasks
FIX MDCMS Fix logging of the component type for sent components so they are visible in the send history screen
FIX MDCMS Omit attempt to sign the source for a submitted object request when the the target source file is *REQONLY
FIX MDCMS Fix GitLab Webhook to treat any triggered request to be pending as long as the duration isn’t know yet.
FIX MDCMS When applying source to an object request while receiving an object from another location, fix usage of current source in the chain when the indirect source is no longer available.
March 29, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Description filter added to the Send History listing
FIX MDCMS Various corrections to the MDCRTSCO command
FIX MDOpen Fix saving rich text descriptions longer than 10000 bytes
FIX MDWorkflow Fix saving rich text descriptions longer than 10000 bytes
April 3, 2022
FIX MDCMS When migrating archived source from LMi, decompress first when flagged as compressed
FIX MDCMS Fix use of MDUPDSTS command when for an application code that is longer than 4 characters
FIX MDCMS Use target library instead of the temporary installation library for source location for update command execution during the RFP install phase
FIX MDOpen Fix MDCMS attribute assignment for the MDOpen Source Import function
FIX MDXREF When requesting to view source for an object in MDXREF, get location from bound module of same name for an ILE Program
April 17, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Developer Library Naming Templates – these new templates provide the naming format for developer source and object libraries/folders for specific Application Levels or across multiple applications or levels.
By default, the developer library handling will continue to be as it has been, but when a template is defined and applied to a level, the library can be based on any fixed value or a naming pattern based on any combination of fixed values together with MD, Project, Task, Level or Custom wildcards. This then provides a simple and flexible way to base the developer library/folder names on specific Project Tasks or RFPs, for example.
Besides setting a naming pattern, the template can be used to define the authority template to apply to an automatically created library/folder as well as define the ASP to create the library in.The template can also be used to force the inclusion of a Project, Task, Subtask or RFP value when checking out an object for modification.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Ability to use substrings or suppress leading zeroes for wildcard values in MDCMS. Any wildcard can have 1 of the following 2 special values appended to them:
(position, length) can be used to use only the substring of a value. For example, wildcard ++PROJID(1,6)++ will result in a value containing only the first 6 characters of the project ID. Or, ++PROLVL(3,1)++ will result in a value containing the 3rd digit of a promotion level.
(TLZ) can be used to trim any leading zeroes from a value. For example, wildcard ++RFPNBR(TLZ)++ will result in a value containing the RFP number without any leading zeroes.
FIX MDCMS If a temporary backup library contains any indexes or views over files not in the backup library, they will be immediately deleted once an RFP installation is complete to avoid any lingering referencing to production tables.
FIX MDCMS Fix generation of the MDCMS http server configuration file to avoid CCSID issues with special characters
FIX MDCMS When defining the DDM connection information for an OS400 Location, automatically delete/add an RDB entry when changing the entry fails
April 24, 2022
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to send requests for multiple objects using the same source member to a target level
FIX MDCMS Fix the automatic update of the Send Status for target levels when a Send process is currently in progress
FIX MDCMS Use the label defined in the system settings for the Internal Ref Code label in Installation History and Task reports
FIX MDCMS Fix the generation of the MDCMS http server when the system CCSID is hex
FIX MDWorkflow Fix ability to perform Workflow Acceptance for an RFP on a different partition than the one MDWorkflow connects to
FIX MDXREF Set CCSID before building MDXREF information to avoid wrong symbols in object description fields
May 1, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Command MDADDORR added to provide the ability to systematically add Object Replication Rules to a specific Object Request
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Option added to Object Replication templates to be able to automatically skip replication of a logical file if any of the based-on files for that logical are missing in the target library.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid MDRapid can now be used to execute table updates with minimal downtime without requiring a full modify or recompile request.
This can be useful for performing an ALTER TABLE statement or simply to remove deleted records, without needing the source or being concerned about changing the record format level (unless column specs are modified in the ALTER TABLE statements). Update commands aren’t required for this, but will be applied to the temporary version in the MDRapid library while the application is live.
May 15, 2022
FIX MDCMS When an RFP is received onto a target system, if it is replacing a prior RFP from the same send RFP, a merge process will be performed instead of a close process if the prior RFP had merged other RFPs into it.
FIX MDCMS MDWorkflow rejection for an object will now be overridden by a newer acceptance for the same object regardless of the request reason of the accepted object.
FIX MDCMS Fix header line for the Level Cleanup source report
FIX MDCMS Upgrade the MDGIT client to handle SHA-2 connections for SSH public/private keys, now that SHA-1 is no longer permitted by the SSH community
FIX MDCMS Additional URL mapping options for MDGIT ssh URL patterns
FIX MDWorkflow Fix ability to select a group type for the manual update of DDL field values in MDWorkflow
May 17, 2022
FIX MDCMS Fix to logical file inclusion validation when the logical exists in a library that will be included for object replication based on the generic pattern of the template library.
June 3, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid MDRapid can now be used for updates to files such as to perform an ALTER TABLE. When a file is requested for update, MDRapid will not be used by default, but can be explicitly enabled by editing the request record and specifying *YES for the Use MDRapid parameter.
When MDRapid begins, it will create a duplicate object without data of the live file into a temporary MDRapid library and then execute the defined update commands against the temporary file. It then copies the data and journal transactions from the live file just as it would for a modified or recompiled file.
This is an ideal way to transition a large, single-member table into a partitioned table without requiring a long downtime window.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid If records in a file can be uniquely identified by a combination of fields, MDRapid can use those values to map copied and synced records from the live file to the temporary file in a much shorter period of time for syncing and without needing the performance/disk overhead of journaling over the file in the temporary library.
MDRapid will automatically use unique key values when they are defined for the file or in a primary key/unique key constraint.
For files that are only logically unique, the user can use option K=Key in the MDTransform screen for the file to designate up to 99 fields that combine to uniquely identify of record in the file.
FIX MDCMS Disable project info caching when the project/task information is in error to force refresh of info on next retrieval during the repeated use of the MDADDREQ command/API
FIX MDCMS Fix usage of batch loading of targets to send an RFP to via the MDSNDRFP command, in case the status of the RFP changes while the batch load is still ongoing.
FIX MDCMS Optimize dependency checking for service program procedures by modules at pre-submit time
FIX MDCMS Fix validation that a required custom text field has a value or not for Projects/Tasks
FIX MDOpen Fix ability to edit object-specific commands in MDOpen
FIX MDXREF Fix listing of procedure information in MDXREF when filtered by 3-digit level numbers
FIX MDXREF Refresh referencing for an object’s source when requesting to refresh MDXREF for a specific object
June 7, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Enhancements to the administration process when copying or importing Promotion Levels:

  • Prompt for the applied Attribute Templates for Attributes of the copied Promotion Level
  • Prompt for target level numbers and descriptions of Distribution Levels for the copied Promotion Level
  • Find/Replace feature for mass rename of Folders/Libraries for the copied Promotion Level
  • *TEMPDB special value for source changing source libraries to database objects to *TEMP and removing source library settings for non-database objects
June 9, 2022
FIX MDCMS Fix setting of *USER value for IFS development folders when a Developer Library Naming template is used
FIX MDCMS Fix selection of object request when using MDADDORR to add object replication rules to object requests
FIX MDCMS Fix removal of template when setting template value to *NONE during the promotion level copy
June 11, 2022
CRITICAL FIX MDRapid A critical fix for MDRapid when syncing updates or deletes on a uniquely keyed file. If the current build date of MDCMS is between June 3, 2022 and June 9, 2022 and MDRapid is used, then an update to June 11 or newer is necessary, or a patch for the fix can be requested from the service desk.
June 19, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The Level Clean option for promotion levels can now also be used to create all libraries and source files, even when the level isn’t a delta level
FIX MDCMS Fix the collection of object and source libraries for a level when copying all attributes to a new level
FIX MDOpen Fix check of project/task info for conflict resolution requests when a project or task is required at checkout
June 26, 2022
FIX MDCMS Handle deployment of *SQLXSR objects during RFP installation
FIX MDOpen Fix Developer Library validity checking for required projects, tasks and subtasks in various checkout views
FIX MDOpen Fix conflict resolution for Deletion Requests in MDOpen – also provide for multi-select of resolution when viewing all conflicts for an RFP
FIX MDWorkflow Fix addition and editing of project/task comments in MDWorkflow
July 3, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDADDCMD command can now additionally be used to add commands to attributes, *RFP commands for levels, specific RFPs or for Object command definitions for future requests of a specific object.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When copying or receiving level settings, you are now prompted for copying any level wildcards that are defined for the level that is being copied from. Additionally, when pushing all attributes for a level, the level wildcards are also pushed to the target location.
FIX MDCMS When a closing status code is entered in the Task filter in the green screen task listing, any subsequently entered value can now be persisted for the listing.
FIX MDCMS Fix the Auto-Submit of a DB-Sync RFP to the next level in a branch, as long as exceptions didn’t occur in the current level’s RFP.
FIX MDCMS Handle a potential Object in Use exception when trying to create a folder
July 10, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When a Pre-Submit error occurs during the automatic submission of an RFP, add specific information about the error and objects involved in the local RFP deployment log as well as in the Problem log of the sent RFP.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS In order to pre-define the attribute to be applied to a given object when there isn’t yet installation history for the object, an Object Command definition can be added. When the developer then tries to check out the object without explicitly stating the attribute, MDCMS will check the Object command table when installation history isn’t found.
If there shouldn’t be an object-specific command defined, *NONE can be used for the command string to avoid trying to execute the command.
Commands can be added to the Object-Specific command definition table by using MDADDCMD with parameter REUS set to *DEF
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS wildcard ++SRCDSC++ can be used on the LABEL statement in SQL scripts in order to automatically apply the text of the source member to the created system object for an SQL element.
July 24, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The Project and Task reports from the MDCMS green screen report configurator now include the filter criteria in the footer of the report.
FIX MDCMS When custom MDTransform column transformations are defined for a modified file/table, the preparation for the next level has been fixed so that the custom definitions are included for the RFP at the next level.
July 31, 2022
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to replace a *SQLXSR object during RFP deployment
FIX MDRapid Fix data copy of DDS physical files via MDRapid
August 8, 2022
FIX MDCMS Fix Project/Task Status Trigger handling when multiple triggers exist for the same new status
FIX MDCMS Allow the send to a manual distribution level when triggered by a status transition
FIX MDCMS Fix deployment and distribution of *DTAGRP requests when *CLEAR is used to delete records in tables
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to auto-install an RFP that has been manually approved
FIX MDCMS Fix authentication handling when attempting to connect to ServiceNow using OAuth2
August 14, 2022
FIX MDCMS RFP deployments of logical files (or indexes/views) has been modified to only consider a logical to be blocked from moving to another library if any job having a lock on the logical has a direct lock rather than a shared lock over the based-on files of the logical.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to retrieve list information from ServiceNow
FIX MDOpen Fix ability to view the ServiceNow IFS logs from MDOpen
FIX MDWorkflow Fix export of active object requests to Excel in MDWorkflow
August 21, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The number of object requests in a Send RFP is now displayed at the top of the Object List 5250 screen when using option O for a Send RFP in the send listing
FIX MDCMS Fixes throughout the MDCMS product to treat *SQLXSR objects as system objects rather than SQL catalog objects
FIX MDCMS When receiving objects and an object is locked by a request in a different target level, don’t auto-merge the requests. Instead, request the received object in unlocked mode for the intended target level.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to test a connection from the Distribution Level settings
September 21, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When requesting a *DATA or *DTAGRP object for checkout, the option now exists to create the relevant files in the developer’s library and copy the data for the object from the target environment (or chain) to the developer’s library.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When requesting to submit an RFP, the pre-submit validation for database relations now includes all relations, including those over the impacted based-on libraries that exist in non-managed libraries. The user can then request the option to delete the relation, such as a performance index, and MDCMS will accept the request even if an attribute for the library containing the dependent relation isn’t defined. In this case, MDCMS will automatically delete the dependent LF (or index or view) immediately prior to deploying the based-on table/view. A rollback in such a circumstance is not possible.
Now that this check is done during the interactive pre-submit phase, the check during the batch bundle phase has now been eliminated.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Automatically allocate Azure DevOps workitems and ServiceNow tasks for Continuous Integration requests based on tagged commit statements.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Addition of C and C++ attributes in the wizard for generating attributes. Also added *IFS versions of bound cl attributes
FIX MDCMS When receiving Object-Specific commands in an RFP on a target location, check if the attribute for the object has compile commands and exclude the object-specific commands when not defined for the attribute.
FIX MDCMS Fix Object Replication template filtering by object type
FIX MDCMS Fix object installation handling when the attribute for the objects uses source replication
FIX MDCMS Use temp install library for source location when the target source library is *TEMP for update commands
FIX MDCMS Fix setting of default source naming when using the attribute generator
FIX MDCMS Lock target based-on files before the copy or recreation of standalone logical files (or indexes/views) in case of exclusive usage of the based-on files
FIX MDOpen Fix start of the MDAZUR service from MDOpen
October 2, 2022
FIX MDCMS Ability to automatically apply object authority to IFS files based on the authority configuration of the prior version of the file.
FIX MDCMS Fix applying of ownership and authority of requested IFS files to the requester.
FIX MDCMS When performing missing DBR dependency checking during the pre-submit phase of an RFP, also check for missing dependencies for files in Object Replication libraries.
FIX MDOpen Fix use of Object Filter in the Import Library dialog in MDOpen
October 23, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDJIRA client in MDCMS can now authenticate with Jira using an API Token instead of the partially deprecated OAuth1.0 flow. MDJIRA will continue to support OAuth1 for the current MDCMS releases, but this will be removed in a future release. Jira has already stopped supporting it in the Data Center. When authenticating with a Token instead of OAuth, only 1 MDJIRA job will be active instead of 3 because java is no longer needed.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The MDJIRA interface can be configured so that any subtasks in Jira are mapped directly as tasks in MDCMS
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS The LMI migration tool MDMIGLMI has been enhanced to allow the migration of object history and archived source for merged objects. Merged object migration can be individually executed and rolled back by date range to allow for a gradual transition of branches to MDCMS.
FIX MDCMS The Jira mapping table has been extended to accept Jira User IDs that are longer than 60 characters.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to refresh the mapping for users when updating to this build or newer.

FIX MDCMS Automatically ignore any MDCMS temporary libraries picked up by generic naming or the *ALL value when building the list of replication libraries for an object replication template
FIX MDCMS Avoid the presentation of the License Key screen when submitting an RFP
FIX MDRapid fix the possibility of missing out on syncing any final journal transactions at the moment a journal receiver is detached from a journal
FIX MDRapid fix record error count tallying in MDRapid
November 6, 2022
FIX MDCMS MDJIRA – Fix Token authentication and payload parsing when connecting to a Data Center version of Jira
FIX MDCMS When a new version of MDCMS is installed, retain the value for the MDXREF build job queue during the update
FIX MDCMS When Q commands (RFP Archive/Cleanup commands) are defined for an attribute or object, repeat the command for each library in the object replication template
FIX MDCMS fix ability to copy existing data from another file into a new file when installing the new file on an RFP. The use case is when a data origin value other than *SAME is used for the new file.
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to transition the state of an Azure DevOps work item from within MDCMS.
December 19, 2022
FIX MDCMS Handle decompression errors when migrating source from Aldon LMI to MDCMS
FIX MDCMS Fix update of custom fields in Jira when exporting field values from MDCMS
FIX MDCMS  When creating source files in the developer library, apply object authority based on the template for the developer library
FIX MDCMS Fix switch of MDCMS attribute type when an RFP is received
FIX MDCMS When data for a project or task changes on a remote partition and that change is synced to a MDWorkflow partition, forward that change to all other remote partitions.
FIX MDRapid fully reset job and error information for a file when performing an Init/Restart for that file
FIX MDRapid set job information for an MDRapid data copy/sync job prior to performing any other activity for the file to ensure that the MDRapid monitor job is aware that the job is active.

Additionally, when the job is still expected to be in the job queue, keep that status instead of erroring out. If job is manually removed from the job queue, Restart or Init/Restart can be used to submit the job again.

December 26, 2022
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Command MDUPDCFLD (Update Custom Fields for Project/Task) now can be used to update the custom fields of all impacted Projects, Tasks or Subtasks for an RFP.
FIX MDCMS When a Task is updated on a partition that isn’t connected to Jira or ServiceNow, trigger any updates to those external tools when the update is synced to the partition that is connected to those tools. The partition that is connected to Jira or ServiceNow must be defined as a Workflow partition.
FIX MDCMS Avoid displaying database relations in replication libraries during the Pre-Submit validation as long as the primary library is listed in the error screen. Also automatically delete database relations in prior MDCMS temporary backup libraries instead of listing them in the error screen.
December 31, 2022
FIX MDCMS Improvements to the default MDCMS attribute selection when history doesn’t exist for an object name
FIX MDCMS Fix potential MSGW situation during the RFP Pre-Submit validation process
FIX MDCMS fix export of custom field changes to Jira or ServiceNow
FIX MDCMS force RFP job log output parameter to *JOBEND to avoid potential pending logs
FIX MDCMS Optimize the MDCMS handler for Identity columns in SQL tables for faster performance
FIX MDRapid fix status setting for MDRapid logicals when using MDSTRRAP to restart MDRapid jobs
January 22, 2023
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to continue with RFP submission when a custom error exists and the user presses F11
FIX MDCMS Keep/map the developer on an object request when sending and receiving RFPs instead of changing the developer to the sender
FIX MDCMS When the D=Delete option is entered for deleting missing database relations during the pre-submit validation, check the MDSEC authority for recompile/update instead of modify so that this can be performed on non-development partitions.
FIX MDCMS Avoid a MSGW in the MDRCVIFS service when attempting to clear a save file that is currently locked by another job
FIX MDCMS fix addition of multiple logical file members when object replication isn’t used
FIX MDRapid fix potential Journal Receiver sequence issue for syncing of keyed files during MDRapid processing.
January 29, 2023
FIX MDCMS Avoid data locking and RFP merge collisions during when simultaneous merging is occurring for parallel RFP receive jobs.
FIX MDCMS Fix copying of data for partitioned tables when not using MDRapid
FIX MDCMS During the Submit/Bundle phase of an RFP – if a logical file is created that is based on physical files that aren’t part of the RFP, duplicate those files into the temporary install library and re-create the logical file to avoid locks occurring on the logical prior to it getting deployed.
April 2, 2023
FIX MDCMS Fix potential decimal data error when using the MDMIGMD command
FIX MDCMS Improve performance of identity column checking for modified tables or migration of data group data during the RFP install
FIX MDCMS append symbol value to the Definition not found for Symbol job log message in the RFP Deployment Log
FIX MDCMS Handle column-level sub-select statements in the MDTransform SQL result field for use during an RFP deployment
FIX MDCMS Allow edit of PF and LF parameters in the object manager when the file doesn’t exist in the target library as long as the Dft Source Type is set to LF or PF for the MDCMS attribute.
FIX MDCMS invoke the exit point for RFP Approved to Install when the RFP was auto-approved
FIX MDCMS Fix export of Jira Custom Field values when the update in MDCMS occurs for several tasks at once on a remote partition.
FIX MDCMS Retain data in RFP backup library for files that get archived, without including data in the archive.
FIX MDCMS Optimize performance of Level Checking function during RFP validation for faster processing and less I/O
FIX MDOpen Fix the display of the Receive, Install and Problem status columns in the MDOpen Send Listing