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MDSEC Enhancements in 8.0

MDSEC Enhancements

Limit Authority by Application Level

Application-specific function codes, such as for checking out source or RFP management, can now be limited to specific application levels. This allows a user to have authorities to a test level, for example, without having authority to a production level on the same partition.

Object Request Authority split into 3 separate Codes

Prior to version 8.0, only code 30 existed to add, modify, delete or recompile an object in MDCMS or MDOpen.
Now, there are 3 codes for better granularity:
28 – Add, Modify or Delete Objects in MDCMS
29 – Add, Modify or Delete Objects in MDOpen
30 – Recompile or Update Objects in either product

Limit Viewing/Editing of Projects and Tasks

Codes 61-70 modified to be used for managing/viewing any project or task.
Codes 81-91 added to secure management of projects or tasks when the user is defined as being involved.
This creates the ability to limit what various departments are capable of seeing or doing when they are working with projects and tasks.

Registration of JIRA User Names

For each MDSEC profile, the corresponding JIRA user name can be entered so that the JIRA service can map transactions to the correct local user.