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MDRest4i 11 Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDRest4i version 11.0 since the initial release of the version.

Date Category Component Description
June 14, 2021 GA MDRST, SDK Documenter V11 Released
June 15, 2021 Enhancement MDRST Allowed fro iASP in MDRGENSRV, Enhanced in-path parms logic
June 17, 2021 Enhancement MDRST Personal Access Token (PAT) option added.
July 9, 2021 Enhancement, FIX SDK Documenter, SDK Console Fix copying API docs in Documenter, Changed sources fo spec for documenter to documenter “environment” folder. Added “Import from Documenter” feature to console. Enhanced OAPI mapping to allow for indirect references to parameters, responses and requestBodies.
Sept 27, 2021 Enhancement, FIX MDRST Documenter, SDK Console AnyOf, AllOf, OneOf processing allowed in SDK Console. Documenter editor authorities added. JWT processing added to Console and MDRST. JWS fixes for reserved characters. Corrected mapping for SWAGGER spec in Documenter. MDRSCHEMA fix for large embedded array samples with mixed structures. MDRJSONF handling for API’s and Consumers built into MDRGENPRD, MDRGENCNS, MDRGENXAPI. IFs IO type handling added to MDRGENPRD/CNS. New IFS functions added for simplification. Allowing for no DCM APP in SSL consumer requests. All swagger response HTTP Status codes accounted for the with if conditions in generated RPG code by MDRGENXAPI. HTTP Status 100 handling added to consumer processing. handling of headers and parameters via MDRJSONF. Handling fo large responses in SOAP services. Optimised credentials management and Token APIs.
Dec 3, 2021 Enhancement, FIX MDRST Documenter, SDK Console New layout for schemas in SDK, handling of null values in JSON, various fixes and changes to token management. Fixes for MDRGENXAPI SDK generator
Jan 14, 2022 Enhancement, FIX MDRST Added QDS for Consumer connection errors, Hierarchal call of APIs
Jan 21, 2022 FIX MDRST Fix for MDRGENXAPI JSON writing.