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MDRest4i v14 Build Log

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The software is installed on IBM i, including the MDRest4i SDK and Documenter Applications. User guides, installation instructions, and tutorial are included in the zip file below. Choose a mirror location to download:

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MDRest4i iCore, SDK & Documenter bundle for the IBM i (14.0.0) Download Download


Build Log

The following is a list of all changes made to the core IBM i Libraries of MDRest4i version 14.0 since the initial release of the version.

Date Category Component Description
April 12, 2024 Fixes SDK installation log streamlining, Authorisation handling for Consumers, path parameter handling for Providers
April 11, 2024 Fixes MDRST installation updates for newer and older OS.
April 10, 2024 Fixes SDK, MDRST User editing in SDK, generator enhancements, installation updates
March 28, 2024 GA Release SDK, MDRST First GA Release of V14