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MDOpen Enhancements in 8.0

MDOpen Enhancements


The list of all IFS folders and files can be viewed and searched far faster than within RSE.
The recursive sum of the count and size of all files in a folder is displayed for each folder. The folders and files can be requested for checkout directly from this view.

MDXREF Functions

The following MDXREF functions have been added to MDOpen:

  • Objects using File
  • Files used by Object
  • Up 1 Level in Call Stack
  • Down 1 Level in Call Stack
  • Fields in File
  • Keys in File
  • Join Fields in File
  • CPYF/OVRDBF Information
  • Object Basic and Service Information
  • Copybooks used
  • Modules used
  • Programs using Copybook
  • Programs binding Module
  • Process Flow Reporting
  • Relational Dependencies Reporting
  • Procedures Imported/Exported
  • Service Programs/Modules Exporting Procedures
  • Modules Importing Procedures
  • Search for Fields
  • Source containing Field

From any of these views, the objects can be multi-selected for checkout.

Import Files from Anywhere as Source for System Objects

When files are selected to import from Git, SVN, the workspace, the local file system, a remote file system, or IFS, they can be requested as objects to deploy to IFS or a remote system, or they can be requested as source for system/SQL objects residing on the IBMi.
If the selected attribute for a request requires a source member, the file is automatically converted to a member for the compile.

Enhanced RFP Rollback

When selecting to Rollback an RFP in MDOpen, the list of objects in the original RFP are listed and can be individually selected for rollback.

Receive RFPs

The receipt of pending RFPs can now be performed directly within MDOpen and Receive History can be viewed.

Manage Spooled Files and MD Reports

Spooled files and MD Reports can now be viewed, managed and exported from within MDOpen. The functions to do so are located in the Session section.

If a custom URL field, or MDWorkflow usage, is defined for a project, task or subtask, the link can be clicked on directly from the list or detail views.

MDWorkflow Functions Managed from MDOpen

The following Project/Task/MDWorkflow functions can now be managed directly in MDOpen:

  • Project Types
  • Task Types
  • User Group Types
  • User Groups
  • Acceptance Group Types per Level
  • Project/Task Status Codes
  • Custom Fields
  • Timesheet Entry/Overview
  • Perform Workflow Test Acceptance/Rejection for RFPs

Define Column order for Primary List views

The  icon has been added to the top of most of the primary list views. When clicked, the user can define the order of the columns in the list by dragging and dropping the column names. MDOpen then persistently remembers the order for that user.

Re-Commit Changes in Git or SVN

If further changes are made to a file in Git or SVN after that file had already been requested in MDOpen, the commit option can be used from within the Git or SVN perspective, or directly on the object request, to update the committed version to match the version in Git or SVN.

Invoke X-Analysis Views from MDOpen

If the X-Analysis tool from Fresche Legacy is also plugged into RDi, X-Analysis graphical cross-referencing dialogs can be opened directly from MDXREF views in MDOpen.

Full Call Stack Up or Down from the MDXREF Object Views

For any object that can call other objects, the full call stack can be recursively displayed.
For any object that can be called by other objects, the full call stack above the called object can be displayed.

Full Files Used or Objects Using File from the MDXREF Object Views

For any object that can use a file, the Full Files Used option can be selected to see all files used by that object and recursively any files used by those files.
For any file, the Full Objects using File option can be selected to see all objects directly using the file plus all objects using files over that file.

Automatic URL from MDOpen Task to JIRA Issue

If a Project, Task or Subtask was imported from JIRA, the user will be brought directly to the corresponding web page in JIRA if they click on the URL icon for a row in MDOpen.

Favorite Options for a List View Row

For each of the major MDCMS and MDXREF list views in MDOpen, the list of favorite options can be defined. Each favorite is then displayed as an icon on each row where that option is currently enabled based on the state of the row. Then, the user can left-click the icon to immediately execute that option for the row.

View Active and Installed Objects simultaneously for Projects and Tasks

Within the Project, Task and Subtask views, checkbox Installed Objects has been added. When true, any active object requests for the project or task will be followed by any requests that have already been installed in order to see all activity from a single view.

Omit Recompile and Update Requests for Projects and Tasks

When working through changes on behalf of a Project, Task or Subtask, it can be helpful to filter out all requests for recompile or update since they don’t require any effort by the developer. To enable this, uncheck the box Recompiles in the filter header for the Project, Task or Subtask view.

Left-Click Project/Task Status to Quickly Change It

The Status of a Project, Task or Subtask in the list view can be left-clicked to modify it. When performed, a dialog pops up that displays only the status codes that are currently eligible to transition to.

New Options to List all Projects or Tasks for an RFP

Options Projects and Tasks have been added to the RFP Listing, RFP Send Listing and RFP Installation History. When selected, all projects or tasks impacted by the RFP are listed.

Optimized Dynamic Column Widths for all List Views

The columns of every list view are now dynamically adjusted to provide the maximum amount of information based on the values in each column to reduce the amount of scrolling necessary as well as to eliminate the need to manually increase the width of a column.

Generate Report of RFP Deployment Log

If the deployment log for an RFP should be exported, the Print or Print including Job Log button can be pressed. The report is then available in the Report Output view for easy conversion to excel and mailing to recipients.

Multi-Select Report and Spooled Output for Deletion

Some or all rows in the Report Output and Spooled Output views can be selected at the same time for deletion to expedite cleanup of reports and spooled files.

Custom Label for Internal Reference Code

The label for the Task Internal Reference Code Field can now be customized in the System i Settings within MDOpen. This label will then display for all task and subtask views instead of Internal Reference Code.

Reset Column Ordering for List Views

When using the  icon to adjust the order of columns in a list view, the Reset button can be used to return the order to the default for the list view.