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MDRest4i Enhancements in V12

YAJL for JSON Handling

Parsing and JSON generation implemented using YAJL (Yet another JSON Library created by Lloyd Hilaiel) This set of C modules provides more JSON manipulation options and is the fastest JSON library available. Speed improvements in APIs have been steady at up to 20x using YAJL.

High Speed Logging

To support large volume REST API loads for large transactions numbers, a high speed logging architecture has been implemented. This allows for API analysis without performance compromise.

SDK & Documenter hosted on IBM i

The SDK Console and Documenter web applications are now served from IBM i using IFS and DB2 for i database. Installation db upgrades are now a single IBM i command.

Improved User Security

User roles can be assigned in the user editor. *ADMIN and *USER types control access to different features in both Console and Documenter. a SIngle set of user profiles is now used for Console and Documenter.

Token Manager API’s, Credentials Store & Web Application

A complete set of REST API’s, RPGLE procedures is available to create and manage Tokens used by your REST API’s and Client programs.

A new web interface is available for *ADMIN users in the SDK Console UI to edit and manage Tokens, PAT, SHA and RSA available. Teh web application is available in distributed format for embedding in your own websites.

An encrypted credentials Store is available to store API and Client credentials used programmatically in API and Client programs

Polymorphism Supported in RPGLE Logic Generation

OneOf, AnyOf, Allof OAPI schema keywords are now supported in generation process

Use Native IO and SQL to extract and build JSON

Supports any JSON structure and size writing and parsing JSON.

Generate Reusable JSON Handling Logic procedures

Generate RPGLE Free Procedures for writing and parsing JSON per OPAI Schema. Inline or externalized procedure and module options