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MDOpen 8.4.0 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the product family of MDCMS version 8.4 for sub-release 0.

Date Category Description
May 4, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Release of version 8.4
ENHANCEMENT Within the MDXREF view in MDOpen, you now have the ability to view all object system attributes for:

  • Binding Directories
  • Commands
  • Files
  • Menus
  • Modules
  • Programs
  • Service Programs
ENHANCEMENT From the Object History view, you now have the option to view the current source for the historical object request
ENHANCEMENT The RFP Compare with Branch function also now performs comparisons for *IFS objects
ENHANCEMENT New React framework for vastly improved Deployment Flow Diagram

When the Deployment Flow Diagram option is now taken, the diagramming is handed off to the MDCMS Rest API server running on the partition and the result is displayed in a browser. This provides for much improved drawing, scaling and printing of the diagram.

The MDCMS Rest server must be defined and running for this to work. It can be set up in MDCMS from the Setup Menu→Interface Settings→MD REST API Server

ENHANCEMENT Trace Request view from any view with objects
May 14, 2021 FIX fix RFP copy in MDOpen when IFS object resides in a relative path
FIX fix retrieval of remote information in the Deployment Flow Diagram
FIX some users were not able to open source in LPEX any more
May 23, 2021 FIX cosmetic improvements to the Deployment Flow Diagram
May 30, 2021 FIX Fix the display of report output
FIX allow Git passwords to be up to 128 characters in length
FIX Fix the cleanup of MDRapid workfiles when the RFP is reset back to status 01 or lower
June 6, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Azure User Mapping view and Project Mapping view from Pipeline Server view
FIX Fix deletion of cloned Git repository in the IFS when a Git location is deleted in MDOpen
June 20, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Azure Project Webhooks view, Status Export view and Status Mapping view that can be opened from Pipeline Server view
ENHANCEMENT Connection Log view from Pipeline Server view
July 5, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Rich Text editor for Project, Task and Subtask descriptions
ENHANCEMENT ability to save filter values to reuse them
ENHANCEMENT ability to filter Projects, Tasks and Subtasks by a custom field value
ENHANCEMENT new option for SecureAS400 connection with flag in repository editor
FIX fix ability to refresh IFS log views
FIX fix removal of prior object in developer library when trying to create multiple objects at the same time
July 12, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Ability to find object requests inline within Projects, Tasks, Subtasks and RFPs by pressing on the binoculars icon in the Object request header
ENHANCEMENT When MDOpen detects a URL in the RFP deployment log, it can be clicked on to open the page in a browser
August 2, 2021 ENHANCEMENT When New RFP button is clicked in request dialogs, and a Project, Task or Subtask number already entered in the dialog the description will be applied by default to the new RFP.
ENHANCEMENT Report Output Copy  – Close button added to the dialog to the right of the Copy button.
FIX Report Output Copy – field LIBTYP removed from the function, but it still shows up in the dialog for some reason
FIX In MDXREF-IFS, where there aren’t any filters so that just all the folders and files that are directly under the root are shown when pagedown is required because of more than 100 items.

Pagedown does not work as expected.

FIX When the user right-clicks on the Object header, the full option list is shown.

Instead no option list at all should be shown.

FIX When I have the RFP Status set to 05-RFP Complete and refresh, the first frame is fine, showing the entries as historical.

But, when I load the next frame, they show as active even though they aren’t.

FIX F1ST showing as filter field in MDXREF->Files used view, even though the field has visible=false
August 4, 2021 FIX Import source view labels show all import definition – label provider fix
August 13, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Filter fields in Filter lists with content assist ability have a content assist icon now after the field.  CTRL+SPACE still works on the field or pushing the content assist icon does the same.
FIX In dialogs and views, checking/unchecking checkboxes do not resize the columns any more
FIX Open RFP and Submit does not show up any more as option for completed RFP’s
FIX Trace request view → RFP Icon and Level Icon are not being shown any more to open with left click when application not available. RFP not found message should not come any more.
August 22, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Trace Request provides now if request code DIAGRAM is sent a button to open the diagram for the trace request
ENHANCEMENT Continuous Integration new field Pipeline Attribute with Content Assist.
ENHANCEMENT Repository View and Repository add, copy, edit, delete handling change.
FIX Dialog fixes, Pipeline Server, Project Mapping
FIX IFS View refresh load handling
FIX When requesting object and trying to open History view fix
August 23, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Change of read of dataqueue
September 9, 2021 ENHANCEMENT View, dialog fields and most editor fields with content assist ability have a content assist icon now after the field.  CTRL+SPACE still works on the field or pushing the content assist icon does the same. Other editors that not have it implemented yet will follow.
ENHANCEMENT Saved filter collection values will now also be shown as child of the appropriate view in the MDCMS Repository view. Click on it will directly open the view filtered with the stored values.
ENHANCEMENT In the MDOpen preferences logging section it is now possible to set the log level to none. This will not write any logs. Therefore not use diskspace and also not decrease performance.
FIX Some of the dialogs have been changed. When screen was too small they did not show all content.
FIX Backwards compatibility with text editors. MDCMS core is older than MDOpen and richtext editor is not yet supported.
September 19, 2021 ENHANCEMENT Saved filter can now also be just for repository and not only global.
FIX Ctrl+Space in MDCMS attribute doesn´t work in Import Library. Application and Level now propagated to object
September 29, 2021 ENHANCEMENT MDXREF Objects export to excel change. Subgroups have now indention to have a better overview.
FIX When a new status code for project, task is beeing added or a status is beeing deleted, the codes are beeing updated immediately and are available or removed right away.
September 30, 2021 FIX Application Hierarchy not opening.
October 6, 2021 FIX MDOpen crashes in some RDI’s
FIX In some RDI versions the member opened in edit instead of view (readonly) mode.
FIX Project and Task statutes are not beeing updated in drop down lists after a change (add/delete). The views, editors need to be reopened though after a change.
November 8, 2021 FIX Add, Copy, Delete not available in context menu of DistributionLevelView, FTPServerView, OS400LocationView