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MDSEC Enhancements in 7.4

User Groups rebranded as User Roles

In order to more easily understand the purpose of MDSEC user groups, and to avoid confusion with system group profiles, MDSEC user groups are now labelled user roles. As before, a user may have multiple roles assigned, with the allowed functional authority based on the collection of those roles.

Group Profile Authority for System User Profiles belonging to Group

If a user profile on the system is assigned to a group profile on the system, and that group profile is registered in MDSEC, the user profile may optionally have the MDSEC authorities defined for the group profile.
This is automatically the case if the user profile is not defined in MDSEC, thus providing the ability to allow access to all MD products without requiring that the users are defined in MDSEC.
If the user is defined in MDSEC, then a new flag is provided for the user stating if group authority is allowed, user authority is allowed, or a combination of both.