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MDOpen Enhancements in 8.4

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May 4, 2021

Within the MDXREF view in MDOpen, you now have the ability to view all object system attributes for:

  • Binding Directories
  • Commands
  • Files
  • Menus
  • Modules
  • Programs
  • Service Programs
From the Object History view, you now have the option to view the current source for the historical object request
The RFP Compare with Branch function also now performs comparisons for *IFS objects
New web-based Diagramming framework for vastly improved Deployment Flow Diagram

When the Deployment Flow Diagram option is now taken, the diagramming is handed off to the MDCMS Rest API server running on the partition and the result is displayed in a browser. This provides for much improved drawing, scaling and printing of the diagram.

The MDCMS Rest server must be defined and running for this to work. It can be set up in MDCMS from the Setup Menu→Interface Settings→MD REST API Server

June 20, 2021 Ability to save/load condition criteria for all primary list views in MDOpen
July 5, 2021 ability to filter Projects, Tasks and Subtasks by a custom field value
Rich Text editor for Project, Task and Subtask descriptions
July 12, 2021 Ability to find object requests inline within Projects, Tasks, Subtasks and RFPs by pressing on the binoculars icon in the Object request header
When MDOpen detects a URL in the RFP deployment log, it can be clicked on to open the page in a browser
August 8, 2021 Default the RFP description to be the summary of the Project, Task or Subtask when creating a new RFP from the MDOpen dialog to add or import an object request. This will occur when clicking on the New RFP button as long as a valid project, task or subtask is already entered in the dialog.
Ability to filter the RFP listing by a generic project value
August 26, 2021 A diagram is now available for request tracing. In the Trace Request view, click the Diagram button to see a visualization of the deployment flow for the request, which can display 3 modes of granularity:

  • Locations
  • Individual Levels
  • Full RFP Details

If the Diagram button doesn’t appear, then the REST API and Diagram server hasn’t been installed yet – contact your administrator to install it.

June 2, 2022 If using MDOpen from within Rational Developer for i, there is not the option to add Remote System Explorer Connections as MDCMS Repositories. The Remote System Explorer connection and credentials will be used directly. Right-click within the MDCMS Repository view to bring up the context menu  → Add Remote System Explorer Connections → leads to Add Remote System Explorer Connections to MDCMS Repositories. There choose the connections to add.