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MDCMS – Troubleshooting Send Issues (Connectivity)

Issue: Status updates from the target system are not being received, yet RFPs are running successfully on the target

  1. Check that the MDCMS Subsystem is up
  2. Check that the receive and send jobs are active
  3. Stop and restart the send job                                                                                                                                                       If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then check for a send-job number and test DDM…
  4. MDCMS
  5. Select option 1 – MDCMS Setup menu
  6. Select option 6 – Location Record
  7. Select option 2 – Edit the Location Record
  8. Make sure there is a send job number
  9. Press F10 to test the DDM connection                                                                                                                                         If the DDM connection fails, look at the joblog to determine the problem…
  10. Check that the FTP profile is enabled on target
  11. Verify that the database name is correct
  12. Run the sync
    • If the target has moved to new hardware, you will need to do a sync from the originating system (i.e.: development) to the target. You will need to repeat this on the target system back to the originating system.
    • To Sync:
      1. Select option S – To sync the information between systems
      2. Press F9 to make sure the updates are being sent. If the number isn’t going down then you have a DDM issue.

Issue: FTP Failure

To be able to use the synchronize and FTP test you need to make sure that the sign-on profile has *ALL access to several of the files in MDCMS. To make this easy, the MDOWNER profile can be set as the Group profile or supplemental group profile for the FTP and Java-connect user profile(s).

  1. Oddity in password causing FTP to fail.                                                                                                                                           Sign on as the RFP user and see if you can start an FTP session.  If this fails, either you have an authority issue, the profile is disabled, or an incorrect password is being used.
  2. Run the FTP test next to the distribution level for the location.                                                                                                     Delete and re-add the location information if you are able to FTP from a command line as the user that MDCMS is using.
    • Make sure you do not use field exit or place a blank at the end of the password. Either situation can cause the password to be invalid.

Duplicate save file errors on receive processes

In the System Settings look for:

  • Unique Location Identifiers for systems information
  • If multiple systems sending to the same target systems. Make sure there is a distinct system-sending ID.  This also provides Sort sequence so the drop down list orders them in the order you would expect for promotion.

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