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MDTransform Enhancements in 8.2

This document briefly describes the enhancements provided with version 8.2.x of the MDTransform product.
See the build log for fixes made to 8.2.x after the initial release occurs.

From Build Date

July 7, 2019 Template-Level Conditions can be defined and easily applied across the entire collection of tables based on a variety of search criteria.
Template-Level Transformations can be defined and easily applied across the entire collection of table columns based on a variety of search criteria.
Wildcards can be defined so that a value can be centrally managed
Ability to run the Data Copy only for any table belonging to a specific Template-Level condition. For example, if a condition is defined to copy all tables related to purchase orders for a specific order number, then only those tables will be executed for a simple way to generate a specific use case for testing.
June 2, 2020 Ability to have up to 9 parallel jobs to copy data between environments to massively speed up the Data Copy process and a Status Console that shows the progress of each parallel job
Multiple conditions can be defined for the same table and either used separately based on the use case (condition number) or combined into the WHERE clause
query the current contents of data areas and tables from within the Data Copy Template object views
improvements to the data copy log report
June 5, 2020 handle copying records with the data copy template when the table is a temporal table or when it contains columns using the generated always clause
June 7, 2020 A report of the list of objects for a library in a Data Copy Template can now be created by pressing F15 from the Object List display.
August 21, 2020 Join Files can now be used in the Data Copy templates to limit records to be copied based on records in the join file
September 16, 2020 Automatically disable MDTransform when a file has too many columns to be handled by an SQL insert/select statement