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MDWorkflow Enhancements in 7.4

Significant Performance Improvements

The MDWorkflow web application is now based on a new java framework with a much lower footprint per session and faster class loading, coupled with better state handling for a faster client. The change in state handling also means that there is no longer a limit to the number of concurrent active tabs for a session.
Also, MDWorkflow no longer directly connects to each system to collect information from within the client session, but instead all information is collected in advance in the background so that the information appears immediately regardless of the number of systems involved.

Filter RFPs by Prior Location/RFP or Original Location/RFP Number

Since MDCMS generates a new RFP number for each level in order to provide full flexibility from level to level, it can be helpful to be able to filter for RFPs based on the prior RFP number or the original RFP number from the development level with further filtering provided in MDWorkflow by specifying the prior or original location of the RFP.