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MDRapid Configuration and FAQs


Promotion Levels

The promotion level updates each level for which you wish to have MDRapid be initiated.  This will need to be configured for both the development and target systems.

    1. Enter Y for Auto Launch MDRapid
    2. Choose whether to use Auto Install:
      • Auto Install R – indicates to not have auto install execute if MDRapid is required, putting you in control of when the install will occur.
      • Auto Install Y – indicates that the objects will begin to move into the target environment as soon as the sync to all files is completed, regardless of MDRapid.

MDRapid Usage Template (Green Screen Only)

This determines the number of records in the file to trigger MDRapid and where the MDRapid job should run.

Associating the template to an attribute indicates that you MDRapid to be considered.

Email Messaging

You may wish to add email messages via commands for the following steps

F – MDRapid Waiting to Launch

G – MDRapid Started

H – MDRapid Completed

I – MDRapid Error

 Data Copy Templates

MDTransform will automatically be used for data-copy templates.

MDRapid Statuses When Processing

Request Status (Object Level)

This is the current status associated with the request record. As each object is processed through the MDCMS system, a status is applied to the object record to track the modification and installation progress.

CP – MDRapid Data Copy Pending

CR – MDRapid Data Copy Running

RFP Status

This is the current status associated with the RFP. As the RFP is processing you will see the following statuses.

CP-MDRapid Copy Pending

CJ-MDRapid Copy in JOBQ

CR-MDRapid Copy Running


Q: How do I turn on MDTransform?

A: Once you have a valid license code, MDTransform is automatically enabled for all files at all levels; that is, unless it is manually disabled.

Q: How does MDTransform get disabled?

A: You can disable MDTransform from the Data Transformation screen and it will be disabled for the entire promotion path; nonetheless, it will not be disabled then next time you change the file.

Q: If you disable MDTransform for a file what happens with MDRapid?

A: MDRapid only runs in conjunction with MDTransform. If MDTransform is disabled, then MDRapid will not be initiated the data management step as part of the install process.

Q: What features are not supported by MDTransform?

A: Certain SQL features are not currently supported by IBM for INSERT SQL statements. Using this will cause MDTransform to be disabled.

  • Generated Expression and Temporal columns. There is an RFE entered with IBM to resolve this.
  • Data copy template – the data copy template auto-generates new values for those columns using *GEN so that the copy succeeds; however, this is normally not a problem since the data is test data.