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MDXREF Enhancements in 8.0

MDXREF Enhancements

Field Level Cross Referencing

When viewing the list of fields or keys in a file, or viewing the result list from the field search, a new option is available to list all source containing the field.
When this option is taken, MDXREF collects the source for all objects either directly using the file or a logical over the file, along with all copybooks used by dependent programs. It then inspects the code for any non-commented lines containing the field and then presents the results.

Sorting of Libraries for an Application Level

The libraries to be cross-referenced for a level can now be sorted to reflect the order of the library list at run-time. When F8 is pressed to retrieve the libraries from the job description for the level, the sort sequence is applied automatically.
MDXREF then uses the sorting to list the libraries for a given object by library sequence, if MDXREF is filtered to a specific application and level. For MDXREF screens such as Files Used by Object, or Objects Called, the *LIBL value is replaced by the name of the first library in the list containing the object.

Limit Source and Object Search Results to 1st Library in Library List

Filter Field 1st in Libl Only has been added to the Search screen to limit the results for a specific object or source member to the first library in the list where that object or member is found.

V- View Service Information

New option V has been added to view the service information for an Object. The initial screen displays the information formatted based on MDCMS-specific object stamping. F9 can be pressed from the initial screen to show the information in the IBM *SERVICE format.

IFS Cross-Referencing

Special value *IFS can be added as a library to XREF for an application level. When built, MDXREF gathers information about every folder and file in the IFS. This information can then be easily searched and viewed from MDOpen.

SQL Cross-Referencing Enhancements

The MDXREF cross reference was enhanced to contain the references of SQL object types *SQLFUN, *SQLMQT, *SQLPRC and *SQLVW where they reference one another. This reference information is used in the SQL smart sorting besides.

Table Definitions with added Flexibility

The Table Definition configuration for Table Objects, Descriptions and References now allow any SQL syntax to generate the column naming.