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MDCMS – How to Move Data Forward

You don’t need the pre/post commands to move data forward, let MDCMS do the work.  The MDCMS Reference Guide contains all the details, but here is a quick summary of what to do.

When you want to include the data for a file as it moves up from production you will want to modify the request record.

1.Create an object request with a reason code of ‘N’ (New).  Set the MDCMS Attribute to PF (use the attribute that will point to the correct target library).

2. Bring up the object request details to edit the object. The *MIGRATE in the Data Origin field is what tells MDCMS to bring the data forward with you to the next level.

Hint:  Keep a copy of your data file in the programmer library until you are confident that the data moved correctly.

If you want to manage data in an existing file there are a couple of attribute options that can be used:

  • *DTAGRP – Data Groups let you check out any or all records in a file(s) for modification and promotion.
  • *DATA – You can create an attribute for this type, which allows you to bring data forward from development for any file. Because this attribute is powerful, it’s recommended to request archive and approval permission before using it.