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MDXREF Enhancements in 7.4

Source Content Filter

The MDXREF *SOURCE Listing can now be further filtered by source content.
If a character string is provided by the user in field Content, MDXREF searches the code for all source members meeting any other search criteria and will only include the remaining members where the string is found within the source. The content search isn’t case sensitive to minimize risk of not finding the string.

Process-Flow, Object Catalog and Field Usage Reports for entire Level

A new option has been added to the MDXREF Report Menu to generate the Process-Flow, Object Catalog and Field Usage Reports for an entire Library or Level. The report structure is the same as when run from a specific starting point. The difference is that every Menu, Command or Program that isn’t invoked by something else will be considered a starting point and the flow from that starting point will be added to the reports.
This provides a very fast method of reporting for an entire environment.

Cross-Reference SEQUEL Reports and Views

If user space (*USRSPC) report or view objects generated by the SEQUEL product from Help Systems exist in a cross-referenced library, any files used by that object can be listed. Additionally, the locations where the objects are invoked using the SEQUEL commands can be listed.