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MDXREF Enhancements in 8.1

Manually Link Objects to Files

Option L added to provide a direct method of indicating when files are used or linked by another object when that reference isn’t automatically known by MDXREF.
Examples of use:
•Link a primary file with all other files that need to be considered when the primary file changes, due to a shared record format.
•Link a module to a file that is used via dynamic SQL

Cross-Reference UIM Menus

If the source code for a UIM menu can be located, it will be parsed for executed commands, programs and menus to appear in the cross-reference information.

View Source for Menus and Panel Groups

Option S (view Source) now enabled for *MENU and *PNLGRP object types.

View SQL Variables

SQL Variables can be searched for, and listed, within MDXREF. Additionally, if the Variable was created using MDCMS, the source script can be viewed from MDXREF.