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MDCMS – Optional Object Description Update

When MDCMS does a promotion, the software applies information directly into the fields reserved for vendor use by IBM.

The first screen capture, shown below, is of a print screen of the version information provided.  The stamped information will tie directly back to the change, project/task, and the RFP (unique promotion ID) for each object, and is recorded in the object during the RFP promotion.  This makes it easy to go back to the originating request(project/task) or to the actual promotion (RFP) to see what other objects were affected and who was responsible for the changes (and testing).

Note: This screen capture below shows date and times in European formatting. Additionally, it was taken within MDXREF, although the same data would also be available using a DSPOBJD command.

The RFP itself contains the information that’s similar to the screen capture below; of course, the user IDs would typically be different.