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MDREST4i Enhancements in 11

Automated Installation and Updates

Shell scripts and batch files cerated to install and update SDK Console and SDK Documenter. Available for installation of PC/Linux/MAc not connected to internet, with all pre-requisites and modules provided as part of automated installation, including NodeJS, MongoDb, PM2 and nssm.

Schema Tree Editor

New Schema tree editor on Schema Tab. View entire schema tree, with elements stats, form-based swagger-schema editing.

Schema Editor Tree

SDK Web Application Installation & Update Automation

Complete rewrite of SDK installation method and automation. Removal of the use for Docker for installation and running.

SWAGGER UI/Editor Update

Ppdate to the latest version (3116) of SWAGGER Editor and SWAGGER UI. A few fixes in the SWAGGER Editor plugin, and synchronising between forms and OAS3.

Validation added for parameters and parameter schemas. Parent page choice when exporting to Confluence.

Multi-Instance Version

MDREST4i can now be installed multiple times on the same partition using the MDCMS “Instance” concept.

Auto-Generate API Provider Calls to Existing Service Pgms, Pgms, Modules

MDRGENPRD enhanced to allow definitions for calling existing IBM i programs from the API passing any incoming parameters to the called pgm/proc

External JWT Authentication and Payload Validation

Simplified mechanism for authentication and validation of Tokens (JWT Payloads). A single switch provides logic to call standard customisable external program(functional example included in product) to handle all validation and authentication of the Token.

New JSON Writing Functions

AddChar, AddIntr, AddBool, AddDeci functions upgrade te generic w() function in enabling visual writing of JSON responses and request payloads. Simplifying writing of last objects or name value pairs using *nopass 2/3 parameters.

Simplified Reading & Writing HTTP Header fields

AddHdr and GetHdr functions added to to simplify manipulating HTTP header requests and responses.

Customisable Binding Directories and Copybooks

All generated API’s and Consumers created with empty binding directory, copybook and method-specific copy books. Allows any custom code or modules to be bound/copied into every generated API or Consumer

Import JSON Payloads into SDK for API/Consumer Generation

Any API or Consumer can now make use of imported JSON sample payloads to build the data structures and assignments logic for any simple or structured/complex JSON sample without the need for a fully formed SWAGGER definition. Significantly simplifies the accelerated of staring point for RPG API’s & Consumers

Identity Column Handling in SDK Generators

Any DB2 Table that has an ID column (auto-incrementing), now handled automatically by embedded SQL generators in SDK.

Non-Docker SDK Installation & Running

Non-Docker setups (generally for Windows) now supported. No Need to run or use Docker to run SDK web application.