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MDOpen – Column Management

When MDOpen ships, the columns are arranged in a specific order that may not match the order you would like to see; however, you can re-arrange the columns to provide the visibility that works best. This applies to all views.


Many times When developers start using MDCMS they are often confused by the level numbers.  To make it a little easier to understand where an object/source exists, it can be helpful to move the From Library column so that it appears as one of the first few columns in the view.

Keep in mind that changes to one view affects all other views. In other words, changes to the Object View also appear in the Project and Task Views when you expand to see the objects.

From the Object View:

From the drop-down, drag and drop column names to create the order you would like.

This how the Object View Looks after columns are applied:


From the Task View you can see that the columns now have the same order as on the object view:

Be sure and check out all the navigational options available to you. For more hints and tips, see the MDOpen User guide.