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MDWorkflow Enhancements in 8.1

One-Click Status Change with Comments

The status field in the Project, Task and Subtask lists can be clicked. When clicked, the list of possible status codes to transition to are listed for selection and a rich text comment can be entered.
Additionally, the Send Mail button can be clicked to send the transitioned Project, Task or Subtask to a user or user group.

Rich-Text Editor for Descriptions, Comments and Custom Text Boxes

A very feature-rich editor has been added to the detail screens for Projects, Tasks and Subtasks. The editor provides rich HTML-Based text appearance for Description, Comment and Custom Text Box fields.
The html version of the text is stored in the MDCMS database for visibility in MDWorkflow and in emails, and a plain-text version of the text is also stored for readability in MDCMS and MDOpen.

Custom Field Enhancements

2 new field types added – Text Box and User.
The text box field allows for up to 5000 characters of plain text and 10000 characters of rich text and is presented with the rich text editor.
The user field is browsable and validated against the list of MDSEC user profiles. Emails can be generated and sent to the entered user directly from MDWorkflow by clicking the email icon next to the field.
Additionally, for DropDownList fields, a field can be set to permit the selection of up to 14 values concurrently.