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MDOpen Enhancements in 8.3


From Build Date

February 15, 2021

Ability to define Pipeline Servers and Attribute Pipelines for use by the Jenkins Interface. Complete framework in place, so that other types of Pipelines, such as Azure, Bamboo, Bitbucket and GitLab will soon be supported as well.

Message View – this new MDOpen view displays all non-inline messages across repository connections for logging purposes. The preferences can be set to automatically show the view and how long in days that the messages should be retained.

Additionally, the developer now has the option for many of the message pop-up windows to suppress the pop-up in the future. In this case, the message will only be in the message view and the developer won’t be disrupted by the message.

Location filter in the Send RFP view to see only RFPs and status for that location
10-character Server ID added to FTP server definitions to uniquely identify them. The ID can be defined or renamed directly by the administrator and that ID is now what is selected on attributes or MDF send method definitions.