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MDCMS 8.5 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the MDChange product family version 8.5

Date Category Component Description
January 13, 2023
ENHANCEMENT ALL BETA Release of version 8.5
January 23, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid Significant performance improvements when performing the initial bulk copy for keyed files
FIX MDRapid remove usage of QTEMP objects to avoid problems with running from within an ASP for keyed files
FIX MDCMS integration of 8.4.1 fixes
FIX MDCMS Fix allocation of projects/tasks for CI requests resulting from a Git pull-request
January 26, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Set default backup library retention to 3 days for new installations of MDCMS and grant a user newly registered into MDSEC during the installation the right to edit authorities in MDSEC.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid Display the name of the oldest necessary journal receiver in the MDRapid console detail screen so that the operator can know which receivers can or cannot be deleted to recover disk space.
FIX MDCMS Avoid data locking and RFP merge collisions during merge processing for multiple parallel RFP receive jobs
FIX MDCMS fix issue of potentially ignoring the copy of subsequent table partitions during the deployment of a partitioned table when not using MDRapid.
FIX MDRapid modify timing of adding an MDRapid trigger to the new version of a file to reduce risk of an object lock
January 29, 2023
FIX MDCMS During the Submit/Bundle phase of an RFP – if a logical file is created that is based on physical files that aren’t part of the RFP, duplicate those files into the temporary install library and re-create the logical file to avoid locks occurring on the logical prior to it getting deployed.
February 5, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Command MDCRTSND has been added, which provides all of the same capabilities as pressing F6 from the Send RFP screen. A Send RFP can be systematically created containing all installed object requests that match the values of a number of filters.
ENHANCEMENT MDRapid / MDTransform The October 2022 IBM technical refresh for V7R4 and V7R5 provides the ability to override the generated always clause for table columns when inserting rows from another table – such as during the modification of a table or when using the MDTransform Data Copy template. MDTransform and MDRapid now check for the existence of this TR, and if available, will be able to copy the data as is rather than getting disabled or required new values for existing rows.
FIX MDCMS fix authentication handling for Git repositories
FIX MDCMS fix check of number of days for backup library retention before deleting a temporary backup library created by the RFP install process.
FIX MDOpen Fix visibility of MDCMS attribute parameters in the Attributes view
February 6, 2023
FIX MDCMS MDJIRA – allow for the entry of very long API Tokens, now that Atlassian generates long token strings.
FIX MDCMS Ignore based-on files when they reside in QSYS2 when trying to duplicate to the temporary RFP library or for getting a shared lock, since they typically don’t allow for it.
FIX MDCMS Fix validation checking of the Send Source for Modifications parameter for an OS/400 Location.
February 8,2023
FIX MDCMS Fix the product installation for MDCMS so that existing SSH keys don’t get deleted.
February 12, 2023
FIX MDRapid Fix MDRapid handling when target file is already partitioned
February 19, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen If the Project mapping for a Continuous Integration definition is set to *BRANCH, the Webhook will first check if a custom Project/Task field is defined and assigned the wildcard value of ++BRANCH++.

If this is the case, the Webhook will use the newest task/subtask that has the custom field value set to the name of the feature branch.

If not found, the Webhook will check if the branch name = a Task Reference ID or MD Project/Task name just as it did in the past.

FIX MDCMS Fix the retrieval of Azure Workitems when the priority of a workitem isn’t set. Prior to the fix, the MDAZUR job would go into MSGW with a decimal data error.
FIX MDCMS If the secondary message in the RFP deployment log is “Definition supplied multiple times for symbol”, append the symbol name to the log message, since the IBM API fails to do so.
FIX MDCMS Automatically delete the MDCMS IFS clone of a branch when the Webhook is invoked after the deletion of a branch on the server.
FIX MDCMS reduce amount of logging comments for MDGIT for better readability.
February 27, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS/MDOpen When requesting to modify an object of MDCMS type *SQL…, the DDL code can be automatically generated based on the SQL or DDS object definition and the code will be placed in the selected target member or IFS file.

In MDCMS, use the *GEN option for the from member/IFS file.

In MDOpen, use the button Generate DDL Source.

ENHANCEMENT MDOpen Git Webhook Deliveries view – every time that a Git Webhook to MDCMS is delivered, this can now be viewed/filtered directly within MDOpen.

If the delivery for the specific push needs to be repeated, option Repeat can be used for a delivery, which is very helpful when the configuration on the MDOpen side needed to be altered.

If Object Requests were attempted for the delivery, they can also be listed and filtered, providing comprehensive and easy-to-use auditing and troubleshooting for Continuous Integrations.

FIX MDCMS Fix posting of job log messages for RFP logs when the CCSID of the MDLOG job doesn’t allow for character conversions of message keys.
FIX MDCMS Optimize the Level Checking phase of an RFP submission to be much faster and require less I/O
FIX MDOpen handle Git branch names up to 160 characters in length instead of 80
FIX MDCMS MDAZUR – fix the transfer of large files via SFTP to avoid data loss
March 8, 2023
FIX MDCMS Fix identification of indirect source / source for signing when a recompile is performed on a level higher than the most recent modification and lower than the target level of indirect source.
FIX MDCMS Process the installation of SQL Functions and SQL Procedures in sequence with other SQL entities when they contain an SQL body or the externally called program/service program isn’t part of the RFP. Otherwise, continue to delay install until after the programs are installed, so that the routine will exist after the move of the program.
FIX MDCMS Avoid warning message during running MDINSSAVF due to an IFS file in /JAVA/KEYS that couldn’t be restored due to ownership mismatch.
FIX MDCMS MDAZUR – map Azure user against email address in MDSEC when the address isn’t in mapping for the pipeline server.

  • Fix the time setting to 1 second after midnight if user selects to get all issues, provides a date, but doesn’t provide a time.
  • Change REST consumer for retrieving projects to match new payload in Jira Cloud
  • Change page size to 50 rows to match new maximum for some Jira REST APIs
March 13, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDCMS can now migrate installation history and archived source from the ChangefIT product using new command MDMIGCF
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS If source is pushed to MDCMS after the push of commits to a Git repository, and the folder structure for the source matches the Library/Source File naming for the target application, MDCMS will use this naming to correctly apply the appropriate attributes for source not previously installed using MDCMS.
FIX MDCMS If the Project and Task for a continuous integration delivery can’t be ascertained, MDCMS can skip creating the object requests if the Developer Library Naming Template for the target level is defined to require this information at request time.
FIX MDCMS When a physical file object is migrated without being compiled from source, MDCMS will now retain any data in the prior version of the file that is in the backup library.
FIX MDCMS Object Signing during the submit phase of an RFP has now been reduced to only sign IFS files and *REMOTE files. This is for performance, relevance and avoidance of false positives. Source continues to be signed.
FIX MDCMS fix option handling in the Arcad Migration tool
March 19, 2023
FIX MDCMS Fix update of Jira Custom Fields when field values are changed for multiple tasks at once on a remote partition
FIX MDCMS Invoke the Ready for Installation exit point whether Approval was granted automatically or manually
FIX MDCMS fix ability to generate object requests from the MDRest4i SDK
FIX MDOpen fix ability to edit the user for an object request containing committed source
April 2, 2023
FIX MDCMS Improve performance of the MDSFTP service when a disconnect to the server has occurred since the last file transfer
FIX MDCMS Fix potential decimal data error when using the MDMIGMD command
FIX MDCMS Improve performance of identity column checking for modified tables or migration of data group data during the RFP install
FIX MDCMS append symbol value to the Definition not found for Symbol job log message in the RFP Deployment Log
FIX MDCMS Handle column-level sub-select statements in the MDTransform SQL result field for use during an RFP deployment
FIX MDCMS MDTransform – Allow a column that is designated as a Key field to also have a custom SQL Result value.
FIX MDCMS Allow change of a PF or LF attribute to *SQLIDX, *SQLTAB or *SQLVW when current object is a DDS file in order to be able to switch to a DDL file.
FIX MDCMS Continuous Integration – when task assignment is based on the branch name, filter out any projects or tasks that are closed in case a historically used branch name is repeated.
FIX  MDCMS allow edit of PF and LF parameters in the Object Manager when object doesn’t exist in the target library as long as the Dft Source Type for the Attribute is set to PF or LF.
FIX MDCMS when storing indirect source, capture the record length of the source file for correct reuse of the indirect source when used for *TEMP source files.
FIX MDOpen Fix the display of the Receive, Install and Problem status columns in the MDOpen Send Listing
April 12, 2023
FIX MDCMS MDGIT service – the following changes have been made:

  • full validation checking when user selects to repeat a Git Webhook delivery
  • significantly faster processing of new branches for a Git repository
  • save disk space by only storing deltas of branch checkouts
  • queueing mechanism for parallel Git client requests to avoid timeout errors
FIX MDCMS ignore retrieval of attributes of certain special system IFS folders to avoid non-ending response from the IBM stat64 API
FIX MDRAPID Avoid going into MSGW when a journal receiver is corrupt
April 21, 2023
FIX MDCMS MDGIT – fix pull of changes from remote git server
May 11, 2023
FIX MDCMS improve performance of setting the next value for an identity column when a table is installed on an RFP.
FIX MDCMS fix retention of custom MDTransform column values when an RFP is prepared for the next level or for sending to target levels.
FIX MDCMS fix of regression errors in MDJIRA interface
FIX MDRapid fix ability to use MDRapid on systems with a CCSID of *HEX
FIX MDRapid fix ability to use MDRapid when the insert statement is longer than 10,000 characters
FIX MDRapid use SQL field names instead of system field names for MDRapid triggers when SQL naming is present.
May 13, 2023
FIX MD Installer Fix build package so that it includes the MDINSSAVF save file and the PDF containing the installation instructions
FIX MDCMS Avoid archiving physical file objects with their data – only archive the objects without the data, but retain the data in the backup library.
FIX MDRapid Handle the syncing of updates to records when replication override is enabled for tables that contain the GENERATE ALWAYS clause
FIX MDRapid Handle the situation when the SQL name for an existing field is modified or when the SQL name is > 30 characters in length
FIX MDTransform fix the ability to syntax check a custom SQL result for a column for tables that contain the GENERATE ALWAYS clause
FIX MDXREF Fix search for field usage within source members
May 28, 2023
FIX MDCMS Retain Object-Specific Object Replication rules when merging and copying RFPs
FIX MDOpen Fix update of token for pipeline servers
FIX MDTransform use SQL field naming for the target fields in case of handling columns with the GENERATED ALWAYS clause.
June 7, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen The BETA release of MDOpen for VS Code is now available from the VS Code Extension Marketplace. The extension requires MDCMS 8.5.2 or higher to function.
FIX MDCMS Fix auto-update of X-Analysis information for an object after it has been installed using MDCMS.
FIX MDCMS When deploying data for a Data Group, copy the data for the mandatory files before copying for non-mandatory files, in case of record-level dependencies.
June 8, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen for VS Code various enhancements and fixes
June 18, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen for VS Code various enhancements and fixes
FIX MDCMS MDJIRA – Fix retrieval of Jira projects from a Data Center
FIX MDCMS MDJIRA – Fix possible MCH3601 error when trying to create/update the Jira Webhook to MDCMS
FIX MDCMS Fix deployment of a message description as part of a *MSGD attribute
FIX MDCMS Fix search for Project Description/Comments when the filter values is only in the Project Summary
FIX MDCMS Allow the path symbol / or \ to be part of the object request name when for data groups or dummy requests
FIX MDOpen Fix listing of branches for a Git Repository when credentials are required
June 26, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen for VS Code RFP Pre-Submit validation plus various enhancements and fixes
June 30, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen for VS Code MDXREF functions plus various enhancements and fixes
July 9, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS MDSEND Service Job – ability to configure the number of times that a failed send of an RFP should be automatically retried and the delay between attempts.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Auto-Delete logical files during the RFP cleanup phase when the logical files were added after the submit phase occurred and when they reside in a non-managed library. This is typically when performance indexes are auto-created by the system.
  • Object Command maintenance
  • View spool files for current job
  • Request Linked objects after request for a new object
  • Approve RFPs
  • Smart update of Project and Task status
  • View archived and current source from Object History
  • View job log of current job
  • New Development status for objects requested and prepared in VS Code. Easily toggle between To Do, In Progress and Done to keep track of development work.
  • Default target for compare when for non-checkout levels
  • request of message descriptions
FIX MDCMS Fix cleanup of pipeline logs and of IFS files that are generated from spooled files
July 24, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen for VS Code MDRapid launch and console now available from VS Code
FIX MDCMS Any temporary indexes that are added over a table after the submit of an RFP are automatically deleted during the cleanup phase of the RFP so that the backup library containing the prior version of the table can be synced/deleted appropriately.
FIX MDCMS Fix copy of copybooks to developer source files during a Git import.
August 3, 2023
  • Additional API Server Admin functions
  • Project Type and Task Type management
  • minor fixes and enhancements
FIX MDOpen for Eclipse fix viewing of Project and Task details
FIX MD Installer fix copying of all email and script templates to the IFS when MDCMS is installed or upgraded using MDINSSAVF.
September 2, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS Automated Testing Templates – the ability for automatic testing when specific objects or objects of specific attributes are installed. Option of a quality gate to block further migration of objects until testing is successful. Currently full y integrated with the TestBench product from Original Software.

All configuration points for Automated Testing are performed in MDOpen for VS Code.

  • Ability to easily move object requests to a different project/task with the Assign to Project/Task option and then clicking button Replace Assignment
  • Automated Testing Templates
  • Code Review Templates
  • Application settings
  • Level settings
  • Attribute settings
  • Object Commands
  • Object Scripts
  • FTP Servers settings
  • Continuous Integrations
  • Attribute Pipelines
  • User Group settings
  • Project Mapping for Azure DevOps
  • Auto-close Request Objects panel if all rows are successfully processed


FIX MDCMS Fix Jenkins interface to avoid an infinite loop during the RFP post-install phase
FIX MDCMS Fix GitLab interface to handle pending and running status updates from GitLab to MDCMS
FIX MDCMS don’t auto-import dependencies for service programs during import of pushed Git source changes.
FIX MD Installer
  • fix restore of mail templates during product installation
  • fix listing of patch history objects
  • fix request of more than 200 dependencies during the submit of an RFP
  • fix paging for fields in file listing
  • allow for use of MDOpen in VS Code with only a MDOpen license – MDWorkflow license no longer required
September 17, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS KACE Service Desk Interface – MDCMS can now automatically import and update tickets that are generated in the KACE Service Desk product.
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When checking for active locks of views or display files, the first job in the list that has the lock will be posted to the job log for the RFP job.
  • Magnifying Glass added to an active connection to filter the list of functions
  • Distribution Levels
  • Target Attributes for Distribution Levels
  • Data Group configuration
  • Linked Attributes
  • OS400 Location Groups
  • OS400 Locations
  • Attribute Pipeline Parameters
FIX MDCMS Fix reversal of ignore errors flag for Object-Level Send Scripts
FIX MDCMS Fix replace of data group data records when based on a variable length field
September 24, 2023
ENHANCEMENT MDCMS When an SQL Index is to be created into a developer library or during the RFP submit phase, MDCMS now parses the create script to get the based-on table and will duplicate the table to the dev/temp library of the index prior to creation to reduce creation time and avoid premature locking on the table in the target library.
  • ability to use Db2 SQL to query contents of files from MDXREF and MDRapid
  •  eMail Bodies
  • Script Templates
  • External Reference Levels and File Extensions
FIX MDCMS Fix ability to change Ignore Errors flag for Object Commands of type C or U
FIX MDOpen for VS Code fix ability to request *DUMMY objects
October 12, 2023
FIX MDCMS Auto-Close RFP in Send Listing when local DB-Sync target levels aren’t applicable for the given RFP
FIX MDCMS Fix command authority for MDUPDLWC
FIX MDOpen for VS Code fix potential codepage issues for the escape character in the communication layer between MDCMS and MDOpen
FIX MDOpen for VS Code fix ability to generate DDL source from a system file at checkout time
FIX MDXREF fix lookup of source in the IFS for system objects
October 14, 2023
  • MDTransform columns for changed files
  • Trace Object Requests
  • Project/Task Status Codes
  • Project/Task Status Boundaries
  • Project/Task Status Triggers
  • Custom Fields
  • Acceptance Group Types per Level
  • Distribution Level Attributes
  • allow for case-sensitive Apache servers for the API connection to the MDCMS server
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen *LAST can be used as the special value for the Project on Continuous Integration definitions. When used, the Project/Task/Subtask for the most recently installed object into a lower level will be used. The use case for this is if requests for higher MDCMS environments are triggered by pull-requests into higher branches for a Git Repository.
ENHANCEMENT MDOpen All source members that are requested by a Git Continuous Integration push will be copied to the developer’s work library if auto-creation into the library is defined to occur.
FIX MD Installer fix ability to check for and auto-end any jobs that are locking MD libraries when running the MDINSSAVF command to update to a new build.

This fix does not require restoring a new version of MDINSSAVF.

October 23, 2023
  • performance and reliability enhancements to the communication layer between VS Code and MDCMS on the IBM i partition
  • status messages to provide updates and avoid a timeout error when creating a large number of objects
  • status messages to provide updates and avoid a timeout error when checking dependencies during the pre-submit phase of an RFP
  • handle load more/load all of the Create Object listing
ENHANCEMENT MDSEC performance improvements to the MDSEC functional security checking
FIX MD Installer Fix the ability to apply license keys when MDINSSAVF is run to update to a new build of MDCMS
FIX MDCMS Suppress overflow messages from the QMHCTLJL API that ports job log entries to the RFP Deployment Log
FIX MDCMS fix setting of the source location wildcards during execution of Post-Installation commands
February 2, 2024
FIX MDCMS Fix MDJIRA interface to use version 3.0 of the API catalog
FIX MDCMS Fix archiving/rollback of *DTAGRP deployments
FIX MDCMS Fix source attribute to be system attribute rather than MD attribute
FIX MDCMS Fix status update to be reflected in Jira and set code page for the MDJIRA jobs to avoid wrong character sets.
FIX MDCMS Change user for an RFP action to *STSTRG when action triggered by a status transition
FIX MDOpen for VS Code fix compare of archived IFS source