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MDOpen Enhancements in 8.1

Attempt to Compile all Objects in RFP into Developer Library

When source is checked out, the option Create Object can be multi-selected for Object Rows or can be selected for an RFP to create all objects in the RFP into the developer library.
When multiple objects or an RFP is selected, every compile-relevant selection will be attempted without prompting. Afterwards, the RFP or Object listing is refreshed with the Create Status values, so that the developer quickly knows which source needs to be further edited before a successful compile is possible.

Retrieve Source from Archive

Option added in Installation History to be able to retrieve source from the archive and copy it to a designated developer library or folder.

Navigate directly from RFP to Send Dialog for the RFP

Option “Send RFP to Target Systems” can be selected for an installed RFP, in order to avoid the steps of going into the Send Listing and selecting the RFP from there. This option is also available by simply left-clicking on the Send Status value for an RFP row.
This option can now also be used for partial or closed RFPs in order to see the status for each target level. Left-click on a Target row in the Send dialog in order to see any problem messages and to request the Deployment Log from the remote system.

Navigate directly from RFP to MDWorkflow Acceptance Dialog

Left-Click on the Test Status value for an installed RFP to open the MDWorkflow Test Acceptance dialog.

Option to Compare IFS Files in MDXREF IFS Listing

Option Compare added to IFS files to provide a dialog for the user to select other file(s) to compare to.
If 2 IFS files are selected, option Compare to Each Other can be used to quickly see a comparison of the 2 selections to each other.

In-Line Options for MDXREF Modules Used and Objects using Module

The Modules Used and Objects using Module option in MDXREF can now be selected to be displayed in-line within the open object listing.

Filter by Procedure Name in MDXREF Procedure Listing

The Procedure Listing can now be filtered by the name of the Procedure. Use * to generically filter.

Export any List View to XLSX

An XLSX (excel) icon has been added to the top-right of every list view in MDOpen. When clicked, all parent rows in the list are exported to an XLSX-File.