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MDCMS Create Initial User in MDSEC

When MDCMS is initially installed there are no users automatically  authorized to use the product.  To enroll the first user into MDCMS you will need to have an IBM I  profile with a User Class of *SECADM.  The person who can install the initial MDCMS product will have this authority.

You will want to enroll at least one person that will be your MDCMS admin via  MDSEC so that they can continue the product setup.

Via Green Screen

  • MDSEC on the command line
  • Option 2 Users
  • F6 Add

  • You will want to add the above highlighted values
  • Press Enter to save and return to user list
  • Option R next to new user
  • Press F6
  • Option 1 next to all user roles, there will be several pages
  • Press Enter