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MDCMS – Running an Object Installation History Report

The following provides an example of creating a report showing production-object changes, which is to be run on a weekly basis.  This report is usually run on the development system but could be run on the production system as well.

Creating the Report

Currently these type of reports are defined via green screen.

  1. MDCMS
  2. Select Option 5 – Object History
  3. Press F8 – Audit Reporting
  4. Select Option 1 – MDCMS Installation History
  5. Press F7 to select from the saved reports.                                                                                                                                    Or
  6. You can create your own reports – use F9 to save your report.

Scheduling the Report

To automatically run reports on a periodic basis, submit a schedule job with the MDRUNRPT command defined.  In the example below, the report will be emailed as an Excel spreadsheet to a specified email address.

For More information

See the MDCMS User Guide for the following sections:

7.2 – Installation History Audit Report

12.1- MDRUNRPT – Run MD Report command